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  1. inyourfaceicity

    Rick wins Room Rater. Always. No contest what-so-ever.

  2. Lee Brink

    Your kids are awesome! Love everything you produce.

  3. doubts

    Hearing Steve talk about his influences brings tears to my eyes.

  4. Yanec Philipp

    If Rick Beato says your song is good. Its good

  5. Aaron Varghese

    Hey Rick, big fan of yours here. I wanted to let you know that your analysis of such videos and your videos on theory, etc are much loved by I'm sure, millions over the world! I've got a suggestion for you though... Why don't you react to music from across the world? I'm sure you'd find a ton of interesting chord progressions and scales that'd keep you coming back for more!


    Echo, not disturbing... what’s the humming?

  7. Alex James

    Comfortably numb.. The standard for all other solos

  8. Ahmad AlJassem

    Tbh i liked your demo song more than the actual song

  9. Skammee

    Joni Mitchell "River" as number one , something about winter on the Canadian Prairies , gets in the blood then deeper in the bone. Those long winter nights that Christmas lights quietly let you know of happy times inside.

  10. Ken Not Cat

    It all sounds forgettable. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m saying it’s all generally safe. I bet in six months you could do this again and there will be similarities. I think I’ve hit that age where I’ve kinda heard it all. None of these are as creative or interesting as say 21 pilots. It’s all songs about penis and vagina or the lack thereof.

  11. Johan Tiget

    Amazing to watch this. Love it.

  12. Charl De Villiers

    Please release this to Spotify so I can add it to my work playlist. PLEEEEEASEEEEEEUUUUUUGGGHH


    What’s the background noise?

  14. shazmeister2005

    I think you can argue the same about Noel Gallagher as someone like Kurt Cobain. There is all these subtle and very clever nuances in their compositions that you can bet your last buck they didn’t know or understand the reason why it made the songs good, but their ear knew what was good and that’s the mark of a truly great composer. If you have Rick’s insane level of knowledge and write a song throwing in a “dissonant sus 2 minor 4th of the pentatonic scale” because you know it is a sound that resonates with people then to me that’s kind of writing to a formula, playing a note or chord variation because it’s what your ear wants to hear is composition.

  15. Jared Mehrlich

    OMG Ithought Anthony Bourdain died!

  16. Don Beardy

    these songs are for different party group

  17. Dane Paul Stewart

    Music hasn’t made me smile in a long time. There really is some killer magic in what these “outros” create. It’s very intriguing that so many of these great “feels” and emotions don’t seem to be something that can be placed earlier in the songs. Very intriguing.

  18. Péter Stanfel

    The Starbucks espresso joke killed me.

  19. W. Smith

    Dude, I am not worthy to listen to your greatness!!!😊

  20. Josh Roth

    Modern music bad haha give me likes

  21. wildside fishing

    I can’t bring myself to listen to the radio anymore... you’re a braver man than me 😂😂😂

  22. Eric Chaikin

    Wait... The Monroes? "What Do All the People Know?" That was you?


    Rick what’s the rattling?

  24. oyvay3000

    Living in a big ball of idiots sometimes I feel so alone…… Thank you for reminding me that there are a few people out there who actually have brain cells.

  25. Ege Sungur

    I love Rick’s reaction to the number one song lmao. He was genuinely surprised in a good way!

  26. Eric Chaikin

    Fogies on this thread sound like Mitch Miller when he heard rock and roll. Yes, it's the pop music of the moment, which is always disposable. But some of it has depth. Helps to listen thru the ears of a kid.

  27. Fredrik Dippel

    Agree, much better!

  28. branco6942

    Thx Rick I am not a beginner and still this is usefull info Buddy!! greetings love and respect from the Netherlands Europe

  29. jamman6

    I keep coming back to this video because of Eric's solo... it's just magical!!

  30. shazmeister2005

    So basically what makes it great is Noel’s songwriting and Liam’s singing, sounds about right.

  31. BuffPenguin Official

    Les looks like what would be the offspring of Chris Cornell (RIP) and Jason Newsted! Man looks like he could shred on bass!

  32. Isaac Baldeón G.

    What I learned so far: Besides being really open-minded, it feels to me that Rick's analysis goes from the producing and song-writing standpoint rather than his personal opinion about the artist attitude and whatnot which is cool, but then again I'm not that much into today's pop music.

  33. William Kahley

    In one word YES.

  34. Isaac Baldeón G.

    What I learned so far: The producers are the real artists behind all these new stars I don't like that much, y'know, making their best to make you sound like a bloody prodigy.

  35. HTO K

    Second song, sounds a lot like "you shook me all night long" from AC/DC.

  36. jjjjmmmm

    "Seen All Good People"... Thank you Rick 😊 Also Kansas...Steve Walsh was one of the greatest rock singers ever.

  37. Eloy Miron

    You forgot She talks to Angels by The Black Crows The Flame by Cheap Trick Silent Lucidity by Queensryche

  38. Vince Mahama

    Love these videos, please make this a regular thing!


    Rick, song writing song writing???

  40. Anton Hosinsky

    With all the suggestions down here I have the whole 2021 covered when it comes to listening to music.

  41. Ernest Rimbeck

    I made it to song 2 tap tap tap

  42. Jeff Khoury

    I must be getting old, because it all sounds like all over-processed bullshit to me. They all sound like they smoked out too much and have marbles in their mouths.

  43. Paulius Mscichauskas

    Damn, Rick, if you really did get all these chords instantly from ear, your ear is amazing.

  44. sound4life

    Those songs are on the playlist "Today's Top Hits" no the global top 50 hmmm

  45. mstephens44

    That bass line sounds like it could come from the theme to Barney Miller.

  46. Rohishimoto

    allllll aboardddd hahaha

  47. OnePunchTrombone

    Boomer music > new age

  48. uri harel

    Teenagers my chemical romance

  49. MsCygnusX1

    I feel terrible. I think I'm suffering weird things throughout the shutdown. One of them has been hearing melodies/chords in my head. And then all I can do is sing my cell number or a simple nursery rhyme to them and add nonsense phrases to them. But just as quickly as they happen, my dogs bark or I have to check email or something else comes up. And then they disappear and I don't remember a thing. And seeing now that it takes lots of people to write one song, it makes me feel like I could do no worse on my own. If only I wasn't so constantly distracted.

  50. Palix Tobin

    The one time my parents tried to surprise me with a guitar was with a robot gibson. They thought they were getting a good deal because it was marked down so much, but luckily I was able to talk to them about it before they bought it.

  51. Patrick Tilton

    Imagine if BOSTON's debut album never existed . . . and then dropped right NOW, to compete with the mediocre stuff in today's Top Ten. Why doesn't today's youth want to fuckin' ROCK OUT?! What the fuck is WRONG with kids these days? I mean, what the fuckity fuckin' FUCK is goin' the fuck ON?!

  52. Frank Grace

    Yeah, there’s some cool tunes out there but because of Covid, my studio is closed and I honestly don’t miss having to teach these tunes that just don’t translate to the guitar at all. 🙏Really appreciate you Rick

  53. LyricalDJ

    Lovely. It's great to be able to hear how much blues there is in the song. Enjoyed all of it, but especially the starting drum part. So rhythmically enticing.

  54. Wake Rue

    Maybe the Katy Perry version is better produced but I feel its insensitive to call it a better song, you should have called it a better cover. Imagine how your words might hit the artist who originally wrote the song.

  55. Ty Tracey

    Lol she just did what she was told.

  56. MsCygnusX1

    I cannot wait until that finger snap intro beat goes away.

  57. CS 780

    I actually really liked the first track too

  58. Oscar Persson

    Grande and Eilish had the best songs. Im not a huge fan of either one, but the other 8 songs were so weak in comparison.

  59. James DellaNeve

    I am an amateur bass player and took up the instrument late in life. I studied diligently and discovered Jaco. I can understand most great bass players and even learn some of their stuff if I practice. Jaco is from another planet, played his fret less with perfect intonation and his knowledge of music theory was without peer. What a shame in terms of his mental problems and the end of his life. Everyone who knew him loved him.

  60. Tony Haven

    Levitating with minor chords, genius 😂

  61. Allen Williams

    No HEY JUDE? How is that even possible? Has to be the Beatles greatest song. Way way way way way better than Something! Oh well.

  62. Jay DeLuca

    Well, it ain't Gershwin or Victor Young! Pretty pedestrian but drenched in effects - reverb to the moon and delay, phasing.....And the Autotune effects are pretty limp. I would love to hear the raw tracks minus the effects - who can sing?


    Why do I hate this "pop" music so much? Drivers license was good....the rest sucked. Get off my lawn.

  64. Tony Haven

    Who knew a sharp 4th was all it took to get Ricks attention, will get back into the studio, see you in a month 😅

  65. Dethmeister

    They're still doing that weird pronunciation thing?

  66. Kiavash Maadanian

    Let There Be Rock + Whole Lotta Rosie + Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC; Digital Love - Daft Punk; Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue; Hangar 18 + Poison Was the Cure - Megadeth; Fade to Black - Metallica; Mr. Crowley + Over the Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne; War Pigs - Black Sabbath; Green Grass & High Tides - The Outlaws; Bold as Love + All Along the Watchtower + Stone Free Live at Fillmore East - Jimi Hendrix; While My Guitar Gently Weeps live - Tom Petty + Steve Winwood + Jeff Lynne + Prince (solo) + Others; American Girl - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

  67. SuperSix Delta

    I'm a Gen-x and I can say (hand on my heart) that I think current pop music is just trash. I know that might offend people, and I don't want to...but I have to be honest. Young people today are being so ripped off and denied. We had great music in my generation and we also loved the previous generations music. But now its all slapped together on a drum machine and a computer...and the singers are having their voices altered by auto-tune programs. There's just no creativity. It's sad.

  68. SpaceManDawn

    I wish I had a dad that cared about anything I did. All he wants to do is drink.

  69. Henry14arsenal2007

    Cant believe Rick is praising trash like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish.

  70. Peter Hovestad

    Just read on cnet “Drivers License, a week ago on Jan. 8. Cut to three days later and the song broke Spotify's record for most streams in a day for a nonholiday song, with over 15 million global plays (the song continued to beat its own record, with over 17 million streams the following day on Jan. 12).” Holy cow.

  71. wayofthinkin

    Thanks Rick , SZA was the besr. She really nailed it with Good Days !

  72. CJ E

    “Maybe if I listen to it another 20 times I might change my mind, but probably not.” That’s pretty much how I feel about most music produced in the last 20 years (there are of course some exceptions).

  73. marvinshenk

    These songs are like songs from the 80's except no one will remember these songs in 40 years like the 80's songs. It's all just background music for when your at Starbucks or Target. It may be cool music ideas but that's what it is.

  74. Bob Parsons, Artist

    What an amazing ear! Sheet mon...

  75. bryan moore

    How about a video on why everything today sounds the same?

  76. Alastair Bolland

    Great video Rick. I love your take on the production levels

  77. ChienJaune01

    Soundgarden's "Mind Riot". All Es.