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  1. Garrick Lyng

    I absolutely love the big bellybutton on Smaugh

  2. Casper Granklint

    Am i the only one who thought the merceants mustach looked like his eyes?

  3. ChaosXeronix

    just awesome :D

  4. Old Candy Animatronic64

    0:51 imagine black yosh matters

  5. tibli

    honestly thought he was gonna type longcat or ceiling cat or smth at the end since theyre like. old meme deities lmao

  6. Rank Knight16

    Level two has a good song

  7. NoΓ© Brando

    s o l o n g g a y b o w s a h

  8. Coco nut

    Supah Speedu

  9. Flying Potato

    Fox was so close to finally ridding Mario of the Speed Demon and winning. If it wasn't for that Damn Scuttle bug

  10. MrIronWar

    Such simpler times

  11. Lzerdoo 3000

    I only now get the joke at 0:51

  12. A Ness

    Yt reccomended this to me.. Something about dark souls confirmed?!

  13. NeoMegaMan

    The day will come when Kirbo gets to recite the "Our Father" at Giygas And when it does... We better get a Genesis Remix of Handel's "Messiah" going in the background.

  14. Oscar Ramirez

    Your to slow

  15. ZTX GΓΈdFather

    TMNT secret base at Igglybuff's bouncy area Also watch it at 0.25x

  16. Tea Follet雨

    What's in the basement?

  17. JustAGuyWhoDraws

    Wait... Mario was possessed? *when was he NOT!?*

  18. Fury Mode

    Does Ditto have a favourite child?

  19. NoGun 61

    2:39 damn wonderful animation

  20. Yeet Man

    Some water that got in my ear 3 days ago: 5:04

  21. dakota m

    Did anyone know the hot dog vending guy was actually Jeremy Chinsue himself 1:13

  22. ZK_ ray

    wat the song call?

  23. Felipo Goncalves

    part 2 bro!

  24. samuel ruiz

    Wahoo vs ouch Mario vs steve (minecraft)

  25. BizzleMizzle Productions

    This got recommended to me 9 years later. This gives me hope for 2021

  26. Yuka [GD]

    Mario speedrun be like:

  27. blue link teejet

    I didn't notice until now but Mario actually faces sonic at the beginning of the fight (before the jump)

  28. SuperCJK333

    Sakurai when confirming Kirby Hat Special in Smash are stronger then the main characters in the Pyra/Mythra showcase - 0:13

  29. Henre Ferreira

    make a animation of enter the gungeon

  30. Rohaima Musa

    Poor Pikachu he just pushed

  31. SD589

    n1 in top 10 anime fight

  32. SanHo Li


  33. ornitorincoman

    A normal video

  34. μ‘΄κ³ λ„ˆ

    μ§„μ§œ ν•œκΈ€μžλ§‰ μ–΄λ–€ 개 μ°λ”°μƒˆλΌκ°€ λ‹¬μ•„λ‘”κ±°μž„γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  35. SERJ

    Kirby & the amazing mirror (mode:VERE VERE VERE VERE EXTRIM)

  36. Otavio Augusto

    00:44 so mario is time traveling to do every speedrun possible? (put in 0,25 speed)

  37. Charlotte Mills

    Do a something about The Mijora's Mask

  38. Ryan Palmer


  39. EPFP784

    When you already learned all the controls, and owl annoys you with the things you already learned: I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! You accidentally press the option to make the owl say it again: Edit: Put the speed on the lowest option on 1:46, and read what the owl says.

  40. Trash Can Memes

    Prediction: Speed demon escapes and possesses Mario or Sonic

  41. Nicholas Baumann

    1:57 Slick Oney reference if I'm not mistaken

  42. EPFP784

    Parallel Universe (sm64): 1. A world outside, out of bounds of the main map. 2. A beta version of the same map that was remained unused, but not deleted. 3. A world accesible using a technique called blj. P A R A L L E L U N I V E R S E S

  43. Fu Shin

    2:21 Pokemons fighting on the roof

  44. 2-D Synctium

    "It would be reckless of you to head to the castle at this poin-" Lonk: (slap) *TUT!* Very threatening...

  45. OWEE ilian

    4:39 yo wtf Peach

  46. Bendy 666

    That was really good and original story, hope it will continue :)

  47. Soviet Rail

    0:18 I just realised that that toad is yellow in this one instead of blue so does this mean that this takes place in a parallel world to the super Mario all stars?

  48. The saiyan Warrior

    Only 7 explosions this time? Ya slacking off Terminal!

  49. PokΓ©Brony96

    Will you ever do DK 64?

  50. HomecominX

    Thanks algorithm

  51. Eduards Vilkasts

    I scared from mario

  52. Kareem Ezzat

    What is the music's name

  53. matias silva

    me when i reach the boss 1:34

  54. Nixon Masih

    This all happened because Nintendo forgot to cap his backwards speed

  55. windows XTR


  56. Lane Nose

    Also the Tails voice actor (Jazzpiano8) was really good I really sat there wondering what game Tails said "Totinos" in for a minute

  57. Lane Nose

    1:08 Live action Goomba in the green truck beautiful

  58. drooper2130

    I BACK

  59. ashton leinster


  60. Tweekexe

    I was surprised that I didn’t see shadow Kirby help out

  61. Leandro Rodrigues


  62. CrasherHasCrashedAgain

    Another ancient treasure from the algorithm.

  63. Малик

    РусскиС Π΅ΡΡ‚ΡŒ?

  64. RavenAdept Gaming

    Can no one appreciate the fact that he even drew the whole shoulder button run fact as well?

  65. Bacon

    I like 1:27 monster kid just shows up

  66. IdiosyncratiCm7


  67. Loaf of Uranium, Freshly Baked

    Tried this. Got eaten by clams. Gave up.

  68. Radu Halmagi

    I'm not crying my eyes are just... sweating

  69. RavenAdept Gaming

    Am I the only one to like SoundCloud shara? Because screw shara’s beam cannon and spirit bomb

  70. The E Pheonix

    Wait, so question, if rosalina exists, and it’s (theorized) by Luigi that she is his daughter, is she from a universe where Mario wasn’t saved by the speed demon, so she knows of its weaknesses and how to beat it because Luigi from that timeline told her how to, since it was his life long quest?

  71. oddiearts

    i kept on coming back to this video because of the nsync bit, so i decided to finally join your patreon ! keep up the amazing work !!

  72. Rick Noort

    This is what has the intire Terminalmontage expended universe has been building up to.

  73. sad ness

    I liked the part when he said Β«Yahoo.Β»

  74. BrinkedosTM

    Here we GOOOOOO. And the end was the true colours...

  75. Callum the Opossuprine

    The two best things about this video: >X and Spark Mandrill having a guitar battle to an equally thrashing song. >Sigma's voice actor.

  76. AlleyCat


  77. Eldar Karin

    Better than original story Imagane pimin rumbling lol

  78. cutetigger10

    You're still going through all your videos and hearting comments? That's just dedication my man. Your animations have changed over time, but the core is still the same.

  79. Jr.

    Is no one gonna talk about how Sonic was trapped in a bubble at the end? Was he captured? Sent back to his home? Do Rosalina and Geno have plans for him?