Sticky brings you into the world of candy, watch us make the most fantastic and delicious creations both live and in short form. Livestreams are every Friday and Saturday at 12 pm SYDNEY time.

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  1. Bella Anne


  2. shwe ahnit

    She is so pretty 💜🙄

  3. MrBubléYTSon YT

    Lol The guy didn't even try

  4. HAMAD Rashed

    So cool but I oh my God my nose is stuck out

  5. Tanya Petty2.0

    Bye cause I thought it was bullets LMFAOOO PLS-😂😂✋🏾

  6. NOT_Hamdan

    mY boy not going hard on you

  7. StonkSlayd

    You can automate

  8. chloe danielle arizo

    Your candy is so yummy I try that in Phillipines but it's so hard to eat because your candy is hard

  9. Cherry Y

    How beautiful candy's Lady

  10. Hg Op

    كتيررررر روعة

  11. Azura Najwa


  12. matthew vergel

    loved that candy

  13. Sri Devi

    What is this

  14. Darking Chelsea

    Se dieron cuenta el que la dejo ganar? 😌💕

  15. Melissa Love

    You guys are true ARTISTS ! Also I was lucky enough to pop in to the sticky shop & Ian was on & I gotta say Ian is even more gorgeous in real life . That cute smile of his & he was the nicest. Cooper was also working & I had a big convo with him , but I think he thought I was weird cause here I am talking about him like I know him personally due to watching these videos. I don’t think they know what awaits if this channel blows up ! 💕👍🏻❤️👍🏻💕

  16. TerrieTex Gaming

    What are those things you are chopping it is so satisfying to watch❤️

  17. robloxian D


  18. robloxian D


  19. Avijeet Sharma

    What are they cutting?

  20. Daniel

    Y la igualdad feministas

  21. Илья Ржевский

    Шо это

  22. Hadil Hadil

    كل شي فوق إلى الاَّ الحذاء و شعر تحت

  23. Lil Juice

    What is this?

  24. toni263482

    @Sticky, who of your team got the idea to stream your shows started?

  25. Team Exot1c

    I am hungry now

  26. MariaokPz9 Ammar


  27. Ahsan Wiguna

    Yang laki dah biasa ..kan dah kebiasaan kek gitu.. sedangkan si cewe kan muter

  28. Athar Shah

    I am making handmade disigner lollipop candy in pakistan I learned from youtube videos can you help me with this I can make many design

  29. Susan Sanchez


  30. blackman96ify

    Is that candy

  31. BugsyCraftWorks

    You’re website looks like you are Sold out. I’m in the US how could I try some lollies?

  32. BugsyCraftWorks

    It looks like you’re all sold out on the website. I’m in the US how do I get some lollies

  33. Виктория Краснова

    Мужик лучше однозначно

  34. Wiener-Doo

    Adorable! I like the up close camera work too. 🙂

  35. laura ann armitage

    Wow! If more people were as kind and thoughtful as you all are this world would be a better place! Thank you for sharing! Stay safe!

  36. DNVN


  37. laura ann armitage

    This california lady loves your Aussie artistry!!!

  38. laura ann armitage

    Never seen such beautiful candy!!!!!

  39. Adriana Cristina

    ah stop! saying that men are better than women.

  40. Chaitanya Deore

    What is she cutting

  41. MR Sokny

    Cute sister

  42. Kalila Kalina

    Kak hebat

  43. Kaylee Lummerding

    Love ur videos. I would love to order candy sometime but every time I goto order ur sold out. From Saskatchewan Canada

  44. jordi amos enora ferrer

    Y después se quejan de que ganan menos, trabaja la mitad y quiere ganar lo mismo xD

  45. Asmaa Mzire

    What's this thing?

  46. Sadia de Vries

    I hope to catch a live one day.... being 9hrs ahead of us makes it challenging for me. I'm in Cape Town South Africa

  47. Jesus Sanchez

    Pero weon el esta cortando 4 y ella 2 nmms

  48. bhanu Vdoz

    Man is man

  49. Nxtxliexplxys

    Why arent they wearing a mask in 2021 (im not a karen btw)

  50. Javi Martinez

    The girl with the black hair had more rolls.... yes I said it, the girly boy girl....

  51. Latha Reji

    Super fast

  52. Guuurgle Bros

    bro are those shotgun shells? lmfao

  53. 、 K


  54. Kissme we’remarried

    He let her win no fair


    que es eso ?

  56. Hani Bag

    wooow good job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  57. Lil sloths

    What is the name of the sweetness?

  58. Savage Hawkins

    I knew girls were better than boys

  59. ThatboyLaiden

    I counted it was60

  60. Super SpontaneoUS

    Me still wondering what they are even doing.....🥴🤨😂

  61. Mateo Nicolas Paccot

    Cómo que hay una gran diferencia acá la chacona compute con dos tiras mientras que el macho con 4 y no se queja

  62. Jennifer Maplesden

    Oh monkey business 👍😉😆😍

  63. chrisbusinelle7276

    🐒🐒🐵🐵Oooh oooh, aaaah aaaah!🙈🙉🙊🐒


    los chinos lo hacen mejor.

  65. Adriana Colon

    Love this short close up version!!!!! We can see the details soooo much better. 💙🐵

  66. Jaciel Arzola

    Arriba el patriarcado

  67. greenflame games and vlogs

    m o n k e

  68. Sally Button

    I guess the mouth didn’t come out too well on that monkey😉

  69. posazu pl

    world of what

    1. Alexey Karpelevich

      The world of short youtube videos, and with hyper success - look at the view count

  70. aLiLMiSSMe

    So happy I found an Australian lolly making channel!

    1. Daniel Flew

      Oi Oi Oi🇦🇺😉👍

    2. Sticky


  71. john jordan

    ⭐So satisfying ⭐

  72. Debbie Mackall

    Look like cute little bears

    1. Sticky

      So cute ☺️

  73. J.S. Korenic

    So cool to watch up close. Thanks for the entertainment 🤗

    1. Sticky


  74. Robert Hudson

    Sticky hit happy. 😋

  75. romayne carlin

    hello sticky! what a wonderful bunch you are!

    1. Sticky

      Thanks mate :)

  76. William Eggleton

    Mornin' Stickers! (and G'day Davey!) I have to say an Easter Monkey is quite BANANAS for Easter! It's not Monkey season, it's WABBIT season! Wait or is it Duck season? Monkey? Wabbit? Pigeon?! Also I just put up my Concorde model and my 2001 shuttle is TBA. Bonus joke: What did the space rabbit say when the space monkey caught him? "Take your stinkin' paws off me you damned dirty ape!"

  77. Bonnie Miller

    Your videos put a BIG smile on my face

    1. Sticky

      So glad to hear it

  78. Carol Krehbiel

    Annabell, you do amazing visual storytelling! Keep up the great work! This was a fun format for when I don’t have time for an entire video! Thanks for your efforts! 💗

    1. bmdorsa

      I agree

    2. Sticky

      Thank you!

  79. Ellie Pops Bespoke

    Looked more like a bear but I bet they taste awesome