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  1. Fantom Phoenix

    You're in Nova Scotia!? Hot damn I didn't think we had any DEfastsr here over a million subs. (besides tp boys) Edit:Nope never mind, Trailer park boys only have a few hundred thousand subs

  2. jessy martin

    "I spend way too much time alone" Lol I felt that

  3. HowiTzer44

    I want that tank

  4. Danny Warner

    Just want to say Joey I've been watching your videos for quiet some time and your and inspiration. My hobbies are my fish wich are all saltwater tank I have six in the house. Keep up all your hard work and im looking forward to your next video.. you one talented guy...

  5. Chris Mintjes

    Have you ever heard of synthetic reefing? It is quite popular here. Reef Elixir is a great product for example.

  6. Eastie 10

    Do nems move across sand?

  7. N.N.A

    Joey I've got a big show tank tank and growing frontosa on - please please please GROW THEM ON TO ADULTS 🙏🙏🙏

  8. MeanGreenLimaBean

    I don't know if you can get them overseas, but if they want a Big fish for that tank, barramundi and Murray cod get Huge

  9. N.N.A

    Joey's a good guy to have your side in the hobby eyy 😃

  10. ganesh ram

    I don't like the idea of the net but if needed okay, but I like all yur fishes

  11. Andre

    Always nice seeing frontosa content. I’ve got some big ones like that too. Uploaded a while back.

  12. ReefNRod

    Joey needs a big net at LFS... Proceeds to wonder around the store looking for one instead of asking the owner (Jeff) for one 😂😂😂

  13. ICanDoItMyself

    "Large elasticity bill", YES! I installed my own solar system. Part of that is knowing how much electricity your home uses. I found out that my 300 saltwater aquarium uses about a third of our used electricity. 12,500kwh for a year, tank uses about 4,500kwh!

  14. Selena Järv

    I have a rock collection, soo im good Roc hard

  15. Travis Gorringe

    my uncle has a 13 inch frontosa named thump

  16. Corey Gunter

    Joey. Where can I get Red Hook SDs? Im in South TX.

  17. bone cc

    So I was planning on doing a massive water change and cleaning my canister filter. Should I save some of the water in the canister filter and once everything is clean out that water back in the canister?

  18. salvador boger

    red tail shark

  19. DieLon716

    so glad they didn’t migrate off that center piece rock

  20. Michael Kenn Peduhan

    kevin is more like "come on dad put me back in with the other guys i swear im not gonna eat you corals again" ahahaha

  21. Blitz Free Cam

    R.I.P arowana, jumps till dies

  22. АкваСвет


  23. White fox sky

    I vote Hallie as I like the mountain

  24. Nicky Bijvelds

    Lol tats a small male. Our male is almost twice his sice😅

    1. Taylor

      I'm curious. How old is you Frontosa. I have one around 3 years about 6 inches. Another about 12 years old about 8 inches.

  25. White fox sky

    Buy betta

  26. Jon Teesdale

    Electric Blue Acara going for 39.99!? 😳😳

  27. ihsan lazuardi

    Thankyou for video.

  28. Kim Wiklund

    Its like this. You always think it looks smaller on the videos then what it is. Damn those are some big chunks.

  29. Melody Bell

    Hi Joey, I’d love to see a follow up on this guy to see how he’s settling in! I’d love to have one but not possible for me. Great video!🐠🐠🐠

  30. Rashmi Shrivastava

    I have hatched brine shrimp eggs without any of these equipments 😁 and got 90% hatches. And that too with table salt in just a transparent bowl and no aeration as well 😃

  31. Enrique Cervantes-ochoa

    I got stung once in my feet it hurt all the way up to my arm

  32. Tuan huy Duong

    I was accidentally eating and now I feel like puking

  33. Jaime The Fish Guy


  34. Ryan Raj

    Hi bro, is it ok if the arowana eats the tetra?

  35. Harsh Deep singh

    They start cute and beautiful .... And they end up becoming dull and ugly

    1. Harsh Deep singh

      It's an opinion nevertheless

    2. Ron Jericho

      You’re in the minority with that opinion.

  36. Matthew Robinson

    you have way more subscribers than viewers it seems

  37. Daniel Velez

    Looking great

  38. jack parkin

    I swear to God I didn't realize how big that was until you put it in the big tank

  39. EnsignRedSquad

    He almost looks like he has a Frank Manuka Hump. Distant fish relative?

  40. Barefoot Fish

    Nice 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  41. Brandon Baldwin

    likes soft coral. Buys a ton of LPS. Happy to see more coral in the tank!

  42. Roy

    What brand tank is that they got

  43. Joey Sanchez

    some sick editing in this video, glad the cats couldnt distract from it too much

  44. bone cc

    What’s the benefit of this vs a canister filter?

  45. MOFAT P

    Love the scaping of your frontosa tank, Joey. Great job, man.

  46. Water Lover

    The reason why I don’t like monster fish . People shouldn’t keep big Fish in small tanks

  47. Spider Murphy

    Predetory Fins

  48. g Woods

    Fronts are my fav fish by a mile been keeping them for 14 years now was so happy to see you get some haha it’s awesome seeing them in your gallery and people learning about them

    1. Taylor

      I'm hooked on them too.

  49. Micheal LeDoux

    Awesome tank. What was the cost of the 1350?

  50. Sharon Lewis

    That fish looks small in that huge tank. I think he will be happier in there with so much room.

  51. harold Benton

    This is why I will never buy a pacu an iridescent shark a red tail cat or tiger shovelnose catfish. My plecos are only bristlenose or rubber nosed that stay small.

  52. Robert Guerrero

    Yo have you been to oak island

  53. H3dgie

    that 1350 gallon is gorgeous. Stunning driftwood, and that Frontosa is porn.

  54. Ginger Graves

    Look at the grumpy face. So cute. And large!

  55. Rigby

    That’s such a loyal wife

  56. Pet channel

    Grown men are sending pics of themselves yo your kids?! Contact the authorities immediately. Idk what the laws are in Canada but down here in the US that is extremely illegal.

  57. Gerald Walker

    Hey Joey, I been watching you for about 6 years or more, I lost track. Anyhow I have a question. Is a wide 75 gallon tank suffice for one Oscar no other fish as a permanent tank?

  58. Tertius Nez

    Were can buy a monster tank like that??

  59. Cameron McNeil

    Can you do a video on Supratect and your thought and procedure of it

  60. alizcool1

    But if you make 4 would they not crash by the time you use them?

  61. DebBee

    Love the education while I look at beautiful and or fun fish! Please continue!

  62. Guardian 2402

    My two took 6 years to get to this size. Love em.

  63. Russell Keith

    I got a 220 salt with overflows it has two holes in each overflow do i need two stand pipes my first sump 40 long thx you

  64. Dylans Life

    Nonine going to talk how the title rhymes 😂

  65. OneDope Gamer

    Can they breathe with other cichlids like red devils I just want to know I need an answer please I like interbreeding fish

  66. aaron mclaughlin

    Shame for the Frontosa, these should be kept in a species only aquariums as the require a much more alkaline water of around 8-9 compared to the rays. Also they are slow moving fish that are easy spooked. Putting fast moving fish in with Frontosa will also stress the fish. Only positive is it’s a large tank but not suitable tanks mates or water conditions

  67. 4Kjay_

    What type of bs is this you literally coulda had a new mascot of the channel look weird and cool he is. So you instead make a video of you moving another keepers fish 🤦🏽‍♂️

  68. QuivaRPG

    Compliments to Tamara for the excellent camerawork.

  69. Christina

    You inspired me to take a deeper look into keeping fish. I found interest beyond just putting a fish in a tank. First, there was DIY tanks 😱 🤩! You brought interest to several species I previously would’ve never looked at, introduced me to several more new species I’ve never seen, and you continue to inspire us to dream a little bigger with our own hobbies!

  70. john brewer

    I’ve been watching this DIY cat for months now, love seeing folks who are passionate about something. I’ve ran and built my tanks in the past as well. I may have a few old videos up. Found an old video of his plywood tank. Had me wanting to start up a new reef again. Sooo I ordered a new tank (AquaMaxx 9.6) and protein skimmer, lights overflow ext... looking for a table to set it up on. Once I get a nice stand/table for it, it will start the set up process. Thanks DIY king for the cool videos and getting me back into a great hobby.

  71. DID YOU SEE THAT ! by vfirehorse

    nice size info looking forward to updates on the large tank at 1fish 2 fish Peace

  72. Eva Parker

    I liked frontosa before now I'm in love with him. He is a gorgeous fish


    مافي عرب

  74. Ibrahim Wadood

    Pro tip for catching monsters - always take them from below and swipe up with the net that way they can't swim around the net

  75. April Blum