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  1. David Gale

    He sounded kinda Mr Bean

  2. David Gale

    Song:"led lights are shining" Vid.-better buy other

  3. The Fall Of Man

    Why does no one explain that the water is NOT heating up. The electricity breaks the bonds of the water molecules down to oxygen and hydrogen.

  4. David Jessup

    One of the very few sponsorships that I actually have respect for. Thanks @ElectroBOOB for not selling out!

  5. tottaka

    Why does low frequency hurt more than high frequency?

  6. David Gale

    2:51 electrochihuhua🤣🤣


    How can I put the song as my ring tone??

  8. David Gale

    Fux news🤣🤣🤣

  9. iLight

    5:44 wtf im playing genshin impact and as soon as i got hit by lightning in game this freaking occur at the same time

  10. Toaster having a bath


  11. Ana Miranda

    Cats are jealous of all the lives this guy has. You´re great man!!!!!

  12. Toaster having a bath

    This is very random but i just thought of it, "hey, are you a breaker box? Because you're electrocute"

  13. Testino Testeno

    - charge capacitor - "hey Jim, catch!" - profit

  14. Tech NO City

    Try that trick on a outside highvoltage line

  15. toddparkboys

    Dill. Doo.

  16. BananaDudeYT

    no matter what he does, he still gets electrocuted.

  17. H1gh_Sk7_flyer

    Most random thing is when a ad came the live labs he was talking about came on weird

  18. Virt

    He use a dell computer

  19. Sbused Animations

    I showed this to my grandma, she loves it, she was all around the floor laughing

  20. tactical_moped

    Q: Why use AC instead of DC for transmission lines? A: Don't be an a-hole.

  21. Codyboy 2

    4:57 look at the play button is his house hunted

  22. Kaligath

    Free energy invalidating thermal dynamics is cringe and hurts my head when ever i see it this is like i love watching elctroBOOM because it just exposes the fact how stupid they really are.

  23. Ken Mason

    OOh! Now Bill Gates knows more about the environment than facts and reality do!

  24. Zer0__ P0int__

    Dude, are you okay after all of this? I worry about you.

  25. آبـ༈ۖ҉ـؤُ عـ༈ۖبد

    سـ͓̽ـلَيـ͓̽ـمـ͓̽ـآنـ͓̽ـ شـ͓̽ـآهّ آوٌلَوٌ آرٍطــغـ͓̽رـلَ ᵐˢᵘツ⚚♛

  26. •Something •

    What that wand do tho?

  27. WhyGuy2387

    I am curious if your watch may have died in the process of filming this video?

  28. IanScott555


  29. Backyard Camping

    Could prank someone

  30. tjmanxkings

    ok so you know how in sci-fi movies they have that like armour that forms around your body I was thinking we can do that with a mini-computer like the pit or pip-boy from the fallout games and like add 3d printer points around the suit (i forgot o mention that it can be a suit) but yeah I think that it can be pretty cool

  31. Asenkraft

    @ElectroBOOM Regarding UV-A and UV-B Light and photosynthesis. It still sounds like you are referring to the warming effect which is partially true, but the frequency and therefore energy of UV-A and UV-B is enough to induce photochemical reactions. It's been a few years since I had to learn this but I'll try to explain as best as I can right now without researching for a few hours (alas I have no time for this right now). When molecules are either aromatics or have a conjugated system ( several conjugated double bonds) their light absorbing properties change. That light can be absorbed or reflected/scattered is shown by the fact that visible colors exist, else everything would either appear white or black. In the case of UV-Light this absorption could cause changes in the molecule like geometric isomerism/configurational isomerism or tautomerization. So far there is no ionizsation, but if the molecule would be build in a way that there is a easy to ionize an atom right in it's reactive center (like in cholorophyll it would be magnesium) this could cause ionization. Of course everything happening inside organisms regarding never has really "free electrons" roaming about, but it will probably cascade between molecules and the energy will be used for several chemical reactions. Additionally organisms would have died long ago if they hadn't mechanisms in place if a Radical/ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species)/Ionized Molecule couldn't be dealt with since those reactiosn are happening all the time and are partially purposefully used inside our own body for metabolism etc. Anyway with this information I hope it is easier to see that harmful reactions can (and are) happening due to UV-A and UV-B light, because they are able to create ROS (radicals) which can cause damage to the DNA/Proteins which then can cause cancer in the worst case. UV-light is even able to supress the immune system because it damages the "Langerhans"-cells. You don't need to have energy high enough to directly break molecules to cause damage. But I don't want to imply that 5G is harmful. It can potentially cause something in our body (like wiggling of molecules (heat), wiggling or stretching/retracting of bonds etc., but we are bathed every day by electromagnetic waves - even if there is a possiblity that it could be harmful - which i highly doubt - i am sure our body would be able to handle those rare occurrences.

  32. Inesa Motėjauskienė

    I love this channel Because he gets burned or shocked or something else 😂

  33. calculatrguy


  34. NeoMorph WTH

    *FLINCH* Hahahaha it’s working *FLINCH*

  35. Liam Deaderick

    $%$%#@@#%%&@#&& Wrddc

  36. Liam Deaderick


  37. Traffixcone

    11:08 that was epic

  38. Mateus Ojeda

    Great content!!! :)

  39. mmikrik

    Прикольно Волшебная палка щепалка

  40. matheusgc02

    damn, he knows whats gonna happen but still no eye pro?

  41. Odiot

    I don't trust my water pressure enough for the shower head to be constantly filled with water and not catch fire

  42. Chungus


  43. Neon Wolf 101

    gargamel back at it again

  44. Kaleb Dewitt

    I see he changed his title and thumbnail

    1. Kaleb Dewitt

      @ElectroBOOM your video make me want to rewatch it often. I've notice it happened on a few video

    2. ElectroBOOM

      good eyes! :D

  45. God Almighty

    funny lol thanks brother.

  46. ッTesla Coil GuyッTCG

    You have 4.38M subscribers Bobby Duke Arts has 4.35M subscribers

  47. obaid urehman01


  48. JoonaJee

    Danger low current

  49. Bryson Tills

    The rare parallelogram adventitiously jam because orange mathematically bump above a befitting lunch. dull, adamant nylon

  50. Alessio Andreoli

    ElectroBOOM electrocuted MIT... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Sam A

    this is one of the coolest things i have ever seen

  52. Bernd Eckenfels

    That Keysight Charger, brilliant ,) but no eyebrows?!

  53. Shunya

    8 years ago, 30s. Yes.

  54. Akram Alhinnawi

    I just spasm a like, you sir is a genius funny 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Chloe Howard

    and chernobyle reacters :> 3.6 PUR HOUR

  56. Mahithe king

    ElectroBOOM why did u change the title from ElectroBOOM Crew EXPOSED!!! to Charging Phone DANGEROUS?! ElectroBOOM Crew EXPOSED!!!

    1. ElectroBOOM

      Improving the cover helps bring more views!

  57. James


  58. Sam A

    I felt that shock just by looking

  59. Akram Alhinnawi

    .... And with high voltage comes great responsibility, nice to know he's a Spider man fan too🤣🤣🤣

  60. TheKoperniko


  61. Eve ill Anderson

    they made the pyramids by switching off gravity (figuratively)

  62. Eve ill Anderson

    so the egyptians already had pylon tech lighting their streets at night (they just had no wire powerlines) and the pyramids are just hydroelectric generators :|

  63. /Wulfy_animations\

    3:41 That looks like a c4...electroBOOM literally

  64. /Wulfy_animations\

    God i love you

  65. bilu

    Congrats man. You finally beat the bobbyduke guy in sub count

  66. Brukujin Brokujin

    Real question is. Does this means our lamp still draw power eventho sd turned it off?. I see 0.44 mikro amps on regular led when turned off

  67. suck dankmemes

    He just went to a hotel and blew up the outlets

  68. Split It

    Doom is eternal

  69. GeSa YT

    dress appropriately and you won't need a heater at all lol