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  1. Hilary Rae

    A life booiee

  2. Japp_ 20

    Demon: I have no fear. Shane: hey how are ya. Demon: .... _I have one fear_

  3. Rush380

    Goatman: nothing Shane: "Look at me" Goatman: *looks Shane: "I'm the Goatman now"

  4. shortishperson

    Question, who does the research and writes the scripts for their episodes? They seemed surprised by some of what they were reading at 8:50?

  5. It's Vaishnavi

    The dislikes were from Goatman who went on a vacation while Shane claimed his bridge

  6. LisaBrownlie

    The pronunciation of Scottish and English places is soul destroying

  7. Brianna


  8. ashie

    wtf 2:07 is he`s mother wa really 14? or i just misheard? lmao

  9. katha

    "...make a noise!" Me: *hearing a noise in her room* Ok i'm out - bye.

  10. Peter Parkour

    "Sometimes, when I try to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What’s the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say, or doing what they do? Then I ask myself, ‘how well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?'"

  11. Hiba Fathima

    basically this was the og among us , who ever you found sus you report and execute 😂

  12. Susan Holland

    Who would know grill was remove able and window was broken unless it was ground keeper

  13. Alex Yim

    28:52 Ryan seems important...

  14. beverly ann barredo

    Indeed, Professor X adores Wolverine 😀😃😄 nice documentary...papa will hail his son 😍

  15. Lord Sloth

    Edison stole the idea of the light bulb from Nikolai Tesla. He also never invented anything by himself. He had a large group of interns or students that did his work for him which also included the ideas for his 100s of patents. He was a businessman nothibg more and nothing less. He wasn't a scientist. He was a marketing genius.

  16. Eva Telfer

    As a Scot, I can say that Shane has the facial expressions down to a T

  17. LazeySnakey 616

    Just say 69

  18. Coast Vanwyck

    I visited Alcatraz and my motel room overlooked the prison and it is honestly a breath taking sight especially when it’s covered in fog. There’s nothing like it.

  19. Anikka C. Ojala

    Theres so much lost culture because of Christianity, so many traditions lost tht were unique to countries.

  20. Horace Horatio

    The sound at 26:00 sounds a lot like "Listen to me!"

  21. Anikka C. Ojala

    Its an isolated job, they definitely were drinking alcohol. My dad was a lumberjack and theres not much to to for months at a time so you drink. Then they probably got washed away and not many people knew how to swim and even if they did its rough friggin waters.

  22. yuh leah

    I'm spending my halloween watching shane and ryan change my mind.

  23. C-LosLopez MILTA

    JFK was killed by his own government

  24. LIBRIAN Sana

    On re-watching marathon XD If that unfortunate case were to happen in this modern age... It would've been solved right away... Considering the fact that hotels are always known to have hidden spy cameras everywhere plus other security measures... And something also worth noting but again it was before 80s.. But I'll mention it anyway.. ..that a person is staying in your hotel, someone be it anybody comes to visit them from outside IN YOUR HOTEL.. Doesn't the hotel management shouldn't have some kind of record for that?? If not then thats pretty insane, this way, anything can happen at this point to anyone

  25. Luthfiana Lintang E

    I thought it was 2014

  26. PTRRR


  27. coblov ze tird

    Otter room

  28. acer-chaser 01

    *They name it "almost 70" so they don't have to say 69* they literally hunt ghosts for a hobby, and he's afraid of a number

  29. alkmish

    Real life joker and harley🎭

  30. Slayer 076

    The boys are back 😍

  31. Johan Vajse

    I love this one because they are wearing the 2 shirts I bought. Also Shane is very funny.

  32. Natasha Mackie

    my great uncles fishing boat sunk off the north east coast of scotland around 50 years ago and no wreckage or bodies were ever recovered so to me that’s not necessarily a sign of anything more sinister

  33. Lucas Curd

    madeleine McCann

  34. The Official Industrial Static

    okay, john wick killed 77 in a few days.


    Psalms 119:142 Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth.

  36. Hildy M

    Maybe the family did it....🤔


    I enjoy watching yr. various quests ... Even the blasphemy , I find amusing. You " Dudes " do make a good team. Enuff approbation ... If the Ghosts , entities you pursue have had such inhumane, cruel treatment why would they ret or remain.?

  38. Princess Leia's Buns

    @ariainthavong Aria is so talented... I hope one day Mrs Franklin gets justice for Melvin. The pain is so overwhelming in her face. It is not fair.

  39. Rietu

    Why am I watching this while home alone?? I'm easily spooked by eerie things, and this house of mine loves creaking!

  40. jamongmongmongmong

    Can we get Ryan and Shane visit this place, like I badly want to see Shane pushing his limits while Ryan's losing his mind.

  41. Maxine Skytta

    Tried listening to sleep stories, but after an hour of not falling asleep, realized this helps me sleep better, ah yes the calming voices of the ghoul boys and murder

  42. W for Wavy

    i missed these guys


    Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

  44. John Brandon

    Just waste of time. don't know whether to treat this video a serious one or a joke?

  45. Emil M

    R.I.P John “Johnny” Steven Sharp (1965-1981) Glenna Susan “Sue” Sharp (1945-1981) Dana Hall Wingate (1964-1981) Tina Lynn Sharp (1968-1981) May they rest peacefully and hopefully one day justice will be served 💐🌷🌹💐

  46. Kowalski

    One of the 3 was an Impostor

  47. Snuggly Shadow

    The book was common enough in the US during the sixties that a Bullwinkle the Moose storyline was The Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayyam

  48. Hi.It's .Violet.

    I think Allen was left there to throw off the investigation

  49. thunder god

    Shane have more demonic power than anabelle

  50. Connor, the android sent by CyberLife

    6:33 I'm disappointed there was no compilation of Ryan getting scared shitless at the slightest things there

  51. Sage Seno

    Holy fck that prison is that old?!?

  52. TheFishLady

    Ryan: **Having an actual panic attack** Shane: Oh hey Ryan, look the light turned on! Ryan, the light turned on 😃 The alleged Demon: Wtf

  53. Sage Seno

    Bro those were clear footsteps

  54. Hi.It's .Violet.

    Honestly at this point I'm happy that their efforts had not gone to waste I'm rooting for them

  55. Maura Isabel Rodriguez


  56. WOLF Gaming

    Ryan “Never the less” Bergara

  57. Tylon

    1)where is Shane 2) will u start unsolved mysteries again? 3)and it took me a while finding u guys freak I have so many questions

  58. - Justhakid

    0:33 "Annabelle the doooolll" he sang on that hoe

  59. dipak bera

    We need a t-shirt or something with the front embossment: 'Quote...end quote'.

  60. Arwah 4n

    Hannah starts crying Shane was just like what the hell is going on

  61. Carter Allen

    I know I’m very late but speaking of Florida murders, my grandmother’s aunt mysteriously drowned in Nassau. She grew up in a very shrewd town down in Georgia and fell in love with a boy and became pregnant very young. The boy in question denied her child and denied ever romancing her. Despite her son being the spitting image of her, the truth was never uncovered until I found a marriage certificate from the couple for the year after the baby was born on Ancestry. Now WHY would he deny the child publicly but still marry her privately. Anyway, no one knew she was married, literally no one until I found out two years ago and she got married afterwards to an older gentleman. They of course, were a party to bigamy but like I said, no one knew that. The original man, the father of her child, moved to Florida at some point and at one point my great (great?) aunt vacationed with her husband to Nassau. Despite the fact she could swim, she mysteriously drowned on the beach that day. Now come to find out, her ex lived in that exact same town. Her own son witnessed her drowning and refused to ever speak on it. Shortly after, the ex moved back from Nassau and the husband completely disappeared. She was buried in the same graveyard as her ex and was buried under her maiden last name, and her husband seems to be erased from existence.

  62. Snehal Shandil


  63. dara

    shane sat on that fuking couch they both did i-oh my god

  64. shelley sky


  65. Juan o Baez lopez


  66. Heiko Klein

    Krampus and Santa-Bot truly are my most favorite Christmas characters. There is a really good Grimm episode featuring Krampus.

  67. Chrystalin Felice Santosa Santosa

    it's funny that it's 2020 and im still telling this even tho this video is from 2019) ;) but look at the vootage from (26:41--26:44) you can see someone with a glowing eye's and covered with white blanket? i dont know if im correct

  68. Jim The Raspberry

    Here’s a question for you, why can’t Americans do any other accent than American without sounding, well, American?

  69. skeleton

    thank you so much i needed a new episode right about now

  70. singit4ever5

    Literally, a minute in and I'm so doggone happy to see these two! Shane is so excited and Ryan is hype~ Oof, It's been too long since I've watched them <3

  71. Elena Williams

    I thought Ryan said co0chie aquarium at the start omg

  72. Hi.It's .Violet.

    I think her brother did it and her parents tried to cover it up

  73. Pizzagelion

    is this what inspired The Lighthouse(2019)?

  74. Annie Do

    The amount of gay jokes in here i-

  75. Almeirowanna


  76. Nicole B

    “Things aren’t gonna happen that are great” Ryan, you’ve just summed up 2020 and the confused way I think about it

  77. ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ

    House on Haunted Hill was inspired by this