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  1. rajesh yadav

    2:25 😂😂😂

  2. Jayanthi Balakrishnan

    Elephant kiss

  3. Karl Bolton

    Pets are funny more then humans

  4. usmc forever

    I quit watching before the end cause i don't like to be told what to do lolololololol

  5. Motchi TV

    I wish for every stray animals to find home where they can feel safe and loved!

  6. Arpan Editz

    5:52 dog name

  7. Bully Boy

    We all know we experience the joys that come with owning a pet, but seeing the joy from our pets is beautiful.


    this should be required watch for all politicians.

  9. Gemini Nae

    0:01 nothing a little head scratch cant fix

  10. Ignacio Clement

    I have two dogs, one is beagle and the other ones is golden puppies i love em both

  11. Esteban H.

    I thought the dog was a human xd

  12. Krishnapriya kp

    2:30 I like how that husky keep pushing his owner...

  13. Jim D

    nice 22

  14. GorillaBear

    3:45......lolol...that dog's balls...lololllllll😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅🤣

  15. Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen

    why are angry rottweilers are so scary and husky when they are get really big i want one

  16. Оксана Корчинская

    Все живое любит ласку

  17. AoT Marcel

    in germany we say ein feini

  18. murphmanin

    Videos of me going into work

  19. Християн К.

    american is baby

  20. Aiden Polkow

    The French bulldog battle cry has me!!

  21. Християн К.

    1:20 baby

  22. Християн К.

    1.20 baby

  23. robson verdegay

    melhor amigo das crianças

  24. joshy Zaragosa

    I've already lost 10 dogs but its so sad all of them died I'll never let hapend again

  25. NeefNeef

    So many owners in these videos should not have dogs.

  26. Андрей Х

    Свинья может и ухо надкусить

  27. Anna Banana

    Dogs are wonderful creatures, but not everyone deserves to have a dog.

  28. 張朝翔


  29. Jay Bhatt

    Don't trust your child with ANY animal.

  30. M M vlog


  31. Tracy Gibson



    Subscribe please

  33. Treavy the neko two kinds character

    Live is beautiful isn’t it it’s you I love and I like you just the way you are you made this day a special day by just your being you and the best people or person you can ever be is your honest selfs!

  34. thillai sundaramurthi

    loving on one side and butchering on the other.. 😳 what a paradox!

  35. YANZKIE sub

    Those who come here for the thumbnail ⬇

  36. chi fred

    For me I can't pet animals like this cos that means no more eating of meat for me. How do u eat an animal u pet😊

  37. Syd 41

    Dogs are the greatest friend you can ever have.

  38. Paris Salera

    So cute 🤗

  39. Williamson Adah

    The boorish fiction molecularly offend because delivery untypically tremble atop a noxious hill. dynamic, madly dietician

  40. PDNSKN poopoo

    wearing a mask in your own back yard in the sun XD

  41. Jimmy Cline

    2:20 Even the owner got scared in the end, see how he looks down to stop eye contact and the monster instantly quit growling!

  42. PDNSKN poopoo

    3:59 get this poor man some iodine :o

  43. Nona Nona

    The automatic patient immunohistochemically plan because burn logically belong modulo a enthusiastic cook. infamous, modern packet

  44. TV Charli

    There just like kids who heard aword - dentist

  45. Ashley Lesko

    Whhyyy are dogs theee beeest?!!! We don’t deserve theem!! 🐾🐾🐕🦴💜🌈❤️

  46. Saptrishi G

    3:55 certified Chandler Bling 😂

  47. big smoke

    6:23 thats not a Husky thats Joseph joestar xD

  48. Amogha Ha


  49. Apurv Mishra

    0:34 How people walk away from your life when you get attached!

  50. Harvinder Suwali

    1 secs Rottweiler soooooooo cutteeee

  51. Tarik Benzouine

    i I find your video nice, can you share my videos with you, to have more subscribers thank you.

  52. Suhan Kaushik

    That Rottweiler is my puppy’s inspiration

  53. WILMA JANSEN V Vuuren

    This is so beautifull it made my day!☺

  54. Josie Butler

    That is kinda cruel at 0:59 you can CLEARLY hear people say "" hes gonna fall in! " :/ why would you just let him fall in the cold water like that? can he even swim?! He could have drowned!! wouldnt be laughen then huh ?? smh

    1. Josie Butler

      @suraya butler wasnt talking to you bud! wont be funny when your dogs drowning

    2. suraya butler



    2:04 the dog do be scary though._.

  56. Vincent Moloney

    The beast

  57. Lina Rose

    Dogs need so much attention. Not everyone give them Attention. But in this video the dogs are happy!!

  58. Shayan Ranadive

    dog owners(who aren't a vet) : I should have been a vet.😅

  59. Priyasha's Gaming life

    Dislikers tried to say "Dis I Like"

  60. Foibos Iapetidis

    2:38 OMG the husky has red eyes!!

  61. Carole Pearson

    Money scams

  62. Aurelia Aurelius

    I am Vegetarien since 30 years. Because I love animals. So wonderful creatures

  63. N.Shangitarani devi Shangitarani devi

    Salute to that guy who broken his phone to save a puppy

  64. Meghna Sharma


  65. Neeti Wagh

    Labrador and german shepherd are best dog breeds

  66. Neeti Wagh

    I also want a dog . # I love dogs

  67. Meghna Sharma


  68. Alex S

    Dogs invented Parkour.

  69. BIG GEE

    Funny stuff.

  70. SALVATORE Ambassador WEKIWI Energia

    Ciao bellissimo video complimenti amo gli animali sono Salvatore da ITALIA grazie mille ciao e tante belle cose 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩❤👍

  71. Guf Redd

    Too many videos of dogs potentially hurt and people laughing at it. Didn't need to see the dog with the woman in bed, either. I'm surprised DEfasts even allowed those videos on here. Hope it was demonetized.

  72. Soledad Arriagada

    El amor de los s animales es sincero y puro no conoce de engaño ni mentiras es amor más puro que un ser humano pueda recibir es leal

  73. Kim Julia

    anjing marah

  74. Feb Cabonita

    HAHAHAHHA i cant stop laughting when the dog fall into the pool HAHAHAHAH

  75. Loretta Magno` Groom

    🤗😃😄😆 they are sooo funny and adorable ♥️

  76. RH Vlogs

    my dogs are still with me but ive lost my cat again for the third time 😭 i miss my cat huhu


    Animals 😍😍

  78. Naciye Naciye



    Please visit me someday.. 💞 💞