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    Bangalore:Kukri Me: *BLOODY SPAIS*

  2. Todden Todden

    BotW is so far ahead if its time as no videogame ever before, and the attention to detail is unmatched, at least until BotW2

  3. DarwinRules6



    Looks like it pkays the same as World War Z bame, that got stale fast

  5. Superspyguys

    When the wolf is sus

  6. Rusty493

    Could've been better for sure, but better than The Verge and that's all that matters. haha.

  7. Mike Smith

    Think the acid blood should be eating the floor

  8. Immolation FR

    This game seems alot like left for dead? Dev: beside side being a co-op shooter its very different. 4 min later: there are many different enemy types. That was a buster 30 seconds later: that was a spitter ... sigh. Its just like left for dead. But thats okay.

  9. Andrew Clarke

    Looks very Nostromo.

  10. Game Advise

    Mobile Gamers Hit Like Here❤️

  11. Mr. Potayto

    Coming soon Call Of Fantasy White Ops VII

  12. Lycan Thorpe

    WWZ but aliens

  13. たろうたなか


  14. Kim Rawal

    Is this movie something to do with Wandavision?

  15. Lycan Thorpe

    What colonial marines should have been

  16. Sterling Archer

    Waste of time


    Hard Pass

  18. Logical idiocy

    xbox series x origins

  19. Jay2Face

    So now the question is..who's gonna have the better tom clancy movie Amazon-Without Remorse Netflix-The division 🤔🤔🤔

  20. The Wakulla Wolf

    Where's the Queen?

  21. John Vista

    How about the microtransaction? Can someone explain how much money I'm gonna waste on this?

  22. emerald tv

    This had recommended to me

  23. Soshi12005

    Reminds of alien 2. Cool concept but gets boring really quick p

  24. Amel Osmankic

    Ill take your entire stock

  25. Bobby Johnson

    Can we get a Batman beyond game

  26. Big Chill

    that wake the f up samurai was surreal

  27. Johnny McKinney

    Why do the graphics look so old for a game coming out in 2021? Even if it is a remake

  28. fernando9844

    It would be cool if they have more building and houses etc that you can get in and explore

  29. trautsj

    Could you imagine actually killing 20 xenomorphs in a single hallway? All that blood would literally eat through the entire ship and they' all die anyways lol

  30. 7788um

    Zack, you're not making another watchmen. Stop with the classic music bait.

  31. Ozryel Varnis

    Great a 3rd person version of Colonial Marines...

  32. Bobby Johnson

    Can we get a Batman beyond game

  33. Moku No Kami

    looks like a cool PS3 game

  34. Rarely Comment . . .

    Is this a missed opportunity they have here? 5 character promoting the game with different art-style...

  35. CAP Ireland

    I'm sorry, did auto complete write this review? The script is truely awful, and flows like cobblestone.

  36. Jaeger 101

    Greetings ,Seeker.

  37. manan alwadhi

    Gears 5 should be in honorable mentions as well, awesome game

  38. slashdragon

    Everyone gangsta until you meet Juda


    Why does everyone is freaking out how this is free? IT'S A GACHA GAME, IT WASN'T FREE

  40. DerkFerk

    Tobias Fünke is the interviewer apparently.


    Rockstar like why put out GTA 6 these dummies won’t stop buying 5

  42. TheGamersPerspective

    Who thought this was gonna be amazing?

  43. FightMeJello C

    Loki do be popping off with naming the villains.....


    I’ve met patton Oswalt at a Jacksonville hotel

  45. SodaMustDie

    It's not a simple's a port of a port

  46. P T

    I’d rather eat a McDowell’s burger from 1988 than re-watch this train wreck.

  47. Voracious T

    looks meh

  48. zellator

    Why the Marines obstruct so much of the vision when shooting (and walking even)? RE4 did this so much better 15 years ago

  49. Ch P

    Bring back the healer class

  50. えわんあのえと

    Nostalgia >_<

  51. Xylirator

    Can’t wait for Gta 5 to come on the PS45

  52. Music Is My Passion

    bORING...Resident evil umbrella corps but with aliens skin

  53. Vasu Surati

    he def going to space if there "no way home"

  54. cantbetouched28

    It would be cool to see another samurai warriors vs destiny warriors game again.

  55. James roque


  56. Lag Nator


  57. Justsomethingsomething

    Meh....better give us isolation 2

  58. Frog of Thunder

    Well.. this is woke as hell. Comic was much better.

  59. axxjazz

    my biggest gripe is the game is not scary there's just way too many fodder aliens personally i'd prefer less alien's with more health and a few more attacks then just run forward and die

  60. Honey Hive

    So..........he is everything, but a wolf?

  61. Chris Roura

    Which one will Kathleen Kennedy fire first?

  62. Alexandrovich72

    The subtle looks and movements of that beginning gameplay already makes me nervous but I’ll keep my hopes up.

  63. Artem DDs

    Это тир или игра про чужих?

  64. BHS

    Only 3 players ?...

  65. Omerko Gaming

    all the same ... legends of this, or legends of something...

  66. Vash Rein

    They gotta bring the show back. They absolutely have to. they can have all of my money if they do

  67. Whiteysnakey

    Disappointing you can't see the other player flashlights. It is 2021 are we not beyond that limitation?

  68. LoneShooter Snipers

    But can you play offline?

  69. rkarlson008

    whos gonna hero up

  70. Lewis Wilko

    Why don’t they just give us regular content updates , new missions and new boss fights , the gameplay is fine but there is no content



  72. TheFluffyDuck

    Just make an alien isolation sequel already

  73. K Devil K

    Give us Rick and Morty!