NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

To do that, we have worked around the world -- and off it -- for more than 50 years, searching for answers to fundamental questions about our place in the universe. We're exploring space and discovering Earth. Join us for this exciting and important journey.

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  1. FNX-zyxヅ

    what was ur thought when nasa switched from exploring seas now to taking every human off the earth hmm

  2. GregFox

    But today all of that are remplaced by starship

  3. Geo De

    Ground control to Commamder Hadfield! THANK YOU!!! Love you! 💞💞💞💞💞

  4. Stepanek740

    is the exploration upper stage the Interom cryogenic propulsion stage or the Delta crygoenic second stage?

  5. Random Nerd9


  6. Formulesyfe 2.0

    hello people of the future , hope we're arleady on the moon

  7. Ibrahim Isa

    Some people just don't have shame ....

  8. A.S. W.

    Awesome !!!!

  9. Anakin Fu

    real time?

    1. HelioPyres

      30 minutes latency no real time..

  10. Mr.President

    imagine a world without NASA, what a poor world

  11. Rose Thos

    Elon musk

  12. Etsub Yidnekachew

    One of ur many many number one fan here

  13. Leslie Williams

    Although this message is 7 yrs late like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I would like to welcome ALL CIVILIZATIONS of the universe...pretty amazing "stuff" which is a rather uneducated word in the midst of these brilliant scientists and researchers. It is important, however, to remember that these individuals are just STUDENTS of science and observers; they are not the Creator, Designer, not Maker. We must remain HUMBLE in the fact that we know so very little. I am most amazed at the dedication of these scientists and their passion. God has granted to each of them sound minds. This is where these scientists need to remain in a state of gratitude and awe. I remain most intrigued that a gold record of sounds, languages, welcomes and songs were created!! And the ending was brilliant about what famous people would add to the conversation about what to say to those "out there."

  14. Magnadolo SFS

    "Touchdown confirm!" always gets me

  15. Akshay Khanpuria

    She's just awesome. 🔥🔥

  16. jum ari


  17. Hussain Ahmad

    Say hi to moon plz 😀😀

  18. chathura chaamara

    i love to in nasa...... my come to promiz in nasa.............................................................

  19. arnoudmulder

    10 years later people watch this video and think, why on earth do they wear that idiotic mask...



  21. jogo ramos

    the earth is flat.

  22. Mariotech

    First women ,,,,,,on mars,,kate :-)

  23. Daniel Mendoza

    the astronaut looks like Ben from fantastic four

  24. dish

    NASA's budget would be massive if it was worldwide not American.

  25. Kunstforum Hasel

    I don t like to go on the our good old s the future!

  26. Nick E

    Wait for 30 years till people say this was faked lol

  27. Tigawsome

    du anyone notice jupiter is missing on the front video picture

  28. Iacopo Cutino

    A huge number of weird procedures trying to avoid another disaster, like the randevou pitch manouver. I understand why they quit the shuttle program...

  29. TheOddCouple_YT G

    Anyone else get chills watching?

  30. aland dilani

    bc in 1980 they didnt have big brain lel

  31. Donald Douglas Photography

    Maybe noted somewhere in the thousands of comments, but BIG THANKS to those who edited this video to make it all a "real" experience. Taking all the video from multiple cameras, selecting the best clips and combining it with audio commentary (and mission control audio and video) into a 3 1/2 minute video that the ENTIRE WORLD will see and appreciate (including all the people that made this mission happen) is an accomplishment beyond comprehension. Most don't know the work that goes into this. THANK YOU.

  32. James Charles

    Are you all on mission langrenus?

    1. James Charles

      Or any companies Elon Musk?

  33. hagakuru

    This single man has created an unbelievable legacy for himself. God speed Jonny.

  34. kWide Vidsb

    well US Americans are certainly masters at propaganda

  35. Shyanne Hoffman

    Poor Jim Lovell never set foot on the moon but what a feat to even make it back

  36. Teja Shree

    Plss... Someone answer how to become a space doctor ,what are the qualifications and are space doctors and flight surgeons same I think it's not right...?? Plss someone answer if u know any details

  37. John Vicenzi

    An original. A hero. An adventurer and the last of his kind! You will always live in our hearts Neil.

  38. Vivo Vivo

    What if combodia

  39. Marc-André Brunet

    🎯I love violin 🤘😎👍

  40. Prime_Matrix

    Voyager 1 is almost out of battery. Are you going to go get it or are you just gonna leave it . I’m just curious

  41. Brahim d

    ❤NASA❤ ❤🇺🇸❤👍

  42. Carlos Marq

    6:40 the towel doesn't want to float

  43. Adi Surya

    Alat temput tujuannya untuk meninggikan hati dan memendekkan umur padahal tujuan hidup untuk kesejah teraan dan kebahagiaan serta kemuliaan mumet dadine

  44. M7 co.

    2021 ☺️

  45. Vincent Dolphin

    But the aliens told u to never come back

    1. James Charles

      Hahahaha ok

  46. jayvhon calma

    I'm confused is the Kepler and Spitzer Space telescope the same?

  47. Sascha Wedler

    Thank You NASA. This is awesome.

  48. Ricky Neff

    NASA’s plan would have wasted so many resources…. I’m glad starships were selected.

  49. Ka Wai Mak

    I love moon.

  50. The Ominous bird

    The dislikes are from lunar aliens who don’t want us visiting the moon again



  51. Всякое Разное

    Голливуд отдыхает. Кто хоть как то знаком с монтажом и постановкой видео тот только посмеётся . В США не могут создать эффективный танк, самолёт, да вообще ничего. А тут футуристичные аппараты из будущего. Прям как на луне )) Эффектно в США делают это правда, очень эффектно, но не эффективно.



  53. Angelina Berry

    NASA CAN’T DO JACK TO KEEP HUMANS SAFE. Except destroy a small meteorite. So you say NASA it will not hit Earth sure right and yeah. That’s right hurry up and get your secret ufo ships to get you out of Earth destruction. NASA no capability of deflecting the tons and tons of the Apoptosis Astroids. Sure, your guess speakers are doing a terrible job keeping the truth about Apoptosis hitting the Earth 🌍 on April 13 on a Friday. God has the most humorous ways about him. April 13 on a Friday. God Bless, America. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 It will hit near the border of Mexico and California. There will be no America to save!! Foolish little people nasa you better start praying. 🙏 Oh by God these nuts, 🥜 🌰 will never tell mainstream humans. Pay your bills and taxes because United States is bankrupt. Oh by goodness what Clowns. 🤡 🤡

  54. David Hernandez

    I salute sir an Army becoming an astronaut especially not serving in neither the USN nor USAF.sticking with it.

  55. Инспектор Нил

    Fleth Earth.🚿✨☀️💥🔥

  56. Dincoox 17

    1961-1972 space race to the Moon 1997- ... space race to Mars

  57. Moody

    Why is there a squirrel at 34:28 crossing the engine

  58. Weta

    Integration must be a nightmare.

  59. Cat Nation


  60. Runaway Train Productions

    Anyone got the new Discovery space shuttle lego set?

  61. Look at Curry man

    Explore space not ocean

  62. Illustration

    NASA : It will be the most powerful rocket BFR : Am I a joke to you?

  63. The Council of Nine

    Mackenzie: *Controlling her inner fangirl with success.* Sebastian: *Gives up and goes full fanboy.* I love these two.😁🤗

  64. Nojus Ragulskis

    Don't scare the kids please.

  65. Meme God

    RIP Michael Collins

  66. Gamevideo homemade Gaming


  67. I play Roblox Edward park

    Build a space Hotel named it Hotel space the day is open is August 11 2021 in Saturn

  68. 조중동


  69. fernanda cabrera

    wow amazing

  70. Takeshi Kovacs

    Sounds like a Good Plan

  71. Andrea

    The greatest journey of humanity. Usa comes back great

  72. waka abe

    When you hugged Noguchi san your smile was so beautiful. I am proud of you as a fellow Japanese. 🇯🇵

  73. Angel Koach


  74. chanhee Chang

    One day, aliens will find out we live here and invade

  75. kim Jong un

    how to fool people Jesus second coming bible time 2024 8 April my father is a sun he comes in my right eyes and gunning in my brain I can't see in space it comes in right eyes to both eyes any father god vision planted in my brain via god eyes!




    You guys also forgot to mention is that solar flares causes bad weather to stir up in the ionosphere and create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well 🤔🤔🤔. They're always leaving stuff out of the equation

  78. Dylxn

    We are focused on spending our tax payers money on non cost efficient rockets using solid rocket boosters that put our astronauts in danger!



  80. Инспектор Нил

    Fleth Earth.🚿💸💥☀️✨