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The story of DJ and producer Robin Schulz reads like one in a million. Originally from the German city of Osnabrück, he is now a high-flying frequent traveller bringing his music to loyal followers across the globe and the epitome of a ‘pop phenomenon’: It’s been only four years since Robin Schulz first topped the worldwide singles charts with his acclaimed remix of “Waves (feat. Mr. Probz)” and landed his breakthrough global uber-hit “Prayer in C (feat. Lilly Wood & The Prick)”; practically an eternity in the 30-year-old artist’s fast-paced dance music cosmos! Building on his unique blend of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has meanwhile established himself as Germany’s most successful music export of the past two decades in record-breaking time.

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  1. Crowned One

    Good one to strip to

  2. ironsight89

    Inspectora Raquel alias Lissabon at 2:19?

  3. shakurak

    Man, Francesco Yates looks so awkward in this video clip

  4. Martin

    Trevor took more than just meth this evening

  5. Caro

    ... egal wie tief man die Messlatte des menschlichen Verstands legt: es findet sich tagtäglich jemand, der aufrecht darunter her laufen kann... 🤫😉 Nice Weekend @;All 👻 mega geile Mucke 🔥💃🏼🎧

  6. I3arni #

    6 years.... Best muzsika forever

  7. Mel

    Summer 2016 Anyone same?

  8. Дмитрий Горбатенко


  9. Ljilja Damnjanovic

    What language this is?

  10. Andrzej

    Dislike for destroying a 2CV at 01:14 :D

  11. Noelia T

    robin oooooooh ooooooooooh me: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah

  12. 5Y4M1R SPEED

    Itf that cop was Steven Ogg ahahaha

  13. Andrei K

    Bro your trax used to be better

  14. Angely Cruz


  15. Marcos Monterrosas

    Moment T R E V O R

  16. Dia is blink

    Everytime i listen to this i remember the best moments in summer,now that we cant go anywhere is good to dream

  17. Aline Doka


  18. Rene Grassnack


  19. Kileruno

    Mega Muza

  20. Aarav Anand

    Anybody here from the ramen guy video

  21. Lana del Rey

    Love you queen <3!

  22. Елена Павлова

    Миллион лайков !!!

  23. Franchesco quiroz

    Que buena😄

  24. DD gamer 1

    A police officer on drugs be like


    Who here found this from 8 bit universe's remix of this song and a Touhou project video???

  26. Daniella Kolijn

    Does anybody knows the name of this boy? He starts from 1:14. Thank you

  27. Karolina Marzec

    Robin schulz feat. Alida in your eyes dopedrop & b3nte remix

  28. Karolina Marzec

    Robin schulz feat. Alida in your eyes oliver heldens remix

  29. Karolina Marzec

    Robin schulz feat. Alida in your eyes hard rock sofa & dzeko & torres remix

  30. Karolina Marzec

    Robin schulz feat. Alida in your eyes hugel remix

  31. grace g


  32. moin kevinspielendarf

    Der kann deutsch?? 😂😂👍🤟🤟🤔🤔

  33. Chikan_96


  34. Johnny boi


  35. lubmif

    this song is *the Ultimate feeling*

  36. Джамила Ходжабекова

    Россия привет!!!!

  37. Vincent Albert

    France !

  38. Salim Salim

    🤗 arabe

  39. Arap Fellner

    Beautiful Girls

  40. Shane Grabner


  41. Shane Grabner


  42. vika ndakama

    Thanks to Tokio Myers 💪

  43. Colori

    Policía federal de México be like:

  44. nata shutova

    мне 8лет и я её учу

  45. nata shutova


  46. nata shutova

    сегодня круто

  47. áron barta

    the name of the song is: in your eyes xd

  48. dynks 1

    ford crovn victoria

  49. Bryan Maclean

    One of my favorite songs 😂🔥

  50. Iluh

    30 october 2020 ❤

  51. Heylaine Staquauviaque

    Funny really 🤣

  52. プラスチック

    come from Tohji

  53. Todd Packer

    Competition brings glory for one. Cooperation brings empowerment for all.

  54. Eduardo_rodrigs_ _

    Relíquia 🔥

  55. Jacobo Alvarez

    2:15 Wow, it seems a Metal Gear.

  56. Melanie

    I don't really believe I'm beyond repair, but there is something in the message of this song that I can relate to. It is the idea that I could collapse into someone and have them support me, if I needed it. I have not yet found it, yet. I have always been the pillar, the foundation, the support. I have never allowed myself to be reliant on someone else. I know that he would take care of me, if I needed him to, and that is what will solidify my unwavering bond to him. I imagine if I found him, I would never let him go.

  57. Raider961


  58. Aurélien mercier

  59. Gracie Patrick


  60. Jorge Ramirez

    It sounds like a happy and spiritual song that makes my eyes shine while my soul dances!!! Very good song 🎵

  61. David Diaz

    La moraleja de este vídeo este vídeo, es: no te claves con nadie , pues al final quedarás solo , al final esa persona te dejará . :')

  62. Алексей Шикардос


  63. Music world

    I basically love all the songs this man makes.... I can't have enough of it ♥️♥️♥️

  64. Uncl3Paul

    Great song. But...... 1 thing wrong with this. Nerd / uncharasmitic man like that pulling her. LMAO. As crazy as any lefty bs idea.

  65. Mackoy

    Hyundai accent prime 2000

  66. Emanuele de pasquale

    Molto bello il video io sono un tuo grande fan robin schulz

  67. Marcos Artiles

    Waiting on my letter..omg


    BUENOS RECUERDOS DE JUICE WRDL SIEMPRE LO ESCUCHARE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Samuel Ayon

    Won me over

  70. Ilaria Pasanisi

    Love Kiddo ❤️

  71. No More Room in Hell is a great Source modification

    He really looks like Trevor from GTA V lol