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  1. David Emanuel Rosini

    No puedo esperar a ver cómo se verá Randy Orton después de recibir una bola de fuego la semana pasada.

  2. EpicBandanaDee

    I honestly wouldn't be angry if Goldberg defeated drew.

  3. RightPushBack


  4. Khalid Alrashdi

    I'm happy that rising sun returns I used to play as Shinsuke in wwe 2k18 all the time then stopped in 19 and 20 can't wait to hear the rising sun again in 2k22 I don't care how good or bad it's gonna be I'm just happy to see Nakamura turn face again

  5. PonyPlays2014

    RAW: 3 Hour show but only two (one since both have to do with Alexa) things we need to know for it? Something's not right xD

  6. Alex O.R

    Ronda Rousey debuted in fue biggest night in Asuka's Carrer in WWE 😒😒😒

  7. EpicBandanaDee

    Low ratings and the most boring wrestling show.

  8. William Guillette

    Mr minor really I don't want to see magic in my wrestling wwe is really really stupid

  9. KAD

    In still waiting for the buzzer to go off for the number 30 entrance and hear “The Cult of Personality” play. ❤️❤️🥺🥺😩😩.

  10. Jesus Tamayo

    6:13 rey Mystero is the king

  11. Liviu D

    I would like to commend my fellow Americans for promoting interracial LGBT dances. We don't have these in Europe.

  12. David Pickavance

    35:53 (top-left) 😂

  13. Jaedyn Howard

    1:18 me when my dad sees my bad grades

  14. AmericanMonster 2003

    Damn man now y know Vince gave him Stephanie.

  15. متعب متعب

    MME nbannv

  16. NeroBorgata26

    “Noble going to be calling Nidia hurt” - JBL 🤣

  17. lalalalisa

    Love wwe

  18. Vyselink

    13:53. Ok. Let's get a thumbs up for that ref's slide. That's commitment right there!

  19. xGrapeGodx Productions

    I’ve never been scared of a 4th grader in my whole life until now

  20. TAY3M

    Wtf broo 🤣🤣

  21. Girolamo


  22. David Jones

    Everything I need to know about Monday Night Raw. Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Flair.

  23. steve blum

    Raw's dance card seems to be about Randy & Alexa for tonight if were lucky we'll get more names for the Men & Women's royal rumble matches

  24. Nick Moore

    What going to happened to Randy Orton tonight 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  25. Nooby Productions


  26. lil parxnxid

    Was that actually a fan 2:15

  27. Brice Xiao Long Belladonna

    10:16 FUS RO DUH!!

  28. wu hao feng

    The kick from Rey Mysterio is fake

  29. StevO 04

    Another ShitShow🤪

  30. ejjk ejjejej

    God bless everyone.,

  31. Red Lash

    savio vega -> selina vega ? giant gonzales -> raquel gonzales ?

  32. Justin Perlas

    your so sweet...then suddenly u broke up...

  33. juandiego morales hernandez

    Mis Ganadores: Asuka

  34. Megaplex00

    I had this recorded on a VHS tape when I was a boy.

  35. joenield anthony

    why is there face familiar? Huh DUMBEST ANSWER WINS

  36. boondoxkid21

    Ready to see lexi vs asuka tonight

  37. The Goat man

    Wwe raped to girls

  38. Notey Note

    So why him?

    1. Notey Note

      What's his story?

  39. Lourens Brink

    This was one of the weaker Rumble matches on an otherwise great PPV. The reason I say this is because realistically the majority of those in this match could never be WrestleMania main eventers. No disrespect to their talent, but The Rock was always going to be the most obvious winner.

  40. Symes Alexander

    Kane old song was better 🙂. Undertaker looked like he was starting to age here

  41. Ahmed Al Kathiri

    Never knew John is related to the Bella twins.



  43. Henk Tika

    Wen is de rojele rombel

  44. Only1loveCapi

    Cena is going to be old😂😂

  45. Jacqueline Castellanos

    Si ma così Non vale

  46. Nafee Karim

    Rest in peace

  47. Patricio Mendes

    S I M U L A Ç Ã O O O O O O O O O

  48. Alfio Creda

    The rock you are my favorite actor and character I love you you made me grow up with your movies JUMANJI, A SPY IS IN THE MIDDLE and others but others also love you just like I am Italian I use the Italian translator in English to let you read this comment I love you THE

  49. Zane Thind

    I would totally love to see one more tag amtch with the Rock and the Undertaker as a tag team

  50. Keana Siggaoat

    Becky lynch vs. Sasha banks again

  51. Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Sasha’s twerking though ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. GTA

    Tomorrow is the episode of Alexa Bliss

  53. Wakil Rakyat

    2:16 imagine with stephanie.

  54. Eduardo Br

    Força da disgraça

  55. Lando Beats


  56. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Rikishi was giggin' lmao. You absolutely could get over in the Attitude Era without being a full fledged main eventer.

  57. Zane Thind

    Undertaker vs The Rock was amazing too bad there can't be one more match between them

  58. Spitting Facts

    13:57 lmao Mr Bean.

  59. Nafee Karim

    I think he died of Covid

  60. The Unknown

    That match was insane.