Official DEfasts channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

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    Nice room, great chicken tenders

  2. Mulefa

    Hey guys I have some ideas for guests on your upcoming shows. You know people you would get along with. Ghislaine Maxwell, Marylin Manson, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen and maybe Charlie Sheen too? I’m sure y’all would have a lot to talk about.

  3. Bridgette

    Not me waiting for them to take accountability 👀

  4. C R

    I don’t think autistic David understands the whole point of a disposable camera is to stray away from technology. An app does nothing but encourage the use of a phone for a picture regardless of when the h3ll you can view the pic. So dumb

  5. J~Bugg

    Jason?? When I get the book, will you sign it???? Ppl talk so much shit about you but I personally want to hear the whole story. 💯

  6. Danny

    Get your foot off the chair Madison 😒

  7. Yesenia

    David is so shitty omg

  8. Greg Petho

    Never heard of them to be honest

  9. Hilda Doe

    I don’t know much about David dobrik but all I see when I look at him is a female to male transgender

  10. Tiff G

    David seems so interested in her, making all these jokes and Madison isn’t even getting them😂

  11. MarshallLA X X

    Sorry but this podcast is only good when it's just David and Jason and when Natalie, Ilya, Taylor were there

  12. Joe Smith

    What happened to Natalie?

  13. Elissa Campbell

    Why do all the comments about about S*th keep getting deleted? Own your sh*t, David.

  14. Binu Francis

    If Madison does make a song called "Surface level friends", it's already a hit because it's now already been promoted to ~6M(or more) people who've watched this. It'd be stupid not to make that song. Imagine getting 10M streams the first week

  15. Alex Kess

    David you need to fire your fucking PR team

  16. why_lenaa

    why is scott speaking for you

  17. amiella musser

    lol David went from like frat house vibes to like the cool adult next door😂

  18. T- REVOLUTION330


  19. Juan Nicolas


  20. Sunset Flicks

    Ima purchase a magazine so she can sign it!!

  21. Sunset Flicks


  22. aarti sharda


    1. Nish Johal

      @aarti sharda i loveee youuuu

    2. aarti sharda

      @Nish Johal love youuuu

    3. Nish Johal

      heyyyyy b

  23. Helena DeSousa


  24. abby schmid

    Jason’s creepy

  25. mello vibes

    I get they tried to copy the "talk show" look but then call it that.. this is not a podcast when 1 person with a big ego sits behind a desk interviewing ppl. A podcast is a conversation.


      agreed so much, david chose the corporate ad-friendly format and it is so boring and annoying cant imagine listening to the podcast ever again

  26. Jessica Martinez

    Omgee, I actually met diplo in Seattle 😁

  27. linda

    ah imagine being that famous to where you get paid thousands of dollars just for your presence

  28. linda

    i find it kinda sad how every hater charli and dixie have say things like how they aren't actually famous and now they have to believe it in order to not get bashed

  29. Eh-Lie X111

    It was way more interesting when diplo was there, congratulations to Natalie but hearing about her modeling was boring 😂

  30. 1234

    Wow, are you still not going to talk about what's been going on? You're a coward David.

  31. Gilbert Smith

    I've just noticed David's not a good listeners

  32. Sheila Castro Genao

    please talk about it and stop hiding, maybe for some other shit this of stay silented worked but this is another conversation, u have to talk about that stupid prank u did

  33. Sheila Castro Genao

    is it that hard for u to take accountability for the prank u and Jason did to S? like... Scott talking about it wasn’t the best idea bc he just was victim blaming and another thing is that HE WASN’T EVEN THERE

  34. Tomrod19

    Make a podcast talking about you abusing your friends

  35. Tomrod19

    I know how david treats his friends, he uses them

  36. Swa Pra

    Jason was barely even talking xD

  37. Blond Kacanja


  38. Blond Kacanja


  39. SAM

    Selfish & privileged Charli and Dixie D'amelio

  40. Joshua Witshc


  41. sydniii

    so did anyone ever figure out how or why queen blackwell lives with diplo?😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Vein Energy

    Yikes bad image for Diplo and Dillon coming onto a podcast with an abuser and POS!

  43. Elia Lopez

    David when will you post the vlogs

  44. Lifeiswazz

    Dude what happened to the actual podcast? This doesn’t sound like the og podcast

  45. Chiken EU

    Her:im doing extreme school stuff 6 classess a day Me:7 classess doesn't think its that hard Asian Kids:12 hours of school a day

  46. Martha Worthy

    the fact that all your guests so far have been white 👀

    1. Joseph B

      The vlog squad lives in one of the most diverse and multicultural cities on earth and they still segregate their friends and only hang out with whites /white passing.

  47. Irdina Huda

    Can u bring bruno mars next?

  48. Lili Morgane

    the camera zooming is so annoying

  49. Iron-E

    I love her songs♥️♥️

  50. Iron-E

    Oh my God Charlie is here I’m really I love her she’s so beautiful and wonderful girl and she is a good person I love you guys♥️♥️

  51. Annie Camlic

    this is so lame.

  52. Emily Trujillo

    What is the doc called?

  53. Tommy Tucker

    This is the most awkward set up .. not genuine at all. Is it a podcast or a want to be late night show?!! Kind of shows David’s character as well, he didn’t even want to do the podcast Jason did...but these guys will do anything David wants, even if it’s sitting off-camera in a suit being cut out of 98% of it

  54. Youareme Meme

    Bruhhh.... u should have given Jason the same setup n shit like urs ....I meant made him sit next to u same chair and stuff caus ur like disrespectful to him ..,as both of u r host’s like David dobrick it’s like David nd Jason hope u get that

  55. CandyxChar

    So much adds skwjiw

  56. Alexandra Richardson

    I literally love David Dobrik so much but this would be 100x better if Jason was more involved

  57. Michelle Soleil


  58. Michelle Soleil


  59. Michelle Soleil


  60. Michelle Soleil


  61. Michelle Soleil


  62. Michelle Soleil


  63. Michelle Soleil


  64. Michelle Soleil


  65. Michelle Soleil


  66. Michelle Soleil


  67. Michelle Soleil


  68. Michelle Soleil


  69. Michelle Soleil


  70. Michelle Soleil


  71. Astrid Guaran

    David I am so disappointed

  72. Michelle Soleil

    Deleting comments

  73. Michelle Soleil

    Not listening to DIPLO ANYMORE

  74. Anthony C

    I thought madison is in a relationship? Why is she talking like she has feelings for David?

  75. Kevin K

    I love how at 28:50 Natalie is so over David’s ad read that she just starts imagining playing with Todd. 😂💀

    1. angiecalibaby


  76. grace


  77. joseph mendez

    These are boring now :/

  78. Aaryaman Bhatnagar

    David just wore a yellow jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Shannon Forman

    why he mention alpha phi tho

  80. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

    If you feel like your comments get filtered: try putting a space bar between the letters. He can't ban those 🤷🏻‍♀️ S E X U A L A S S A U L T is not funny J U S T I C E for S E T H B U L L Y I N G and H A R R A S S M E N T are not okay just because somebody laughs (most likely b u l l i e s themselves) J U S T I C E for N I C K Take A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y

    1. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

      @Michelle Soleil I had 5 up before I went to sleep, just to be sure yk and now only 1 is up 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Michelle Soleil

      He's deleting mine 100%