My name is Vivian Aronson, and my Chinese Name is Yuan QianYi(袁倩祎)I moved to the U.S in 2005 from Sichuan,China. I grew up with my grandparents, My passion for cooking started at very young age, I started helping my grandma cooking since I was 8 year old, we were using honeycomb coal back that time in China. There weren't many restaurants to go out back then ,we always cook and eat at home.

My cooking show is all about Chinese HOME cooking, Most import thing is food prepared at home is healthier. We eat fewer calories when we cook at home, also on a lot lower cost than eating out. I cook for my family everyday.

Regardless of how close your family are, cooking is a fantastic way to get the whole family in one place and enjoying a delicious meal. My passion is help you to learn easier and better ways of cooking, and to know that cooking is for everyone at any age. You can cook fresh meals at home everyday!

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  1. Sara

    I got reminded of that one shinchan episode where his mom got hundreds of nato😂

  2. Bhavishri

    Looks so good :) so yum yum ✌ thank you for sharing ..

  3. Gift3d

    How did you make the rice sticky was it precooked and rinsed?

  4. Hridita Paul

    I like when you say "hello hello" so cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  5. Cheryl Medeiros

    Natto is not as pungent as it was. Somehow the smell is not as strong. Plus with the shoyu and mustard...yum!

  6. 이엔Yhen Covers

    Can I use Korean chili flakes?

  7. JhonMike Alba

    That's hella good

  8. Nouthetic Counseling

    I am thinking marrying an Asian bride is going to make me a very happy man.

  9. Araragi Koyomi

    That bag of rice tempts me

  10. Nouthetic Counseling

    Late congratulations. A home full of blessings!

  11. Kim mirae

    The fact that she is even older than my mom but is so cuter

  12. LIAW PIN JIE Moe

    猪油渣become bacon 油渣

  13. Drican 89

    whats wrong with shirt

  14. Likhitaa Likhitaa

    Pls make indian food

  15. Shejuti Mostafa

    Me: Too bad that I am a muslim i am not even allowed to eat pork😕😔😔 Also me: but it looks so good tho!☹️☹️


    Iam blessed by her "hello hello"

  17. AimDeepYT

    So good 🤤🤤🤤

  18. Ashley

    Rice balls. My fav snack/lunch aaaah

  19. Confused Čay

    The sauce looks good maybe I should try it with my ramen

  20. Aliza Macalegal

    I want to try to


    Do u like korean food

  22. Zummar

    You look like Kim Jisoo from Blackpink when your hair fall next to your ears omg 😍

  23. Ashley

    I love hard boiled eggs, am an adult, and I want these in my life.

  24. Panthera Onca

    Freaking good again mam😍😍 by the way happy women's day to u mam

  25. Ruby Smith

    Alo Yoga, sponsor her!!

  26. Nisha A

    I love the way you say Hello Hello !! LoL

  27. Ruby Smith

    My favorite channel!!!! Love the videos Vivian!

  28. Pensky File


  29. ArxQUEEN

    Who else loves her voice❣️✨ thanks for the heart sister❣️

  30. Ashley

    Pandemic has me just eating like microwave and frozen foods with the occasional cooked meal, but this channel makes me really question my choices. Guess it’s time to go grocery shopping. Lol

    1. CookingBomb 袁倩祎

      Yess! Fresh home cooked meals are the best! Hope my recipes can help ❤️

  31. Frosty lane

    Look's yummy. Thanks

  32. Yukari•chu

    lim sorry but I dont like sweet popcorn its weird

  33. The Others

    Your really have an adorable family 💖

  34. L O R D V O L D E M O R T

    I just had pocky today least i can say is it was AMAZINGGGGGG

  35. Max Guerra

    I hope she gets a bit more sleep but with the circus goodluck

  36. King-_-Arthur -

    This is the reason we have abortion I'm just joking

  37. Max Guerra

    The music is so good and sound effects are too

  38. Satan The Alien

    Best Mom Ever

  39. shawn barzak

    It looks good

  40. shawn barzak

    The accent can be annoying Sometimes

  41. shruti verma

    Can you do a Indian dish


    just back from school and watch COKKING BOMB👍👍👍👍❤️


      @CookingBomb 袁倩祎 feel tired but watching cooking bomb was great

    2. CookingBomb 袁倩祎

      How are you doing? 😃

  43. My Sweet Living

    This must be good 😋😋😋

  44. Sofia Han

    Can you make dim sum?? If so can you make a video on it?

    1. CookingBomb 袁倩祎

      So many dishes in Dim Sum, which one? I have a longer video here Steamed buns:)

  45. Kim Seokjin

    When she poked the yolk, *I felt it.*

  46. Isis Crandell


  47. Prohaska Hillman


  48. Kimi Recard

    What else can I put in it? I know I can wrap in seaweed etc. Im wondering like nutella, jam, peanut butter, meat?

  49. Geraldine Suhot

    Bruh I use mah chops stick by two hand and if I get angry I will stab my food with the chops stick

  50. Teigan Clover

    If you’ve never had white rabbit I recommend trying to get your hands on it I had it want to like the fourth grade and it was amazing our Chinese teacher got it for us

  51. rahul rout

    Hello Hello ☺

  52. joe mama

    She got the wok hay

  53. J styles

    I think Gordon Ramsay is going to remain silent on this. DONE PERFECTLY!!!

    1. Ameelia Lee

      Lol yes!😂❤

  54. Sugar Chew

    So "guanchi"xD

  55. Ever Evelyn 💋

    I keep thinking that looks like a melted Payday candy bar, so I think I would like it. But then I remember those aren’t peanuts when she puts it on rice.

  56. Luka Taguchi

    i really dont like it personaly

  57. pearla suris

    I busted out laughing 😆😂😆🤭🤭🤭 when I heard u say "i drag all my circus 🎪🎪🎪🎪"

  58. Lil' Monster

    I love eggs already, don't make me more attached

  59. Gia Khánh Đào

    I LOVE itttt

  60. Myna Bhatia

    Correct me if I am wrong but aren't these also also called - 'Tteok-bokki'

    1. Michelle

      Rice cakes are common through out east asia and many cultures have sweetened and savory kind. In Chinese cuisine, rice cakes are called nian gao and I think this is a sichuanese take of a savory nian gao. Tteok bokki is a Korean rice cake dish as well. Mochi is also a rice cake but sweetened and Japanese cuisine.

  61. Broden M

    Not to be rude but is that just basically Chinese gnocchi

  62. Kezitopia

    Hi 👋!! May I know how to make those rice cakes at home ? I really what to try out this recipe but in India they don’t sell these stuff so if it is possible can you make a homemade rice cakes video ?

    1. alourixa

      there are plenty of videos for homemade rice cakes with only flour and water on DEfasts :)

  63. Myna Bhatia

    #early as always! bye bye

  64. Sujatha Suvarna

    Soo Yummy and soo spicy .l love itt

  65. Joseph Rogers

    This reminds me of Korean Tteokbokki.

  66. Shine

    U look like my mom lol

    1. CookingBomb 袁倩祎

      lol ok dear!