Hi I'm Tanner! I am artist, designer, photographer, nature lover and DIY fanatic. My passion is to bring nature indoors and share my projects/ideas with others.

The focus of my channel is to show how I use nature as an artistic medium. If you want to make a beautiful, long-lived terrarium or a bioactive vivarium, then this is the channel for you! I go in-depth on every topic, teaching you exactly how and why I do what I do. I also push the boundary, in hopes to create some of the most unique projects you'll see on this side of DEfasts.

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  1. Mary Raines



    Don’t beat yourself up about the catfish you did all you could. Also if I buried a tree for every fish that died I’d have a Forrest.

  3. peachy lavender

    I wish I was a frog and I lived here. This is some amazing scaping, maybe one day I can do something like this too

  4. Pedro Amorim

    i love your frogs tanner! Im sure more people will learn to appreciate those animals because of your videos!

  5. Amber Redfield

    I really like it! As a fellow PA resident and avid hiker, I see this a lot on my treks. Great job, Tanner!

  6. London R

    Sorry to hear you were having a bad day, hope you're feeling better now :)

  7. tnerb

    Sorry about your losses. I completely understand and can relate to the pain of losing beloved pets. All life is valuable in my eyes. Your channel brings me life though. You are an inspiration for my upcoming projects! Thank you so much!

  8. Jerry Dease

    You should taken Wellington into your lovely adobe full of all he’d enjoy blissfully! 💪🏽

  9. fishin and hunting

    If you dont have any ideas yet maybe crayfish

  10. Le Murf

    This is a very helpful video. I recently got a Venus flytrap and am exited to do this.

  11. Noe Arellano

    I am so excited about everything coming up. Man. That's for the updates I was wondering about flapjack and pancake. It felt so nice to see them in their habitat.

  12. The Montage Master

    This made my day way better love all your videos can’t wait till the next one good work 👍

  13. xxohmycaptainxx

    Those plywood tanks you had your crested geckos in would be good for a pair of Oedura. Idk if you've ever heard of them but they're arboreal geckos from Australia. I currently keep and breed Oedura monilis. They can be flighty but get used to handling over time, same as crested geckos lol.

  14. Noah Da Cheese

    The catfish might've died due to an anoxic event from lack of oxygen in the water. I think that's unlikely considering waterflow, but I don't know where you found them dead and how, so I'll let you decide the likelihood. Warm weather spikes in the winter can lead to activity in the water and a temperature gradient, which can cause microorganisms and plants to intake whatever remaining oxygen exists in their environment. It also may have been that the catfish just couldn't handle sudden temp spikes like that without some sediment to bury in to help create a gradient. Either way, I'm really sorry for your loss, and hope you can find the answer so that this doesn't occur again if you were to restock or if there are remaining babies. Some info I found on google scholar, in a paper by Xiaozhu Wang et al titled "Effects of strain and body weight on low-oxygen tolerance of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)" "In addition to genetic background, body weight positively correlated with low-oxygen tolerance, but there were no significant differences between female and male catfish in low-oxygen tolerance. The results indicate that genetic background and body weight are important factors that contribute variations in low-oxygen tolerance."

  15. sarah K

    Those pancakes are so flipping cute!



  17. Alex Patya Baba

    Always hard to see the animals we love go, as you know, especially not knowing the exacts, but I love your content, excited to see more. Wish you the best as you honor their memory, and prepare for spring Tanner, Peace.

  18. Classychevyrn

    I’m sorry about your catfish friends

  19. corbin chen

    When baby surinames pop out their back 😳😳

  20. Daniel Bagby

    I think a cool water stream setup with native American species could be cool featuring a school of rainbow shiners and some bottom dwellers

  21. khalis khalis

    the pond was beautiful

  22. Eileen Ger

    You have your hands full caring for all your tanks and critters ...so adding a little automation is probably a good idea ! Beautiful tanks and ponds !

  23. Tonka Bear

    Is there a reason why you could not put the geckos in one big tank?

  24. Bagel Boy

    I think some kind of "floating" underwater hardscape with bright blue fish. Think like a natural fantasy vibe

  25. peep 196

    Would love to see what you could do with a brackish water set up

  26. magus morrow

    Isn't that american bullfrog aren't those invasive to where you are?

  27. CCBZRG

    Love the channel man. I only wish I knew as much as you about all this stuff!

  28. Jarett McCoy

    Hey man, I've been a long time viewer but I hardly interact, my condolences to you for your catfish. I'm super excited to see all of your large projects and builds and I can't wait to see what you do! I think your work is amazing and I have been waiting to see somebody with your talent work on a larger scale. I wish you the best of support and just wanted to tell you how inspiring and calming your videos have been for me!

  29. Nothing Interesting here

    Really sorry to hear about your catfish, must have been a bit devastating

  30. Nothing Interesting here


  31. Nothing Interesting here

    Man you seem so happy and upbeat! I really feel you in regards to the need to get outside more, I get jittery when I go too long without my nature fix haha

  32. Hugo Ago Go

    One hell of an ugly frog

  33. Montino4Ever

    Your videos keep me inspired to keep working on and maintaining my aquariums and vivariums even when I'm having a hard time or feeling down. It's been a really hard week and I feel like I've lost everything except my pets. Hearing your calm voice and seeing your awesome collection and progress is really inspiring and therapeutic. Thank you!

  34. Jimz Pet Section

    Try to put strong aeration every winter, that would help a lot to your fishes in that pond

  35. Vil Chanthavisouk

    I like this type of general update video

  36. Benjamin Fisher

    How much is your electric bill a month? lol

  37. Dennis Feldmann

    Love Love Love your Video's

  38. Sharon Lewis

    You have some beautiful tanks.

  39. Kyle Wright

    Hermit crabitat!

  40. Felty's Aquaria

    Sorry about the pond man. I think my ponds didn't take the snow to well either..

  41. C Vv

    sorry to hear about the Catfish

  42. Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy

    Sorry man

    1. SerpaDesign

      It's all good. We still love the pond!

  43. Aaron Amell

    salamanders would be great dudes there pretty cool

  44. Wolfah_

    Does anyone know what kind of sprayer he uses for watering? I know he said he added the mist king set up but what does use for manual spraying?

  45. The BakerMaker

    Build videos are great but I really to like to see these updates also!

  46. Andrew Woods

    Can we get a tour of the animal room? PLS im getting a little hazy on my memory and want to see allt he animals idk if you could.

  47. bangel_

    Salt water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. PH Drawings

    The filming and editing have been improving a lot lately, good job<3

  49. Bpeeky1993 peeky

    Would be great to see you make a couple turantular tanks out of the old gecko tanks as would love some inspiration for my 33 tanks I have to do

  50. Erik Why-Rock

    So sorry about your catfish. I hope some babies made it.

  51. Leah Downs

    Sorry to hear about your catfish! I only have one tank and a few months ago while I was asleep the filter died and my tank went into a downward spiral lost almost all my plants and half my fish, I will fully admit I cried a bunch! I love my fish and all my pets I try to make them as happy as possible, I am just now getting it all back to balanced so I am hoping on Monday to find some more plants so my fish are so freaked out. My pet store I went to ended up closing for good so I am going to another one I just heard of, wish me luck that it is a good one I hate going to the big box stores if I can!

  52. MOZONE

    loool got me again

  53. Loretta Jackson

    The toads are some of the coolest animals I've seen! It would be great to see them breed:)

  54. James Walls

    Brilliant informative instructional presentation - one of the best I have seen, short and very thorough and to the point. Well done sir - thank you. You will have converted and made a lot of pet keepers happy.

  55. Chad Marcum

    You should build a underwatercave aquascape, seen a vid on it was amazing, would love to see u do a amazing scape, if u added a land area with plants would be so beautiful do shrimps beta and any fish that gets along with em

  56. HamiltonSeen

    I've come to watch your videos with a deep and profound sense of gratitude for the joy and relaxation you bring me. Thank you, for the love and care that you put into all of this. It really transmits in the work.

  57. Michael Athey

    I how cold do your winters get? What im getting at is if i wanted a pond how do you keep the fish in winter? Just take them out for winter?

  58. William L

    Would love to see some desert scapes or dryer scapes with some desert style plants in with some sand eye geckos or horned lizards or something

  59. -

    7:43 - If you had to spend a couple of weeks in quarantine (like if you traveled during the pandemic), would you be okay with having to spend it trapped in an empty prison-cell in solitary or would you rather spend it in a nice hotel room with stuff? 🤨

  60. John James

    Warm weather sucks in the winter, when it should be cold, shocks a lot

  61. Tim

    Still would love to see a cave tetra tank from you. Some cave fish with intetesting scaping, some mosses?

  62. dominic pete

    The amount of projects this guy does at once and has plans for is the actual dream

  63. Lily Brinkhurst

    i had a corydora catfish for 11 yyears, she passed on in december

  64. The Exotic Lair

    You should get some pleco in the ponds to eat the algae

  65. specialZ45123

    The random Tanner appearances are becoming one of my favorite parts of your videos🤣🤣

  66. Randy DWB

    Yo what about that saracenia what kind of picture plant you got going there 😳

  67. 5 Star General

    What kind of catfish were they? Beautiful

  68. Heather Tiryung

    Awesome design

  69. Jac obo

    its likely that the catfish died as the pond isnt deep enough , they need deeper waters during winter to stay warm enough

  70. Alice W

    I love how this channel has evolved! Great improvements in editing, storytelling and music.