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  1. Yb Understand

    Racist bitch

  2. Six Path

    Bidet for Biden!

  3. Sunny Night

    DJT denounces this Party/filing. I didn't see the name MAGA Patriot Party in a different report on this. But apparently the filing in GA uses it. I don't like MAGA being in the name, due to that term being used as a 5th degree rank in the church of Satan❗️ Too bad a 3rd Party called Patriot Party isn't endorsed by President Trump. Some don't get it. Nobody makes progress by sticking with the broken, 2-party status quo. Dissatisfied Democrats would likely join, too. And it would likely cause the creation of a 4th party - leading to a refreshing rebirth of principled American politics. Following the right principles would lead to the best kind of change. Now the fear of splitting the Republican vote will ruin the chance for real progress. ☹️

  4. Kevin Wright

    Trump Supporter

  5. L M

    And people say that Trump supporters aren't racist.

  6. Denny Williams

    Another fucking Karen with no fucking integrity

  7. Post Master Lt

    This is a beautiful thing jus like the Tea Party fractured the Republican Party this new MAGA Patriot Party will be the death nail for whats left of the Republican party. This is too good to be true.

    1. Brian Cameron

      And Guarantee a Democrat win.

  8. Tslav TV

    Democrats are happy.

  9. Royal Enfield Girl Nicole

    Over the hill, obese and angry, fits the profile!

  10. No Thx

    They were right, Trump is great for America. We just had to wait after is presidency.


    Welcome to America.

  12. Kevin Frazier

    I support the patriot party


    Cause Jim is awesome

  14. Pablito Moo

    Florida is now going to throw their votes away.

  15. Onyx Rose


  16. Jeanette Jacobs

    Too bad the story doesn't mention which pet clinic she owns. I know I'd boycott it!



  18. Brett

    Only in Naples would they petition to try to decree what can or can't be done on private property. Maybe purchase the courts collectively?

  19. Hacker 101

    just bc something is legal does not mean it is morally right

  20. Fed UP

    These Europeans are such good people. I am so jelous of them. I wish I could be cultured like they are.

  21. Thaddeus Jones

    I hope someone there locally notifies her employer and effect the finances. If she owns a business call it out on social media. Respect, Morality, and “ I am sorry” surfaces when the green DOLLAR is effected.

  22. Notorious Rarri

    They should legalized it next month

  23. William Hooper

    She Sounds like a Perfect MAGA MAGGOT !

  24. Darien Rencher

    This a average white Trump supporters

  25. Shannon Dyke

    Must be a trumpet that's upset over the election lol

  26. MrRiddle

    She's openly racist

  27. Gen We

    I thought Cape Coral supposed to be safe?

  28. Brad Carss

    Sorry but they should have had an AR.

  29. Grindstone

    Wheres the Twisted Tea?

  30. dagmastr12

    Stunning video sure..some people are idiots... but breaking news? Is it really worthy of a news story?

    1. maison graham

      We appreciate the news understanding that people should know who to watch out for.

  31. TW

    I wonder who she voted for...🤣

    1. sean hates onions

      salty lmao

  32. Move Along Cat Dong

    Becoming internet famous has internet consequences.

  33. Finn Kraus

    If i was there i would have shot them all

  34. Super1general1

    She was Schocked

  35. Shel Whitfield

    Trump has really made these people feel comfortable. They no longer have to hide. They’re proudly racist.

  36. Douglas Rutkowski

    DEfasts do your thing

  37. Marianna Sokol

    Arrest her for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, whatever fits. She needs to be taught a lesson or two about how to behave civilly. Shame on her. I would never take my pet within 100 yards of her or her clinic.

  38. Nile Perch

    Is that in south st.pete ?

  39. Willie Lee

    Yeah,, she wouldn't talk to a sister like that, and if she did,,guest she wanted an ass whoopin',,

  40. Doreen Binder

    Being a racist is the least of your problems, your ignorance and ugliness top everything.

  41. Briggs Neal

    At least she owns it. I can respect that she knows who she is. Don’t do shit and try to gas light me like you’re not, who you are. With I’m sorries and I didn’t mean it like that. Be you girl

    1. I like POOP

      But she didn’t need to say the n word anyways he’s just doing his job

  42. Cwickify

    Those dudes were so chill. Melvin and Will are saints. Probably pissed her off even more.

  43. Jeff Putterman

    Gina should consider herself lucky I didn't see this live.

  44. julius p

    Sounds abt white...

  45. Majistr Gaming

    This feels scripted nobody in this day and age is this stupid. WAIT nvm its in Florida

    1. L M

      Trump supporters.

    2. Shel Whitfield

      Trump supporters.

  46. bjphysics

    No mystery who she voted for.

  47. Cng215

    The street is not your driveway lol

  48. AltaAnastacia

    And this is why TMH God will destroy them all after 1000 years of servitude to Jacob!

  49. T Man

    Florida gonna Florida cesspool

  50. Post Master Lt

    This how I prefer my racist to be live and direct like a hostile wolf who show their teeth in a snarl that keeps you always aware of where you stand with them. I can deal with this type of racism alot better than those racist who also show their teeth to you but pretend that they are smiling.

    1. Bitch Face

      This. Bigots who fake being woke who are condescending are the worst.

    2. Post Master Lt

      @lewid019 I agree 1000%

    3. lewid019

      Which means they shouldn't be surprised about the in their face butt whooping they receive

  51. Uncle Freddie

    This woman knows subconsciously that no man in his right mind would ever punch her out. If these workers were Black women, she would not have said this, because she knows they would beat her down on the spot.

  52. Malcolm Jordan

    This is the psychotic behavior we have to deal with absolutely disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

  53. D Hope

    I don't understand why people expect racist trash like this to change? You think she's going to wake up one day and be like "holy sh*t, I've been so wrong..." No. People like this are the worst... their soul is corroded and they can never, EVER, under any circumstances claim to be happy in life. Just hateful for no reason.

  54. DIRTdigginDAWG

    I don't get it . if they call themselves the "N" word it's not demeaning or racist . but hold on let someone else do it and OMG I can't believe it !!! Get over yourselves it's time to move on .

    1. AA610

      Typical "both sides" white apologist.

    2. DIRTdigginDAWG

      @AltaAnastacia ok do you are saying is it's ok to manufacture the racism as long as a person of another race or color doesn't use it? Isn't this an ignorant stance to take ? And if it is it's pretty self stereotypical to me . im sure if you met Dr. King for the first time and the first thing u said to him was " What up my nigga" this wouldn't be acceptable either . So if you are stuck on if it's a white person saying it and it's wrong maybe we should try to fix it from both sides of the street .

    3. DIRTdigginDAWG

      @Tony Flaco no i believe there is as much hope for me as there is for racism itself . in order to anolish racism how about we first abolish the "N " word all together. And that would meen that it be wrong for all races to use the word . so if it isn't kool for whites to use it it should be wrong for blacks to use it as well . so if it is acceptable for a black person to call another black person "nigga" then quit being hipocritical when a white person uses it . or is it just acceptable for you to he ignorant enough yo be considered one?

    4. Tony Flaco

      There's truly no hope for you neanderthal you or your co-star on the video

    5. DIRTdigginDAWG

      @AA610 found the stereotypical racist

  55. braddo pitto

    Aaaaaaaaaand tomorrow we will watch news about how she is regretful and has been in a lot of stress and need sympathy for her condition........after losing her job and getting sued.

    1. braddo pitto

      @Douglas Rutkowski Ya so? You can donate to charity, build orphanage, adopt pets and still be a racist, fact of life, it happens.

    2. Steve DeNiro

      @braddo pitto sorry kid. think you miss read the intent of my comment. i'm extra far from endorsing maga fvckery

    3. Douglas Rutkowski

      She owns her own pet rescue adoption site

    4. braddo pitto

      @Steve DeNiro bet you 1 maga hat.

    5. WE WILL


  56. Audrey Keenan

    Is this America? It is in my mind, A country full of hate. Loud people, who scream instead of speaking, I would be terrified if I were a black person living in America, The world is watching, and not in envy.

  57. kingmartinh

    She gonna get it. Let all hope!

  58. NotYourTypicalNegro

    That's the new thing now, to hide behind the law saying "It's not illegal!" and "I have a 1st Amendment right!". While true, that doesn't make it acceptable. And it doesn't protect you from getting your teeth knocked out.

    1. Bryce Cswt

      @Jean Spice I didn’t imply otherwise

    2. Bryce Cswt

      @Chuck P I didn’t imply otherwise

    3. Jean Spice

      @Bryce Cswt we have a right to freedom of speech too. The public can shame you for it and it’s not illegal

    4. Chuck P

      @Bryce Cswt Actions have consequences. Legally, they would be in trouble, but that won't stop some people from knocking her racist ass out.

    5. Anarchestra

      What she needs are social consequences. Does she have a business? A job? Friends? Treat them like shit.

  59. Patrick Clapp

    Ok she got a little or maybe alot outta hand over what appears to be no fault of the guys working . But (& i must emphasize the word "but" ) we never hear nor do they ever report on the racicsm that exists against white people throughout this nation & the world in more ways than most even realize. It may not seem like it but white people are the true minority in this world...

  60. Jessi Jo

    Fuck you pussies

  61. Colin

    Humans are the worst....we're all on the one rock floating in space and this is how we treat each other? We are the worst...just pathetic. The last 400 years have been a waste of organic material.

  62. somasailor9

    Never sling mud with a pig. All you do is get dirty and the pig is in it's natural environment.

  63. jensen1901

    Trump has unleashed hell upon America. These people are vile.

  64. rgftown1

    Esau hates Jacob..

    1. Lamar HOP

      Y'all Know

    2. AltaAnastacia

      Jacob got Next!

  65. Chris Swearingin

    Oh no, someone used words you don't like. Brilliant journalism.

    1. Why Me

      @Chris Swearingin Your not black. Please quit speaking. Its only gonna get you into a deeper hole.

    2. maison graham

      @Chris Swearingin real black guys don't say "racist jackass" lol

    3. Chris Swearingin

      @maison graham whatever you say, racist jackass

    4. maison graham

      Talk about something going over someone's head lol. Your ignorance is shinning bright like a blood diamond

    5. Chris Swearingin

      @Cng215 lol, see how I'm not writing an article and grifting at black people's expense, because of words. Sad that I'm an individual, but a big company can't be as ethical. I'm sure this is all over your head. Carry on with the bla bla, water and a duck's back, just like this grifting article/video should have been.

  66. Sharlës Johnson

    Emboldened by Trump

  67. Michael Ashcraft

    A year in Prison for each image ought to do it, 500 years minimum time to be served....

  68. Jenniffer Crystal

    The entitlement is mind blowing! 🤯

    1. gamer 6978

      @Libra Guy The Jaded yup

    2. Libra Guy The Jaded

      @aDDmoreJuice TV Racist Karen being a racist Karen, nothing new there...

    3. aDDmoreJuice TV


  69. Joseph Strozesky

    I don't know what happened however if the news is gonna report on it then they have the duty to report both sides and not cherry pick particular point of what they think holds value. I moved out of a ghetto to get away from animals, they do exist and according to the FBI annual crime report they kill whites by a 2-1 ratio every year. There are good and bad people in every race and each person should be judged on there own merit and character . Maybe the news should do a through job seeing what happened before they jump on the PC band wagon

    1. Breaks4Breaks

      Fuck off

  70. JawlyRogers

    1) Florida and Texas have some of the highest numbers of gun owners in the country. I don't think it would be too hard to form our own militia. With tourism being our main source of income, we'd get all the snowbirds up north from NY, NJ, MI, IL, etc. as well as the California refugees that can't put up with the commie bullshit from Gavin Poosom. 2) With crowdfunding websites we could pull in money from those who would want to pay into it. Also, if you only pay for it once your child is in school, why pay after they're done with school? That's silly. And with all this corona stuff people are homeschooling and doing zoom calls anyway. 3) American dollars being useless? That's a silly excuse. We could accept USD, Bitcoin, Gold and Silver, and make the Florida dollar to sustain ourselves and have different currencies on hand so as to not be subject to only one. There's literally zero downside here. NBC is just fearmongering like all the other MSM trash.

  71. TokyoStickShift

    Gotta love some karma! That Jetta in front was nice too!

  72. Joseph Strozesky

    Bonafide ignorant ....... So when COPD becomes rampant even more so with regard already legal tobacco use what then ?????? This is why I think that voting should only be allowed after passing a test at not one point has any body addressed the health issue in the news article for example COPD , cannibis hyperemesis and or the copious other issues that arise from inhaling $hit that is burning. The news is ignorant, it's a shame that any chimp can do "a story " and scew the angle as they please either by intent or ignorance and not be held accountable

  73. ClearView Technical

    I feel sorry for that baby with Trump fanatics for parents. Trumpers ARE TRAITORS that attempted to overthrow the democracy !

  74. Chase


  75. Bene Elohim

    I hope they legalize it very soon. It's way overdue.

    1. Joseph Strozesky


  76. marby

    That’s who voted for him - the illegal aliens!

  77. B G

    What a fuckin loooser. Enjoy ur prison food. Homey.

  78. B G

    What a fuckin looser.

  79. g0stface23

    All for 5 gs lmao sad

  80. Brian Jones

    These conservative women are hot