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Host: Clint Basinger

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  1. Thunder Warrior

    70’ 🤯 that’s fantastic..i mean i freaking love it. 70’ man

  2. Combed Autumn

    They made these action replay things for consoles back in the day that were very succesful. I get the feeling they just produced these things off the back of the great success they had with the 16bit console market, those ones actually functioned. They even made them for game boy and game gear I think

  3. François Revol

    OMG the Dr Evilware laugh…

  4. Chris Mahoney

    Do you own any 1600x1200 monitors? I loved mine and used it until just a few years ago when I finally replaced it with a 1440p 144hz monitor. I told myself I wouldn't replace my CRT until I could get a cheap LCD with both a higher resolution and a higher refresh rate :)

  5. That Sodding Gamer

    Ever come back to it after all the updates? How does it compare, do you think?

  6. Masaki Asato

    that popup menu is very annoying...

  7. ``

    pieces of garbage with screens that shattered if you looked at them wrong

  8. Piet Degeling

    Compared to HP calculators they are not that expensive

  9. 死神T0D

    it's soo 2005

  10. Mr Bobo

    This game was so awesome. Got it as a child as a demo coming with the Matrox Mystice 4MB graphics card.

  11. sheik124

    14:18 that's the strongest hit of nostalgia in this whole video lol. those CDs were the shit.

  12. Rich Northrop

    AOL have the record for buying the most companies ever?

  13. Michael O

    As someone who was the guy who burned CDs for everyone back in the day I am kind of sad I didn't know about this. I would totally of gotten the normal CDRs and burn faintly seen troll messages to all my friends and not tell them about it.

  14. qubeslayer

    i actually have a lightscribe drive still some where

  15. Wet Tuga

    LGR: Shows NFS 3 box, but has another two NFS 3 boxes on the shelves Me: WTF?!?

  16. IT Boy

    Add a new Tiny MoBo inside, and use it as a daily driver

  17. Ignacio Ariel Auge

    do you know the dark colony?

  18. Macabre215

    Is this the system you reviewed Doom 3 on?

  19. Abdulaziz Alserhani

    Is it true that over the years, instruction set design mattered less and less due to the rise of languages like C, Pascal, and C++?

  20. Joe Smith

    This controller was amazing for Descent. My friend would destroy me all the time with it.

  21. Svenska VargenTV

    how is it with light scribe ?, i had herd it writh on disc but just those who got white paper on it...

  22. Desert Foxchild

    Thanks for bringing attention to this one, it was a favorite of mine as a kid I mean, it still is of course

  23. colefrick

    I loved this game as a kid

  24. Mr Bobo

    had this one as well and occupied the family pc for hours😁

  25. Mr Bobo

    Man this equals my childhood to the point. Love this game and it is my favourite nfs because it really brought this genre to life.

  26. Leonardo Bacigalupe

    sim city be sounding like a ghibli movie wow

  27. thefonz003

    Wow, the sound is so much fuller with all the units involved. Sounds way more pro than any one by itself.

  28. Prodigy RP


  29. A.G.

    This was the answers from EA for Clint about not easy to kill the Sim in TS4; by providing easy murphy bed killing.

  30. Allan Fulton

    I wanted that watch as a kid

  31. Daniil Kolpakov

    I had F1, an IDE version, back in the days. The first Verbatim AZO CD-Rs were even darker than the ones you've got. These you've got are the later ones. Verbatim switched to the "lighter" version soon after the F1 was released and it was progressively hard to find the dark CD-Rs, while the new, lighter ones didn't quite deliver (as you can see). Also the drive was CD-only, i.e. no DVD support even for reading, also it was IDE, so with DVDs and SATA taking over this drive eventually had to leave the computer case :( I remember having 3 drives at some point, one of them was F1, another was some fancy PLEXTOR, not sure what the third one was. 130% nostalgia :D Thanks for the video!

  32. dc ocz

    I would of liked to of seen the software talked about like SoftImage

  33. Ghost In My Shell

    Man, what an awesome and great soundtrack the NFS games had! This was before executives and creatives directors of racing games decided that it would be easier to just license shitty rap music, instead of hiring great musicians to produce techno/rock melodic, hard, fast-paced music that really did put us in the emotional roller-coaster fantasy of driving the space age, super cars of the time.

  34. DJ Lifted AndreaS

    Noooo not the cow!

  35. Joaco186

    My xbox 360 came with a physicall copy of blood dragon, I bought it like 7 years ago and haven't played it for more than 5 minutes, should I play it?

  36. Daniel Dougan

    Windows today is so bloated. I understand that some of that is necessary and convenient, but holy crap, do we really need an operating system that takes up so much disk space, RAM, and CPU power?

  37. luca g.lisickza

    i find this in a guys garage her wife was cleaning

  38. Brian Su

    I still have this CD burner and it's in full working condition :)

  39. Gren Moyo

    Looking back at the early 2000s aesthetic. I would have thought this was slick and awesome back in the early 2000s even as just a external CD burner. It was on point for the styles used during the time. I would have loved that thing.

  40. monkeyskatan

    Played this at a friend's place around 1996. Never played it again. Forgot the name. Finally figured it out 25 years later. Thanx

  41. daDriver

    6 years, still garbage

  42. olearycrew

    Hear me out: Plug the PC into itself through the adapter. Free power.

  43. 조강성

    I have used the lightscribe once - with the CD attached to the burner, never even bothered with it after that. It was complete trash quality-wise and nightmare (SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW) to use - it was just faster to use permanent marker to write the title.

  44. André Abi-Saber

    Have you ever played Fatal Racing?

  45. Dominique van Wyk

    Great video man! Will you do NFS III? That was my earliest NFS experience and still one of my favourites, loved te guy doing a little speech about every car, using the shortcuts, tricking the game to be able to drive traffic cars like the miata, downloading forever with dial up on mods to get cars that shouldnt be in the game like a bmw z3, discovering elnino and lanina, man oh man the nostalgia.... And the came porsche unleashed.. uuugggh, the dissapointment

  46. Rattiom

    That plane is annoying in this video, I wonder how annoying it would be having to hear this constantly irl

  47. CaptainToyota

    Still got my 2005 3MP kodak camera. It was coolest thing ever. Yet after we hit 10MP does it really matter? I mean for 99% of ppl anything 8-10MP+ is as good as they will ever need.

  48. Brandon Reina

    The entire Need for Speed (Electronic Arts) video game franchise outsold Grand Theft Auto game series as one of the most successful game series of 2021

  49. donpalmera

    I used to competing technology called a marker pen. The process was more manual and lower quality but you could actually see the label.

  50. Dipper Pines

    I played this on my n64

  51. Sam Cyanide


  52. I’m not that person u want


  53. Gui Saba

    Fascinating stuff

  54. CaptainToyota

    Holy shit i had this. That box gave me flashbacls

  55. CaptainToyota

    This is what Tiger electric games shoulda been. Could u imagine a doom tiger game that played like this? That would of rocked

  56. Mike Stavola

    I had a friend that had one of these drives, and made me a bunch of disks with the labels burnt onto them. And none of them would read in my CD drive. Turned out the type of CD-R he had to use to make the labels work, didn't want to read on my CD drive.

  57. Dude McGuybro


  58. Michael wilhelm

    Should use the cd tatto to make a CD wall clock with the numbers tattoo on the disc

  59. Ser Ígneo

    I never had one of those back in the day but I think I'd have been really happy with it, specially with the music and web browsing.

  60. synthesis

    Brandon! What the heck, guy? Send me a PC-FX ya old hunk ya!

  61. Christopher Martin

    Dang! That was my first computer! Worked a dishwashing job to pay off a $2,500.00 bank loan. Thing ran flawlessly for over 15 years.

    1. Christopher Martin

      and before anyone checks that price - my dad programmed System 32 and System 36 mainframes and had a working relationship with IBM. So I got it at half price.

  62. Synthetic_Future

    Lightscribe but... eeh... less useful... :|

    1. Synthetic_Future

      I hope you enjoyed seeing it... Well I would have if it was visible :P

  63. Daniel Santiago

    Do a datahand keyboard video! They're insane!

  64. Strakeño

    omg you are a legend!!!!! always watched your videos, never expected you where a techno monster!!!!! what a legend

  65. Rob Walker

    I had one of the internal IDE models back in the day. I bought it second hand, presumably for a lot less than the original retail price. It was a great drive. The 'master audio' function was interesting as well. I think you got less recording time on the disc, but the data was written with wider tracks/spaces or something. I have no idea if it made any noticeable difference!

  66. stillcold

    Not as bad as Vista but yes it was bad (especially for USB/plug and "pray" devices). I just waited until Windows 2000 was out (being the first desktop release based on NT).

  67. Mark Wiehenstroer

    One thing is for sure. It demonstrates the advantage of a desktop over a laptop or other miniaturized PC form factor. The "hold my beer" feature is to me the most appealing.

  68. David Zilz

    I bet MS Flight Sim 2040 will be close enough to real-life you can actually train to become a pilot (or a suicide bomber if you so choose) haha

  69. dc ocz

    That entire setup is way more productive than todays PCs. Why? No internet for procrastination

  70. Enem Disk

    There is this music album called Oudenarder by the artist Ramco, that has text on the data side. And I always wondered how they did it...guess this is the answer

  71. H F

    luckily it looks like Computer Reset is still there. I live near Dallas so I definitely want to stop by if they're still allowing visitors.

  72. iPad

    Sorry I disliked your video

  73. Matt Murphy

    "Doom 3 was a doom game in name only" It was a weird name for Carmack's latest tech demo that's for sure

  74. Lucas Fidalgo

    That's probably the notebook with the most ports I've seen

  75. vivisectvi

    Does it run Windows 9?

  76. David Oberschmidt

    Not just antoher five years dude, you made it past 2020! Funny review and it wasn't even that bad, I had the same feeling about TestDrive 5 on the PSX, had it in good memory from my childhood but when I repurchased it some time ago I was pretty dissapointed, it didnt hold up well and it wasnt really good back then, in parts almost unplayable!

  77. Roaming Adhocrat

    My colleague has a VT340 gathering dust in the loft which he's just offered to give to me…! Now, how do I write a tty server

  78. mackmagic17

    Where can I buy a snood PC disc? I want it for collecting.

  79. CaptainToyota

    G POLICE At 20mins in. Loved that game no matter its jank

  80. David Sitter

    16:50 I remember memorex cool colors I had a bunch of these that I would burn my music to when I was a kid.