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What I'm trying to say is that this channel is an all round rocket league entertainment Channel.
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Yours sincerely, Dylbobz

xD I realise this isn't a letter to the Queen... PEACE!

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  1. Sweaty_cookiez

    I bought pele decal before u uploaded video xd

  2. Kenny Leong

    Is this real

  3. Steepin

    I got black cortex Form drop

  4. Jason D

    Ps4: tiger_miner-YT

  5. Maks Nebzenski

    guys can u tell me how to have all that in my inventory if u want to tell me add me on snapchat ( scopegaZi ) dm me

  6. Talal Ebdah

    BTW rip football

  7. OmegaStuff

    Blackstern in my opinion it looks incredible and it’s cheap

  8. Hi

    POV: you’re watching this video

  9. A3M1883

    Epic : a3m1883

  10. F3G452

    no mods? guess bakkes mod is in the core game now lol

  11. FreshGamer 0

    I traded in my black standard cause I thought it wasn’t valuable :(

  12. Nerdy Scotsman

    Tbh you should have kept it quiet the more people that get the fennec the less it will become :P

  13. Michi

    Dude why are you so lucky?! My best item I got was unpainted emerald and I’ve gotten 6 fan rewards with only the banner or something shit like this

  14. Abdul Wadood

    Can someone tell me how to easily get exotics or imports please

  15. Zyyrex

    PSN: gamingzombie_999

  16. Mr pro channel

    I already bought the titanium white Fennec for 800 credits and its sick

  17. Naruto Uzumaki

    Who sell also the fennec?

  18. AltDelCtrl

    Always love the vids bro (also dieci wheels are pronounced (DEE-eh-SEE) it’s based on the Spanish words for numbers from 10-19, and dieci-oro is a pun on dieciocho (18) and oro (gold))

  19. EzeGameh12

    what if I'm on tablet like Huawei MediaPad?

  20. Troaht

    Ok we get it guys, you paid 800 for a tw fennec. Stop telling the traders you wouldn’t pay 15k for it. Go and enjoy your fennec and leave the traders alone.

  21. Mohammad Hisham Hadji Jamel

    can you give me some credits like 300? i dont have credits :(

  22. Hector Parks

    what wheels are those on the red guy?

  23. Daniela Bagagem.

    I'm curious how everybody on Rocket League get their Credits easily, and i get my Credits from x570.online

    1. rahib


  24. Daniela Bagagem.

    I'm curious how everybody on Rocket League get their Credits easily, and i get my Credits from x570.online

    1. Grantix



      why are ppl liking this. its probably a scam

  25. Daniela Bagagem.

    I'm curious how everybody on Rocket League get their Credits easily, and i get my Credits from x570.online

    1. Polkacik

      @SeanRL a legit scam xd

    2. Muhammad Mudassar

      @SeanRL no lol

    3. SeanRL

      Is it legit?

  26. Geeko

    Bruh, I don't like the bmd again

  27. Marcia Costa

    2055: I'am the last survivor, psyonex put tw fennec,octane and batmobile for free in the item shop...

  28. FAKEZZ

    Im a fuckin god

  29. Jack Butland

    How do you get stuff like this im new so you watch something

  30. Azez Almarri

    What if the stream ended while I am in %85 ?

  31. Britt Stewart

    I honestly like trigon

  32. E O

    I claimed the reward but haven't got it can someone help

  33. Clцb Barиасle

    ok :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  34. The Waterbros

    I have never got anything worth above 300 credits and I would really love to win this so...xbox: xdsniper1067

  35. Azell XD

    CAN you do a tutorial on getting more rewards on ither accounts because I need to try this. Congrats bro

  36. C Georgo

    Of course the TW one comes out in the shop when I can’t play.

  37. Max 2

    "Done" Psn: Mr-Mysterious619

  38. Goopy Zoomer

    Black creeper have hairy wheel in fortnite

  39. Joe Official

    8 mins for 4 drops man

  40. Wondo_

    How to watch twitch streams with more accounts ?

  41. EVN on Rocket League

    The pele wheels are sick

  42. DTM Skull

    Dylbobz: do you want a white fennec for free? Epic games:😈

  43. Teagan Evans

    it wont let me link switch :(

  44. Carlos Mario Forero Lopez

    I have a fennec yorebands tw but it's no expensive

  45. Carlos Mario Forero Lopez

    I love this videos bro

  46. Anthony Gonzalez

    I want the season 10 goal explosion gran champion or champion are thos trabale ??

  47. Matthew Hernandez

    Anyone want interstellar for pink standard?

  48. Trond Vikan

    I have it all ready

  49. Cdog

    A really good combo is the tw fennec and the tw Zeus decal with red and blue as the colors.

  50. Happy Stalker

    kinda wish the wheels didn't have the 10, it'd look much better

  51. a


  52. Roman Marshman

    I love watching these cause I always get unpainted carbons and stratum badges

  53. Paweł Powideł

    Epic: Booker645 Tw octane is my dream, anyway guys gl

  54. Korus

    Fuck it's an s550. I was hoping 2013-2014

  55. TubeMite

    n i c r

  56. ghiath alsawaeer

    love you

  57. ghiath alsawaeer

    love you

  58. FlameEZ Bert

    Pele more like Pepe

  59. Fernando Villegas

    Where can i get these wheels

  60. Callum Smith

    Are the wheels any good

  61. FlameEZ Bert

    Love the great videos and I wish I could get this lucky

  62. Littleyadiegamer _2

    Me:Darn i cant get em now bc I’m only allowed to play on no school days but then I see only available for 3 days...ima beg my mom so much until she says yes u can get em real quickl lol

    1. Martí Boixader Aguilar

      Good luck

    2. Littleyadiegamer _2

      @Magic Octane77 oof lol

    3. Magic Octane77

      Bro same here lol

  63. jord graal

    i missed tw fennec ;(

  64. Supreme roblox gamer HD

    bro how is he so lucjy

  65. ChickFilAKid 11

    jon sandman gonna be broke after this one

  66. Abdallah Alzobi

    I need cr

  67. First Last

    Yo any way to get black ice dominus?

  68. Sinistryy

    Why cant i see the next rl drop stream on the all campaigns button?

    1. Sinistryy

      And also can anyone tell me when is the next rl drop stream

    2. Sinistryy

      And if anyone knows can you even get drops in eu cuz it says on some regions you cant get drops

  69. Gaming By Thomas

    Hey Dylbobz, I love your channel, but please, PLEASE don't put an over 1 minute ad in the beginning of most videos. PLEASE

  70. Spanky Jr

    Please what is the color combo dylbobz and does it look good with TW fennec

  71. d!mko

    ive never gotten a single painted item from 15 drops... the best thing is Big Splash that it is going down in price

  72. Chris

    I just got a fallen angle and I see this. Wow good for u man

  73. Kyle Powell

    I have recently started playing Rocket League again and I have realised that I have a white fennec blueprint. Are worth any money?

  74. michael camp

    I'm subed

  75. Harm

    i got tw emeralds so im pretty lucky

  76. Silver Medal Gaming

    I’ve had that banner for yearssssssss I forgot about it 😂

  77. Carlos Patino

    sad thing is that I won't be able to get them because 1. I only have 50 credits and 2. I can't play during weekdays

    1. Chase Ellerbeck

      I can’t play during weekdays either

  78. Jose Ulloa