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  1. Biggamane Da Beast

    Jimmy plus Jey makes for even better television. The dynamic between them and Roman just got that much more complicated and should lead to some damn good tension moving forward. Especially if Jimmy gets a title shot at Roman

  2. Unapologetically African

    Classic material. Good stuff 👏🏾👌🏾


    It will be epic if stone cold Steve austin wrestle randy ortan who will win?

  4. Clifton Charleston

    Jimmy Uso Vs Jey Uso at Wrestlemania Backlash book it

  5. Alexander Nava

    Hell no nah noooooooo

  6. xProdigy1994

    i wish they still had segments like this

  7. DeMarjago

    Two wrestlers who beat the Rock but never faced Stone Cold in one on one fashion.

  8. George Farmer

    Apollo’s stunner reaction was the best highlight.

  9. Erdenebold Sambuu

    Never give up🔥🔥🔥

  10. Duderell28Gaming

    Jey gone get his a$$ beat.

  11. _drippinjayyden_

    Apollo crews sold that stunner that well 1:49

  12. Larry Collins

    2:01 Liv 🍑🤤😍😏👌🙌🔥🔥🔥

  13. Bryson Sabun

    I can't acknowledge dirty tactics, I can't celebrate dirty tactics

  14. Angel Araujo

    Booker-T vs Stone cold at the Grocery store is the best of the best

  15. PLAYER X

    CRINGE XRODEE : Dolph Ziggler Say's Real But WWE Say's It's Fake MAY 8, 2021

  16. djmeduna2009


  17. Aldous Calubad

    Michael Cole : Kevin Owens has heard enough =))

  18. No Bueno

    This storyline again

  19. thesnakeman8006

    Boo, 👎. If it was REALLY a throwback edition they would have used the attitude era stuff instead

  20. Bert Apodaca

    This match was garbage

  21. GlitchXGamerX

    this is by far the worst intro ever in wwe history lol

  22. Guess Who?

    Hahahaha Blooper!

  23. Swipa AC Empire

    Teddy long Gregory Helms (The Hurricane) Jamie Noble

  24. Dre Wright

    Smackdown is the main reason why I started watching the WWE and been a fan since 2003. 18 years being a fan.

  25. Natalsia Kelly


  26. Erdenebold Sambuu


  27. LDSavage _23

    Well damn Cesaro took out the whole tribe😂 he should have a one v one next week if he wins Usos are banned from ringside🤷‍♂️

  28. sharky Chairez

    This is so sad compared to 2006

  29. Rad Chucky

    0:17 Nope

  30. Cold as ice

    I'll start rooting for Shayna and Nia now.. just because of Reginald.. the guy is on god mode

  31. Gaspar Banda

    Roman is going to beat Cesaro then he will start a feud with jimmy and then he will face seth at summerslam or Hell in a Cell

  32. Sange Sharpa

    Romen is my hero

  33. Ar Rowe

    Cesaro is going to loose anyway

  34. andrew marks

    this match needs to be uploaded fully, truly good match

  35. Erdenebold Sambuu


  36. Suandi Andi


  37. Özgül Türk


  38. Christopher Taylor

    Cesaro deserves to be a champion

  39. Remoo Rafaat

    Bayley is gold

  40. Geoffrey Willemsen

    Rey looks awesome with the green on his mask and Dominic didn’t expect what dolph was saying about him so dumb until Dominic picked up the win

  41. Eli Fieraru


  42. Anikat Kumar

    If you are seeing this brawl after watching the brawl between both in 2012 then you are a legend 😃😃😃😃

  43. Socram Liriano

    Now that's a Classic 🔥😂

  44. David R Galindo

    It’s most likely gunna come to conclusion that Jimmy and jey are turning on Roman cause Jey will get tired of Romans Bs at some point. And Cesaro winning the title would be So perfect and wwe would really be doing something good. Also All of this could set up The rock vs Roman reigns soon. So Roman you better watch out for the real Big dawg Rocky!

  45. Nova 2.0

    I miss the fabolous charmella.

  46. Abishek Bandi

    Ahh those were the days I miss those times so much 😭

  47. roblox master13t8

    when roman said "i smashed him" first thing came to my mind was GAYYYYYYY!!!

  48. Benny Saucedo

    This makes me sad, I miss the good old days of wwe. But I can’t chage that

  49. that dude

    he kinda looks like disco inferno here

  50. lairdriver

    Cesaro is Brock Lesnar strong with a superman physique

  51. Plo Soe Junior Lin LER

    Roman pls win against cesaro im from Australia wwe is nothing without roman on god

  52. DavidTorto

    that was an epic trouble in paradise

  53. MAHESH

    Louda winner

  54. Achour Achoour

    WrestleMania Backlash❎ WrestleMania back to the hell✅

  55. Muhammad Afhan

    Man, i miss Tazz on SD

  56. Maximiliano

    Bring back ALL Wwe jajaj

  57. Valdilene Machado baia

    Bianca belair 😒🙄

  58. Bryson Sabun

    I love Cesaro but he must be having back ups to overcome dirty tactics

  59. Bernardo Rios

    Shayna Baszler push Tamina and causes Reginald disqualified while Nia Jax rescues him. Natalya was not happy with then. 1:40. 😠. If you cheat, you never get ahead. Never win to cheat.

  60. Isaiah Emmanuel

    1999 Not the 80's WWE 🤦


    jimmy please side with roman 🙏🙏💔 family roman reigns jey uso jimmy ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  62. Fatah Genelia

    619 Am also Luchador

  63. Jewz Run the world

    Sabal is a cheater

  64. Munson X

    Chad broke KO’s head.

  65. Lucie Collins

    HELL YEAH!!!the King won!😀👊🎉 Missed him so freaking much!❤ Great match, GREAT WINNERS🔥🔥🔥 Thank you WWE!🤘

  66. JRR31984

    AWESOME video.

  67. Clifford Bunton

    Jimmy only jumped in the ring to save Jey; but I think/hope he will join them soon...

  68. Josh Polson

    Damn, Reggie has a little sumthin, sumthin ok.

  69. González Martinez Gerardo


  70. thesnakeman8006

    Still waiting to see a retro smackdown attitude era edition intro,wwe. Maybe next time you'll pay attention to that instead of giving us a ruthless aggression era "throwback"


    Seeeeeth Roooolens😎💪💙😘❤💖👍👏👏👏👏👑♊♈🔥🔥🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  72. Junya XOXO

    He look more like triple h

  73. رومان رينز

    Nice 😂😂😂

  74. Andrew Flood


  75. میرویس محمدی

    عالیه ممنون

  76. Antonio Curry

    Eddie was Smackdown!

  77. Evil Bot

    Cesaro makes a statement