1. Caleb Perciasepe

    He better hope annmarie aint watching this 12:04

  2. Omar Alsubael

    5:28 I legit thought this was his mum💀

  3. H B

    bro he started speaking and he was still loud on 5%

  4. DarthDrew Gaming

    Pov when time which this on stream Tommy: What a dickhead I will beat him in a fight and Phil will watch it

  5. The Archer

    Do a w/o make up guess age!

  6. Driverz#2027


  7. Kai nyakunu

    why is this comment pinned


    Well deserved brother

  9. chozzers

    13:58 welcome to boxing vik

  10. joe wolf 506

    I cut my lip 😢

  11. Ethan Scott

    The guy with the flags was pissing me off

  12. hakim muhammad

    ayo singapore getting a s/o

  13. Abdul Shan

    Yo who checked that guys channel and saw he got like 300k subscribers now

  14. Disguised PineApple

    Hey ksi I was listening to the ratio today and ur song don't play were in there, I don't know I that ever happened before, but list wanted to let u know

  15. Some Guy_


  16. Xotix Yes sir

    Jesus loves you he died for you repent he’s coming back soon he’s the only way to heaven he died for you repent

  17. Adam Yafai

    Imagine we see a video of JJ activating windows

  18. Lawrence Yap

    I think that's Folabi

  19. Relatable Grandma Carol

    I miss this room 🥲

  20. apzzy '_'

    I am a bulgarian fan😢

  21. Bobby Clarke

    fat neek

  22. •Z EA ッ•

    10:07 literally nobody me laughing at a bad joke

  23. Luqmaan Gool

    Fifa players know when that Bulgarian flag popped up you thought of stoichkov

  24. Naulnivv Enitsujj

    5:50 man thats illegal

  25. Renegade- 2252

    day 18 of asking KSI how are you not varifide

  26. Velper Gaming

    Petition to add "gay j" as a nickname for jj

  27. Besu

    Moment in the thumbnail is at 12:12

  28. Apknoobie

    bruh all the other loud music hurts my ears but JJ's voice doesn't hurts my ears

  29. Anthony Smith

    Ksi knows how to smoke how

  30. chamber flamez

    Did anyone else get a hair growth addvert before the video started or was it just me

  31. MegasXLR

    8:52 fellow Bulgarians were you at :) ?

  32. Kazimierz Wojcik

    wtf happened to your beard

  33. Jumpifyourcrippled

    Is it me or does Ksi is acting strange?

  34. Marshall.D. ACE

    Who's watching this in 2021

  35. Fraser Morgan

    Anyone here in 2021?

  36. Johannes Møller

    What the fuck is that title tho

  37. Tim Atic

    Rewatch time every body!😁

  38. Kadem whitaker

    I heard tip top

  39. Haydable YT

    Where the Africans that understood the mugabe thing

  40. kae kwesiga

    how r u gonna gfind me if i compliment ur daughter

  41. randy davis

    Part 4 ?

  42. Adrian Alvarez

    why is this video now deemed as “inappropriate” lol

  43. Abhi makes you smile

    One clip of batman and tittle is batman edition 😂

  44. Vicky McD


  45. Wowzers Potato

    I still wish they would've fought because it would've been so fun to watch

  46. xMeGA GREMLINx

    JJ coming in with these original ideas

  47. Everens Garrens

    someone please tell me the meaning of this meme 1:30? thank you

  48. ً

    so funny

  49. DiabeticDan

    earthquake top 3 songs

  50. Mega-Nuke158

    Proud jj got the Belgium flag right and realised it wasn't Belarus :)

  51. padraig debond

    10:42 that didnt age well

  52. Damper Boi

    as a bulgarian im offended lmao

  53. Nifty Swifty

    LMAO I just Noticed the Dislikes All those dislikes are Logan's Subscribers Every single one of them

  54. Stanjdc

    He still didn’t Activate windows and it’s 2021 now.

  55. Salmah K

    Hi ksa

  56. Yurij Szyrokyj

    Guy at 5:50 looking like the b-tech dude perfect

  57. Karim Adnan

    *I did it like it was "Shisha"* 😂

  58. MK2626 PRO

    your hair looks like wheat :)

  59. Harry Sharma

    Keep uploading frequently you FATNEEK👍🏻

  60. Ace_Szeddx 12

    POV you here from one leg wonder ticktok

  61. Nifty Swifty

    0:25 **Me still thinking if thats Vodka Or water** Also me:Its Probs Bell Delphines Bathwater

  62. CrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN

    2:17 feel Harry's pain

  63. randy davis

    Best part he calls xqc ninja jr

  64. Joel Bastian

    Yo JJ I heard ur song collab with Anne Marie in The radio It’s noice

  65. chrisestle

    Full try hard

  66. Omr_z27

    lets get a frickin TOUR

  67. Archie Graham

    JJ really needs to do Ice Hockey next

  68. Erica Play’s

    JJ dammmm the beard is looking nice man it’s looking nice and thick and full 🧔

  69. Tom Farrell

    12:42 that laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Erica Play’s

    Makes my entire week when he uploads like this 😝

  71. Michael 8989

    And also lord ksi is back lets go!💆🏼‍♂️🖕🏻

  72. Aka Inaaya

    10:08 - JJ tryna remember his lyrics for 30 seconds straight

  73. Van Excel Arroz


  74. Michael 8989

    Heres an fact he didnt move he just cleaned his fucking room for once 🤣

  75. TakizTaco

    5:39 when you pull the hottest chick in the club

  76. AaronSF 59

    Wait, what 😅?

  77. hulloッ

    Another title:try to langh challenge

  78. Jasone Broamann

    I am 99% laughing at JJ’s laugh 😂

  79. Crow

    Thos are are not russians

  80. John Clark

    jj subtly flexing the ps5