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  1. Edo speaks

    2016: "WE'RE LIGHTYEARS AHEAD!" 2021: "......."

  2. WEAPON _X

    Conley is just a waste of salary... That Guy not deserved 160+ million on his contract...

  3. 조기용


  4. Diego Chacón Villamizar

    Ja Morant is playing like an all-star that kid is something special

  5. Joan Verguizas

    Dame for MVP

  6. Manny Ade


  7. Manny Ade

    Why is gsw so shit

  8. Robert Balejik

    with healthy JJJ Grizz would've won

  9. DesertSkyy

    Yes this is a good match, come on OKC! ⚡⚡⚡

  10. Nets Bandwagon

    jokic for mvp

  11. RealRettich

    If I see a baby with a Batum jersey I would beat the shit out of it

  12. G_ silvaa.

    Cmon celticssssss

  13. JoshuaJames FergoBruv

    Damn man, I cashed out of my multi when they were up by 10 and would've gotten $629 if I left it on :( that was a game and a half, felt like a final.

  14. Stop Overreacting

    Warriors with Curry and Draymond just mediocre, probably not making the Playoffs. So when both are out, what is left?

    1. Anonymous

      Our young players

  15. steffaville

    what a hell with Lavine lips on preview?

  16. Oluwadamilola Akanni

    Seeing Patrick Beverly score a three pointer had me rethinking life itself

  17. 儒雅随和带带大师兄

    Embiid is the 🐐

  18. Muhammed Enes Altun


  19. Eldar Hasanbegovic

    Great play Jokic

  20. たかさわ

    Huh? Wizards are strong, aren't they?

  21. Epsylon

    Miami coming back in this 10 last game damn

  22. Hypnotic

    Useless Steph Curry, can't even play against Suns

    1. Keng Ewan

      Please don't comment to proof your stupidness

    2. Mochi

      Who hurt you yesterday?

  23. Shadow

    We would’ve won this game if we had our starters.

  24. 6B (04) Tang Stanley

    0:14 he’s a ball hog ????

    1. shantoochee

      ball hawk g

  25. Karoote

    Bro steph is mvp if he plays warriors win if he doesn’t play they loose

    1. Kareem Hawaly

      Cuz hes the only good player on their team

  26. JinrohDFLL

    Don't let the suuuuuuun, go down on meeee~

  27. michael

    Lets gooo suns 💜🧡

  28. NoCap 4pf

    What is this so the GSW didn't make single shot in the game 😦

  29. Mehmet Cicek

    And once again Lillard came through in the clutch to help lead Portland to victory. He scored 15 points in the 1st quarter and 15 points in the 4th quarter. It's called Dame time for reasons.

  30. Çağatay Çetinkol


  31. Kosi Mncube

    We need to win some times dam.Go Wizards

  32. Natasha Bolton

    Great win for Knicks:), keep it up guys :) 🙃🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  33. Natasha Bolton

    Jokic 🔥🔥 before all star game :) 🙃🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  34. Mehmet Gündoğdu

    Beal = Jr. Smith

  35. Daudi Masinde

    Chris Boucher needs to be upgraded to starter. He's been money this season

  36. Kurth Gaming


  37. キノキノ

    いいね! セルティクス

  38. Abraham Dramera

    0:17 the Jelly 🔥✈️ Wow

  39. Kerim Ramazan

    Enes Kanter 21 rebound 22 point 😤🤗🏀✈️🛫🏆🥇💘🎉🎊❤️🎈

  40. So you see

    This is what happens if u underestimate dame

  41. jerome brenner

    Tatum is our best player and if anybody disagrees then he just stupid

  42. Mat Cole

    SUNS are really the most improved team in 2021. I Love my Team. 💯

    1. Adhitya p

      @Kjelly tbf suns beat the warriors even with Curry and Green

    2. Mat Cole

      @Kjelly Warriors have a good team too. Suns are just on a roll. And as a SUNS fan its awesome. Even without Curry ,Oubre Jr and Green the Warriors showed game. 💯

    3. Kjelly

      I mean the warriors didn't have their good players but still agreed

  43. Richard Ifeanyi

    Morant stepping up and dropping more buckets after he didn't make the all stars

  44. Anıl Atik

    Fox is the man

  45. 송민혁

    lt's DAME TlME!!!

  46. Erick M

    No all-str, no problem

  47. rip bro

    booker just killin' it

    1. rip bro

      @Inspirational Distancing oubre definitely is having a good career and i feel like the trade was worth it. However, when they did not play, most ppl obv thought that oubre's career is destroyed. I wonder if when curry, draymond and oubre is back, will the warriors still be destroyed??

    2. Inspirational Distancing

      its funny how we were playing without curry, draymond and oubre and you can say that, booker only had 16 points in 30 MINUTES. Kelly oubre has been playing very well in the last month of february. So he would have had another career high on you guy.

  48. Rob woods

    Why have the commentators for the highlights gone kinda shitty recently swear they used to b better

    1. Ivan

      @Robbert 'two hands for safety'

    2. Robbert

      Especially that woman commentator they use most of the time is so boring to listen to

  49. Joezy 8ightzick

    Sabonis or Jokic

  50. Joezy 8ightzick

    Westbrook + Beal = god mode

  51. Momcilo Stojanovic

    They killed it

  52. Александр Заремба

    Easy win

  53. 안녕


  54. mtck tv


  55. Martin Brankov

    Epic game!

  56. Eugene Shuchi

    Damn 😍🔥 Alexander 👌

  57. Eugene Shuchi


  58. Eugene Shuchi

    Morant 😍🔥

  59. akeme rofako

    Morant is overrated. Might become a bust

  60. Uruguay182

    DAME D.O.L.L.A.

  61. Christopher Arvin Lynn

    No stephen curry

  62. Christopher Arvin Lynn

    Warrior lose again😭

    1. joe doyle

      @Anthonios Derian warriors would have lost with curry anyway

    2. Karoote

      @Anthonios Derian yea

    3. Anthonios Derian

      Steph didn t play of course

  63. Alex

    Hey guys

  64. Martin Brankov

    Both LA teams won’t make it to top 4 in the western conference!!!!

  65. Ethan HANSON

    Dame time baby 😤🐐

  66. Martin Brankov

    Poor pistons subscribe to the Knicks!

  67. Blue Coca Cola

    no rose no problem

  68. 남윤걸

    good job wizards!!

  69. kadir baş

    first paul is so good

  70. Oliver Trachsel


  71. Tom Bennet

    Beal going hard today

  72. Sanji Fiocco Di Neve

    uhuh good

  73. Mshall S

    RIP Clippers. lolz

  74. RogB

    What a game!!

  75. Milos.


  76. j'monte

    1:19 the two grizzlies coaches on the bench synchronised eachother lmaoo

    1. iced Roll


  77. Hoda Ahdab

    Let's goooo heat

  78. Ho Yin Lai

    the clips choke 3 games in a row in 4th quarter...

  79. Durgan Benavides

    0:53 von.in.net

  80. Kirlin Derrick

    0:31 vom.lol