Houston's own real H-Town Hottie! Young Tina Snow. LISTEN to Savage here: theestallion.me/savage

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  1. Quasier Mitchell

    0:55 When Dababy started naming the girl names and Megan did that twerkin shit..... God Dam

  2. Arianator 770

    I love the choreography on this

  3. Manel Ouirghi

    She's a qean

  4. Michael H

    Is it sad that I am a middle aged white guy that just absolutely loves the beats and this gets me going? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. It’s Sunny niyah

    Fucking slay on the bfay

  6. IamLameika214


  7. Te’a Chanell


  8. Charlotte Berverly

    This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you guys <3



  10. Latisha Urena

    shes wack

  11. Kommander Khan

    Me thinking that girl in the beginning was yachty xD

  12. ВЛАД.К.

    fly agarics ate

  13. the pelican man

    Every time i listen to this song i think about my very christian parents watching this video😂

  14. Lala

    Life motto 💯 I do wtf I want, when tf I want 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  15. Lucas Podolski


  16. UyemaTheGoat

    I don't care if this a Meg thee stallion song. Dababy cried this song and when her part comes on I switch this shit off

  17. Thickgirl Naii

    Y’all follow my Instagram _iamnai

  18. Audrey Gibson

    Majority of Megan's profits come from white suburban middle schoolers and high schoolers. People act as if adult music isn't accessible to youth, but it's just plain denial when these burlesque shows/music videos are easily accessible o anyone on DEfasts.

  19. Paris S


  20. Leah Gibbons

    Megan can you put out a video of how to twerk like you

  21. anonymous anonymous

    It touch your toes! That's all your good for

  22. anonymous anonymous

    Thee demise of society! Pretty sad this is top charts or whatever ... all this is music along with the artist. Stop spitting garbage and play garbage cans or some shit. That's talent.

  23. I.d.c

    The unreleased scene from toy story 5


    I keep this on repeat like everyday I'm playing this. I love all of her music from day one.

  25. Brandon W.

    Everyone is saying Toy Story and my ass is like “Small Soldier vibes” 🤣 I vote a remake with Meghan as the barbies attacking the girl lol

  26. Alisha Stelling

    I love to see a celebrity putting in the hard work, instead of buying their body at the doctors office!

  27. Shoes Kobe


  28. Est 95


  29. Elena Chantre

    Que alguien traduzca esto al español plissss!!!!!!

  30. Kosta P.

    Best female rapper

  31. randonjuma Onyango


  32. Jennie _Thecat

    we all could be living this, if everyone stayed home and wore their masks 😭🤚 why can ya'll just stay home

  33. Nini Rich

    I swear these artist be casting spells when there rapping i catch myself listening on repeat lol

  34. NeShaxBro

    Victoria's secret tipsy all clumbuling

  35. yejixsy.

    I put this song close to my family and I was beaten only by these groans

  36. Tiffany Jones

    Danileigh was in there too .


    Was that yella bezzey towards the end?

  38. Amandinea :3


  39. Elbrayan012 Unacicatriz

    utilizeme de boton los que hablan español XD

  40. Michaelle Olivier

    my sister name it thing song twice-

  41. Joyce Toussaint

    Megan or dabady choise

  42. It'sme,Tina! T.

    Sex and Disney!....hehehehe😁 I knew tht cat liked chocalate 🙃

  43. Ronny Culbong

    **MUST LISTEN** (For fans of Deathcore-Hardcore, Metalcore & Meg the 'man horse' stallion) Count Your Blessings: an Encore Bring Me The Horizon are far removed from the band they were when they released their 2006 debut full-length, ‘Count Your Blessings’, progressively moving from deathcore to pop-rock. Some still relish and love their earlier sound, and Boston based label We Are Triumphant have pooled together several bands - both on and off of their roster - to cover a song each from the record, and have aptly titled it ‘Count Your Blessings: An Encore’. A handful of the bands who’ve contributed a cover to the record include FRCTRD, A Trust Unclean, Decayer, Boy Eats Girl, and more. defasts.info/title/video/YdGHm8majIbRq9E.html

  44. Zoltar Servin

    If I were to be blindly been told that ph was making a music video with their actors/actress and then showed me this I would have 1000% believed it

  45. MimM

    The battle for mainstream culture has been lost. So bad.

  46. _ lszeyu


  47. Rozei games

    If Megan could make her own crybaby dolls

  48. youn girl

    ok tt i see you girllll

  49. Lloyd Cruz

    0:51 Sis, they really went 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

  50. 5karatsormore

    Ate 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Megan playing with dolls 🤣😂🤣

  52. Saveliy Bechin

    амасевеж, господа

  53. Kayla Will

    Freestyle raw asf as usual

  54. Trip D Studios


  55. Erianna Wilson

    Imagine getting a reply from Megan thee stallion I would die

  56. Shawna Lol

    Toy story looks a lil diff here😮

  57. MeBookJava

    people who say that WAP is too vulgar, haven't heard this song. I mean seriously, WAP is at least metaphorical, but Captain Hook is a straight up dirty bop

  58. Destiny Hall

    I fél like if you was really a savage you wouldnt have brought lane'z into this shit you would've took it like a real savage and handled that shit like a savage