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  1. archimedes almalvez

    Now that's how you eat ramen!!!😂😂😂

  2. lily rose deacon


  3. Kirit Rana

    Literally looks like worm

  4. Adam Prime123

    No chilly flacks no chicken masala NO OIL oh Americans say Asians in Chinese and Japanese ohhhhh weird that isn’t the ONLY PARTS OF AISIA

  5. Amanda Hopson

    Cucumbers!! They cut the heat so fast.

  6. Jordi W

    Idk about this one

  7. Zhenyu Cai

    Lol those are gonna be some greasy overcooked ramen.

  8. Ruscian James Ladores

    Is it just me or the noodles look like tangela from pokemon when cooked

  9. Ahyan Ahmed


  10. sonyviva308


  11. dqIiIah plays

    Me:*buys the spicy ramen noodle pack* Also me:mom I think we ran out of milk

  12. Adriana RAMOS

    Bruh I can’t even eat a pepper

  13. planstoesc2

    How to create a heart attack

  14. MxneePlayz YT

    That seems delicious

  15. XerXens

    I'm sorry, I don't wanna be mean but ramen wrapped in anything is disgusting. Burrito or bacon wrapped ramen is gross and looks inedible.

  16. Raven Storm

    All I heard was Insanity sauce. And I remember it had 3 of the guys I work with(all of who loooooove hot sauce) cryin like babies. Felt like their ears were bleeding. Actually got sick. Had to chug like 5 or 6 of our little milk bottles for kids meals a piece. Do not. Mess. With the insanity sauce.

  17. mohd must

    Lingering , Hardcore That makes sense or does it

  18. Eymen Aybar


  19. •cheesy Cheese•

    That food looks good goooooooooooooooooooooood

  20. Keith Gaming

    Rest in peace

  21. Pepsi Man

    you ruined ramen in other words

  22. Thisis invenice

    It's cocobutter and milk and hominy

  23. 「 Tsukimi 」

    I wouldnt try it even if i were to choose between eating that and jumping off a cliff.


    Waiting for gordan to say her donut 👍 . No hate tho those looks tasty

  25. I Mirza

    Ramen is apprentky black

  26. CloudyPLAYZ

    Is it that bad??

  27. Gia Thịnh Bùi

    wtf are u asian, where are the ginger, garlic, chilli and asian herbs?

  28. Joecav123

    Have u seen faze sway eat spicy stuff.

  29. August Vedelsby

    Black ramen looks fucking gross.

  30. bathroom larry

    I’m not eating that! Looks like boiled rubber🤮

  31. Luke

    That’s ramen wrapped in bacon

  32. that one person

    What's food without soy sauce?

  33. Lucien

    Why are so many people under this vid trying to roast the wings like Action Jaxon lol

  34. jen srmnt

    The noodles look like a worm

  35. Hannah Markham

    That looks sooooO tasty

  36. Frubber the duck

    Its mine hand it over im hungry

  37. MR T

    You just defiled all kosher laws in one meal😂 didnt know it was possible

  38. Amar Agrawal

    What a stupid ass idea



  40. Nisha M

    Noodle look like my hair yuk

  41. Naomi Allen

    Aw this is so wholesome... I wish I could celebrate my lineage traditions, it would give me a chance to get in touch with my roots

  42. unicornbabe

    How to eat 1000 kcal in 5 minutes

  43. Unimpressed

    Eat them taste tripping pills so u dont feel the heat

  44. hello there

    You've taken your Spice challenge very seriously


    Is this a bloody Jojo Reference?!

  46. Hana MOHAMED

    Ooooooh that egg was cooked to perfection 😋😋👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  47. Babies Tang

    Ooh the taste of the burn and taste of the demon soul o represent you the taste of the spicy abd hard to swallow

  48. Joshua Manglallan

    Whenever you get pho, you gotta get them spring rolls...🤤

  49. I like you you ananas

    Fuck I thought it's that melting thing that u put in the water and instantly disappears. I forgot the name. They make satisfying videos too

  50. SRM Chennai

    I can eat lot of spice

  51. Tanishh Doval

    Avacados from mexico

  52. honey browney


  53. unartiste.


  54. Seyidova Şəms

    Give mee some tooo 😄😄

  55. anne dashwood

    I know everyone absolutely and utterly hates self promos but I posted my first yt vid ever just now :) You can check it out if you'd like? Please don't hate me!! I'm sorry for the self promo!

  56. Roundown

    this is nasty

  57. TN Shah

    Where is this spicy noodles available in Pakistan

  58. • H i m x r i •

    *what a lucky roommate*

  59. sana's white bow

    banana sikhye!

  60. Charlie Mawle

    I wouldn’t eat it I’ve very fussy but that looks amazing

  61. the boss 99 boss

    Looks vile 😖

  62. Living Life

    Literally looks so disgusting

  63. CGRS

    Omg... I feel im eating worms

  64. fuck face

    Idk I think my grandma would hook it up with those tortillas

  65. Sasha's Potato

    Stop drinking too much bro...

  66. Pangoni

    The noodles kinda look like leeches

  67. Wi Fine

    She’s not good looking

  68. John Smith

    Lol who ever told her to use hot water is just a pure sadist.

  69. Hero Lark

    It looks so good

  70. essence arielle

    That was an interesting way to peel and avocado I don’t think I’ve seen someone not use a spoon

  71. Chad Chad

    I just ate the last shin ramyeon yesterday

  72. Elizabeth Bromley


  73. Mr. Noobz

    you make the most simple dishes look like a 5 star meal

  74. Nekomi art

    I feel like this smells like coke 😂😂😂

  75. yo mama

    Ew that black noodles look like earthworms

  76. Charlotte Rhodes

    At the beginning I heard eating my neighbours part 2 😂

  77. Shane

    I could just eat a bowl of worms myself

  78. Akse Dimakuta

    Your so stupid to gain fame your killing your self 😑 idk, you will regret it soon ugghhh whatever this is stressing me out🙄

  79. Bootes Ownz

    Like this

  80. Berry_

    YOO I love Shin Ramyun