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  1. Seven Belle Days

    Oh no, hell no , not this again 💀💀💀😩

  2. SOOMI

    That narcissist sweater pisses me off as someone who is a victim of a narcissist.

  3. Ann Droid

    I can feel my skin crawl the moment ANY human being puts their hands within an inch of my personal hemisphere. =___= my space, not yours, if I don't trust, you don't touch! Edit: I can confirm, as an ex Walmart employee, we do not care, we do not want to talk to you, we just want you to get your stuff and leave. Also, talking to us does distract us from our work at the cost of our managers yelling at us later for not getting our tasks done.

  4. Hope M

    In middle school I was actually genuinely teased and alienated by other girls for being different from them because I was weird, quiet and I have a learning disability 😵 it was only when I met girls who didn't treat me like a weird pet and genuinely liked the same stuff I did that I was like maybe I'm not so strange after all. It's sad because I'm sure looking back those girls were just maybe insecure in themselves and didn't understand me.

  5. Pugtato Grace

    I think one of my teachers or someone said they knew used to live next to John and Kate + 8 lol

  6. Hannah the Yak

    No one is on beat because they are white.

  7. Vita

    I like the song most girls from Hailee Steinfeld

  8. Irgendein Junge

    The whole reason why Joker good because funni stair dance

  9. Makhi Neal

    I literally cried during the thong song

  10. Ferdousi Khanam

    Casey: Atticus might sound familiar because- Me: Yeah Atticus Finch from to kill a mockingbird

  11. A Gladwish

    It took me a minute to get the Armie Hammer joke but WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMED-

  12. Anna O' Sullivan

    And now it's a netflix show with Bono's daughter

  13. kat o'brien

    this was so beautifully spoken and like really inspirational and s good message

  14. Rhosyn Achlys

    honestly being not like other girls was such an ironic trend, because at some point if you were like "insert other girls" you were actually different, in middle school my favorite color was pink(still is) when the school let female students wear pants I sticked with my skirt, I liked girly shit in general even tho I didn2t have the energy to put on make up or look attractive in any way, and I was actually the one that stuck out, I was the only one in school wearing a skirt in like a month or two, the moment I mentioned wearing pink every other girl went "eww disgusting eugh" everyone was into drama shows and true crime and books and other thing the "not like other girls" girls enjoyed while I was into emotion driven stories and cutesy cartoons still. most ironic of it all I was the only one truly not like other girls because turns out I'm not even a girl

  15. Ferdousi Khanam

    2:04 - 2:21 literature teachers be like

  16. Ailish Rose

    when she said armie hammer I DIED of laughter

  17. Mirela Mirna

    My "I'm not like other girls" fase was while I was really young. Until 13? I got depression and couldn't stand my friends (boys) anymore. Until then, I hated pink and a bunch of other things that were seen as "girly". I'm better now. Also, definitely media makes think like that.

  18. Liv W

    Suet is just a type of pudding

  19. Chelsea Hawk

    I’ve watched the series twice, and I’m still getting confused by all of the Louise/Adele mix-ups. 😂

  20. Elliot K

    I read a book where the male author actually compared the main characters nipples to the "faithful bolts that held together the great Titanic"

  21. Mirela Mirna

    A girl used WHAT as a beauty blender?

  22. Anja

    Maybe the real garden troubles were the nipples we chiseled along the way...

  23. MafiaQueen246

    They left all the beautiful stories to make into movies, all the well written books and authors and they chose to make this a movie???? Jesus. Also checkout my book in wattpad www.wattpad.com/story/254405156?wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=MafiaQueen246&wp_originator=fep15KquTRGuR9Ox9BQwGc3sGGKpQEUG4G0UY5Zzt%2FBbLjrKev3NubHI%2FLfqVxkWD4tfXCit7UcUJAJQM2pL8gdIcV2fL1fahtIi1bRRWBZ5Mf7BjTziXDV3mQAX9t%2Bo

  24. banashri das

    The netflix add before this😭🕶🤏🏼

  25. loom

    so the first thing men ever notice is boobs. i feel uncomfortable

  26. v

    learn how to fuck off away from women please

  27. loom

    don't eat while watching this

  28. ???

    If you're making a "introduce yourself as the reason why girls hate you" tiktok thats the reason girls hate you.

  29. hi thithter

    Im not like other girls, i gave birth to my mom

  30. MaddibGaming

    Is this weird stuff makes me understand how one of them dates Zoey from new girl

  31. btamamura

    What the heck was that zombie one?! Jump scare but so funny I couldn't help but laugh! Geez, and I thought Australia had some messed up ones, but Canada seems to like pushing limits too, huh? Oh my gosh, I love the Social Farter PSA! I know it's about social smoking, but as someone who finds farts funny, it just tickles me hearing the girl go "I wouldn't call myself a farter, I'm a social farter!" XD HOUSE HIPPO!! I've seen it in compilations! I would love if there was such a thing as a house hippo!

  32. Mady’s Corner

    I love this video, but your missing the “tell me something good performance” or maybe your not. Because it’s traumatizing.🙃

  33. joshua artesi

    Where are all the power rangers fans who were like wait up at 6:15 hearing carter grayson

  34. Elianna Kremer

    These fanfics are so straight I’m dying

  35. Lourdes Mufert

    other girls dont hate you 'cause you only have male friends, they hate you because you're sexist to other girls

  36. ohitsjustme

    he just likes the average girl..

  37. Poppy Weston

    hey, this isn't hate at all, I love your channel, however I think that its very important that you separate the characters from the actor. Mr Shue and many of the other roles Mathew Morrison has played have been questionable and problematic, but Mathew is a person with a life and a family and I dont think that its fair to hate on him because of the character he played. just something to bear in mind. x

  38. Cynnikal

    InTrroDuce YourSelF as whY Girls hAte yOU “ I’m a narcissist” this is literally all of this videos

  39. Ember Down

    You missed THE ig post where it’s a pic of him mark salling and cory monteith with the caption “😇🙂😇”

  40. Alexis

    that list had me snorting at work rip

  41. thy lionheart

    if a man purposefully touched me anywhere on my body in a grocery store, my soul would leave me and my body would crumple to the ground, an empty, cursed shell

  42. Vanara 7

    Netflix movie book adaptation are so good cartoon live adaptation are trash but books ! Those are so good

  43. Panicking Potato Cos

    My phase was in primary school. I thought i was cool because I listened to death metal and like dark clothing-

  44. d u m b o

    this was nine months ago... (⊙ˍ⊙)

  45. Emma D

    Wait if the first book was written in the 60s, wouldn't have bullet bras been the trend? Doesn't change how weird it is tho

  46. Klepty Snatchngrab

    This topic always makes me think of this tiny part in the beginning of IT when Beverly talked to this random dude on an airplane for like a second and apparently the first thing she thought of immediately after the exchange was what his penis must feel like.

    1. lin pinardag

      what in the world

  47. Thirty_ish

    God bless Trump voters and the stupid shit they do 😂😂 I could always use a good laugh. But also....low key embarrassed to be an American right now🙈

  48. Chas Thoroughfare


  49. Indy Cabrera

    Try the musical theatre Wattpad fanfics. Totally normal, but without context it’s so weird

  50. Rylee Matthew

    I feel like dudes who write women like this have ZERO (0) female friends or gfs... or knowledge what about women.... yeah have they ever met a woman?

  51. JustWannaFreeFx

    Miss the good ol days when Casey used to read

  52. little boi

    Miss your booktube days

  53. Whomst?

    Ah yes the boobs. The only part that is more important than the personality. They even become alive when they're scared! The men writing community is like reading an alien's understanding of the woman anatomy. It's just pitiful at this point.

  54. Olivia Stilley

    my boobs have been so sad today. any tips on how to cheer them up? they’re all deflated :/

  55. Sugarycoated

    my friend went to school with the ball sack beauty blender girl


    Venti breasts


    I don’t think I could naAaAme three poets

  58. sugarstone233

    OMG, I. can’t listen to anymore of this review because you keep calling Adele Louise and Louise Adele. Please review and edit your videos before posting. If I had not watched it on Netflix, I would be totally confused.

  59. Yashiro Nene

    Do some men actually see women like this???? The fuck? You're crazy if you see nothing wrong with this kind of literature lmao

  60. 물건


  61. Юлия

    They are trying to imagine smth.and to play a role. There is nothing bad with that. Kids support each other's efforts, that s why there are many likes. We may not understand why they like certain things but this does not mean they are stupid...

  62. Noodle Marie

    I will never look at turtles the same ever again

  63. Emma Juliette Brown


  64. shatrudhan prasad

    Another thing Wattpad has an obsession of is the 'virgins' and playboys , boys who will just do it with anyone. And the girls who won't do it ever until their mafia, badboy etc comes into their lives and own them.

  65. Sadé Mouton

    See my problems is that I get attached to the protagonist no matter how dumb nor boring they are, so when a fucked up thing happens to them that’s can’t be redeem it just be hurting my soul and it takes me a few months to recover 😭🥲

  66. J Whippet

    The hostage crisis from which we get the term "Stockholm Syndrome" led to two of the hostages marrying the criminals after they were released from prison.

  67. ohitsjustme

    they love capturing people

  68. Dylan The Chillin Villain

    Maybe I shouldn’t be a writer... not that I sexualize women but it’s just maybe I shouldn’t

  69. Ershia Francois

    3 years later- "OKAY IM CONVINCED OKAY CASEY I'LL BUY THE BOOK" (this video is only now on my radar, hence the 3 years later comment ahh)

  70. Ruby LEE

    I am like other girls Because I’m not like other girls Have fun getting your head round this!


    as a white person from kansas, i know every single one of theses girls.

  72. Scott G

    LOL on the art attracting pretentious people - and probably no more so than DEfastsrs.

  73. Denisse Escobar

    omg have you watched the animated show Tuca & Bertie?? There's a very funny scene of a bewb talking cuz she got upset a coworker harassed the girl's body lol

  74. Allison Greenwood

    Turn on captions at 8:38

  75. wanderlust

    do you know if there's a spin-off? also, is the netflix ending accurate? is there NO silver lining at all?

  76. turg turg

    What if the first place my soulmate touches me is they shake my hand Is everyone I meet in a professional setting my soulmate

  77. 물건

    all of these passages can be summed up as "jiggle physics but make it literature"

  78. Awkwardas Fuckus

    ✨Men write about breasts as if breasts function the same way as a pen*s✨

  79. Amber Dee

    I guess I’m not like other girls, not offering my chest to the gods 😔

  80. K T

    Do you ever feel like a deflated book, blowing through the wind, wanting to start again? #deflategate