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  1. Karl Hungus

    Ugh....just what the world needs, more cats killing all the songbirds and sh*tting in our flowerbeds...

  2. yasser khalid arsa

    That 1080ti it just won't die

  3. Pranav Kulkarni

    2 cats means you've surpassed Gamers Nexus, and are going straight to challenge LTT

  4. zuhair shahid

    Nvidia again ban you for honest review xD

  5. C.W. O

    The only one in stock on Newegg Canada is 1400 and provided by a scalper that goes by the name ' Deal Target ' !

    1. C.W. O

      " ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge 12GB GDDR6 192-bit 15 Gbps PCIE 4.0 Gaming Graphics Card, IceStorm 2.0 Cooling, Active Fan Control, FREEZE Fan Stop, ZT-A30600E-10M "

  6. Techy B

    Still all sold out though!

  7. adi irfan

    this card not faster than a card that price 349 usd at launch 1,5 years ago (5700)

  8. Sikandar Khan

    Lovely kitties and a great review as always.

  9. Joshua Van Raden

    The $500 RTX 5700

  10. Ghetto Arabino

    6:06 you're welcome

  11. DifinityRelin

    BitWit has 2 cats, but he's less of a tech channel these days.

  12. Rob Dunhill

    My 1660ti is almost as fast as the 3060 in watchdogs legion. It's absolutely disgusting performance.

  13. nicklong27


  14. noodohs

    This explains why I had to change the colors so much when I got it, but it is pretty good after doing so. I do have it at 100% brightness, though, and it's still not as bright as most of my other screens. A bit of a bummer, but it's still good enough for my needs.

  15. Maximum Carter

    Selling for over $500 at Microcenter

  16. AJ

    Since HUB has better cats per frame I think they have definitely won the DEfasts war.

  17. NA

    Also before I forget if you get the asus tuf Rtx 3080 oc, and if you do a tear down could you check the thickness of the thermal pads? I am looking everywhere and I couldn’t find much info on it. Thank you

  18. M naveen reddy

    Good review Steve. especially that both dream world and real world cost per frame analysis.looking forward to 5950 performance charts too. Keep up the good work

  19. Whalerguy

    Nothing like a good day of tech and cats.

  20. Tran Bronstein

    Cats with static electricity generating fur roaming around dozens of electronic PC parts sensitive to static electricity. What could possibly go wrong here? 🤔 Nah, it'll be fine. !😀

  21. NA

    WAIT WAIT WAIT a sec...... you have a family? Jk I hope you enjoyed your vacation even with the DEfasts shadowban nice to see you back.

  22. John Smith

    RTX 3060 is not bad for thise who upgrade from GTX 1060. And the kittens at the end of the video are godlike and adorable. MORE KITTENS ON THE CHANNEL !!!!!

  23. haukionkannel

    I did like the cost pre frame eBay version! Gives the more realistic picture of where we Are... we need more cats to compensate this...

  24. SimplexPL

    It's the cats who are winning ;)

  25. White Moses

    Aww man, those kittens are adorable. ❤️

  26. Alvar Santini

    Yo i don't know where you get those Newegg Prices but if you take a look at that shuffle a 3060 MSI 2 fans costing $520 a Zotak 2 fans costing $500 and a Asus Tuf costing $520 THAt is a 58% more expensive than MSRP. A 3070 Asus Tuf they put the price on $770!! from 500 i don't know where your getting your numbers Steve but those arent right. Maybe one model with the most cheap ass stuff going for normal price maybe founders edition as well but at almost 60 percent increase for a 3060 thats just crazy. YOu should do a table with the current newegg prices for the average price of the video card not just one becuase if you see one card MSRP your forgetting about all of the other ones!

  27. Simon

    The 11th Intel gen will destroy AMD completely. I'm looking forward to the 10 or 12 core parts of it...

  28. Simon

    Nice - this is a really powerful card ! Now it's time for my 1080 Ti to retire for this new powerhorse.

  29. Brady Arnold

    This the card I’m looking to get from the evga waiting list, my r9 280x died about a month ago and it’s been hell trying to find a replacement. Signed up for the black gaming XC.

  30. carlbyronthompson

    Steve, rolling in pussies, LOL. Kittens are WAY better entertainment value for the money than bs computers. :)

  31. CrashPilot1000

    MiNING and ScalPING seem to be Chinese brothers. It can't be the insane money printing.

  32. Ghola Tleilaxu

    How can one buy and review non--NDA CPU's more than three weeks ahead of "official" launch day and generate "excited" comments inside Intel ® ? I think it's ALL just marketing bs from Intel to hype up these processors.

  33. Gideon October

    I was mad he said a 3090 sucked for value. But now I agree

  34. Nimbull

    *Checks NewEgg* More like "Better Never then even late." at this point when I turn off all sellers but NewEgg to eliminate scalpers.

  35. 8lacKy

    Can't wait for other tech channels to up their cat game~ Everyone knows that the quality of the produced content scales logically with the amount of cats on screen.

  36. Jesper Andersen

    the GPU.... MEH the KITTENS... HECK YEAH!!!

  37. Clashing Blizzard

    Crap GPU, but i would enjoy having 1 LOL But anyway... best of all are the "kittens" - those are amazing =)

  38. Matt Kidd

    The fact that the cost per frame of my 3070 FE at 1440p is 4.20 makes me very happy.

  39. SentiBM

    I remember I was pretty excited when the first leaks/reviews of the 3000 series came out, significant progress and really nice fps per $ promise. Now I don't even know why I watch these reviews anymore, it's completely pointless.

  40. Marco B

    8:34 The RTX 3070 is at the sweet 4,20$ (s)pot by the way...

  41. Abhinandan Manna

    Steve : *does a review of a video card. Meanwhile we: Those are pretty cats

  42. Jasper

    Welcome to the Cat club!

  43. José Necho

    You whant another "shadow ban"?!kkkk

  44. Voll Horst

    Well the cats are much better than any of the stupid Nvidia and AMD gpu‘s. BTW how many cats per second? Edit: best 3060 review on the internet. Thanks.

  45. Ravenfeeder

    You let kittens loose in a room full of boxes? Are you insane? :)

  46. Dermot Hoyne

    "Welcome back to 'Hardware Unavailable,' today, we are reviewing a GPU, better left to the 'miners' "

  47. David Rosario

    I want a hardware unavailable shirt!

  48. Alan Estes

    To heck with the GPU. I'm here for the cats! Now the video was worth watching. JK, great video and I love the content. You guys are awesome!

  49. MyKcuL

    Who cares, can’t buy it anyway

  50. RoseOfHizaki

    Intel are probably thinking *"cache me outside, howboudah"*

  51. Ricardo Bastos

    In my country rtx 3070 cost 1000 euros WTF IS THIS PEOPLE DOING

  52. Brandon Wolfe

    Now you got to change the name to cats unboxed.

  53. Jay Rich

    What happened to the radeon vii tho 😂😂😂

  54. Khazar Rec

    thank you, i had to watch four different videos to get an overview equal to the information presented in this one!

  55. Justin Fife

    The amount of shade thrown in this review... absolutely love it. That ebay chart should be required by all GPU reviewers going forward.

  56. Richard Kingston

    Broadwell part deux!

  57. 1MerryMonKey

    What a lack of continuity in the 3000 series product launch. The always coveted 70 series was a gigantic leap compared to last gens but the mainstream 60 series made no effort whatsoever. Seeing as the 60 series cards are the moat popular with gamers it kinda shows they either screwed up or really cant be bothered with the mid range and lower tier market. Wondering about the 3050ti......

  58. TheHominator

    Clicked the video for the graphs but stayed for the cats.

  59. Cin

    Before the hardware crisis rx5700 was already around this price and performance why even bother relasing this

  60. Butcher

    Late? a great youtube channel is never late, it announces what it has to announce at the right time it should be announced!!!!! Gandalf the white said that and they fit just right. keep bringing that amazing content you two. tks and cheers from Portugal

  61. Zsolt Katona

    That "real" cost per frame chart was depressing though... 😖

  62. Saiko C.

    Kittens!!!!!!! Tech!!!!!!!! Super Saiyan 2!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Gj

  63. Joe Somebody

    Good things come to those who wait. Like this review. Is it possible to give an overwhelming like on videos? Also, be careful with those cats, they're like walking static death bombs to sensitive electronics.

  64. Tomáš Vostřejž

    MSI Gaming X version of RTX 3060 was selling for ~1,125 USD in my country. Sold out in one hour ...

  65. Legacy Political

    This card is bad for value, but 6700XT will be even worse garbage at 480$

  66. Sean Sollars

    Screw the graphic card prices now.

  67. Bio Breaker

    Well, if MSRP was a thing, it would be a good value card even if not a great improvement over last gen. Hardware Unuavailable is a great channel to prevent buyer's remorse XD

  68. MudSluggerBP

    What’s a 1060 9Gbps?

  69. Dr Mario

    Thanks for doing the eBay Roundup. Even if it's laughing sad gamer tears, it's fun to see. My rx580 thinks it was a lousy year to upgrade to 1440p 164hz 😅

  70. VegaIsAgingWell

    The 3060 isn't 300mm it is 276mm card.

  71. Agent_Blackwing

    I have a 1050ti, 3060 is a huge upgrade to me. I have negative luck on getting any card released this gen or last-gen though.

  72. mrpositronia

    Seriously, why are people so desperate for GPUs that they would pay anything over the MSRP? Go and do something else.

    1. Jay Rich

      Honestly lol I'm seeing people pay 400+ for rx 580's I feel like it's new people(uninformed)/miners.

  73. Linux Tweeker

    Its so bad for mining, nobody will want to buy that overpriced piece of garbage. 18:10 that's an INSTA SUB

  74. Nash B

    Summary: Flop compared to last gen even at msrp. AVOID and get the rtx 3060 TI if possible at msrp

  75. JD96893

    I think one of the reasons the 3060 is meh is that Nvidia wants you to get the 3060 Ti. They've been pushing prices up and up for their products and inflation does account for that.

  76. Sam Baxter

    KITTENS! Everything else is irrelevant

  77. Macula Pravus

    Your winning in the cat challenge.

  78. Frank Stared

    Once again, HUb critically provides cost-per-frame analysis. Great work.

  79. Legacy Political

    Overpriced and low performance garbage Should cost 279-299, and 6gb version 239

  80. Maor Aharon Productions

    the 3060 is a shit card for the price. got my RTX 2070 super last year for cheaper and it's faster