Hello dear friends☺️! My name is Irina. I have a British shorthair kittens and cats of a rare color🤗 !. My kittens find their new parents from different countries. Some of my kittens already live in USA, Italy, Thailand and Scotland. On my channel I will show you the life of my cats and kittens. Subscribe to my channel !.
Cats have taken over most of my heart ♥️. They are a great pill for depression 😊. I thank God for such incredible animals🙏. This may seem surprising, but I'm allergic to cats 😆. In childhood, allergies tormented me so much that parents had to give all our cats to other families. But my love for cats is stronger and I cannot live without them. Now allergies to cats almost do not bother me. Cats and kittens give me a lot of their love and sweetness, that I have to shoot videos for all of you, so that you smile more and be overloaded with cuteness.🥰

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  1. ItzBoring Forever

    I want to squish it

  2. Obed Lopez

    que bello

  3. Ибраева Багиля

    Какая прелесть!!!!

  4. 울산코난

    너무 귀엽다😍😍😍

  5. Abby Keith

    wow but so cute

  6. Johan O.M.J.O


  7. Carol Weaver

    Is Milky's back leg alright? Looks straight out to side, could be broken? Maybe because they are so young it is not strong enough? They are very sweet and so smart and just want lots of love. So lucky to have these little balls of cuteness.

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  9. fatma alzhra Abd alsamee

    It. s wonderful so wonderful

  10. John S

    This video made my day...😁..thanks

  11. Jadyn Bean

    Video title: The most Dangerous kitten in the world Me: u mean dangerously ADORABLE?! eeeeee so hecking CUTE

  12. 미니모찌 여우

    와 졸귀ㅠ

  13. Amalia Ramirez


  14. Amalia Ramirez


  15. Aerilyn Bellvania Cintakirana

    not dangerous but cuteee :3

  16. Tachot Funkenmann

  17. Siro anak kampung

    Doumo kawai, Sangat lucu

  18. Ree Person

    Im dying of cuteness heLp-

  19. Jean Natanael Sylvano Mercure

    Bunnies: "We Kitten" Cat: 🤔🤔🤔

  20. Seniyah Ibrahim

    The kittens are so so so cute, gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, adorable, energetic, very very very sweet, let the kittens live healthy and happy also stay safe always

  21. Siro anak kampung

    Kawai Cute Kiyowo Menggemaskan

  22. Jean Natanael Sylvano Mercure

    This is not playing... ...this is hunt training.

  23. Людмила Булич

    Настоящий антидеприссант

  24. RealBenGame

    Why are they so fluffy

  25. Jean Natanael Sylvano Mercure

    I am confused... ...is this a Netflix adaptation of a ferocious giant lion from an Anime I do not know? 🤔🤔🤔

  26. Destoroyah

    No one searched this

  27. Link 56

    Ooooooo🐤j'adore les ph it's poussin comme c à, cro meugnon

  28. Nataliya Dobrokhotova


  29. T KJOKangaroo

    Why The Mommy Has Been Separated From Their Kids??? They Still Need Their Mommy. Emotionally They Would Always Need Their Mommy.

  30. Emilia Andrade

    Hermosos cuchitos.

  31. Niki Niunia


  32. Bendoel 1922

    Give me one please...

  33. Kathryn Layfield

    Sweet pussycats, adorable! Lots of love in the years to come, great companions!

  34. Qasim

    How long you reckon before the kittens kills the chick?



  36. Paris Sophia Señorita Paris

    Aww so cute!!! 😍🥰😘

  37. FGamez Matt


  38. Hamony TV - Fodo, Mango -Munchkin Cat Family

    So cute~😻😻😸😸



  40. Abdellatif Ben kacem

    Qui a titré la vidéo. Écrivez le chaton dort paisiblement avec le poussin.A part ça vidéo sympathique.

  41. Sub zero

    Вы собираетесь продавать котят кому-то??? Я думаю вы не сможете всех кошек и котов содержать на свои деньги.Надо быть богатым человеком для того чтобы кормить всех животин в доме.

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  43. snow yamazaki

    Que fofoo

  44. yaneth mariana Elejalde aguirre

    que ternura

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  46. Faith McCoy

    And funny.😂

  47. Faith McCoy

    Not dangerous, adorable.😍

  48. Awang LB

    How can it dangerous I did't see it but I like kitten hehe..l

  49. tickyul

    That is a clowder of Meatyorangies...........they can and HAVE murdered humans.

  50. Laura Jara

    Que bonito 😍( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  51. Alxiia

    Plot Twist:The cat was distracting him so his kitten friends could rob the bank.

  52. Jose Montero

    Lo quiero

  53. John Doe

    What kind of meat is it

  54. _0_RESTART_0_ Ilija Mladenovski

    Why do kittens look so depressed?

  55. oceanalphawolf


  56. Irene Yarigin

    Какая прелесть!!! Хозяйка сама очаровательная и котята тоже замечательные! Спасибо огромное за столь забавное, прелестное видео! Всех Вам благ! ❤️💐👍👏🌹

  57. White Snow


  58. Анна Шталь

    А вы знаете что цыпленку нужно постоянно находиться возле корма и водички.. Но не по матраса вашим гулять....

  59. Severino Creft

    Que bonitinho

  60. Lusiana Sari

    Yoonmin 😂🐱🐥💜😂😂

  61. Jerry Zea

    Las Personas que le han puesto dislike a este video , significa que no les gusta los gatos.Yo le puse like porque amo a los gatitos

  62. Dream's Fan

    Im in kitty heaven leave me alone with all kitty's

  63. Hamba Allah SWT

    Alhamdulillaah... There are good hearted people to take care of the furry little angels. May Allah SWT give them prosperity and good health, aameen...

  64. Laura Soares

    Que fofoooo

  65. Spider Panther


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  67. richard carden

    Just the cutest little shit's ever!

  68. Колян Глушков-Готоман

    Ухти какой опасный)), прикольный котëнок)), хи-хи)). 🔥👍

  69. Zainab Iqbal

    CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Who actually has a kittens? Replies guys

  70. Dlo n ck

    dormindo com um frango minusculo so eu pensei que quando o amarelinho crescer vai virar comida com esse titulo?

  71. Tolzen R.

    The best ever.....sinds

  72. Youtube Aceh berdikari


  73. Youtube Aceh berdikari

    Enak x makan nya

  74. Youtube Aceh berdikari

    Lucu lucu 👍👍👍👍👍👍💯

  75. Gangcai Lin

    Cute, soft, fluffy, playful.

  76. Mig Alger

    Me:I have the most dangerous homework ever.

  77. ゆうこ [Yuko]

    Miss you, Pixel and Muffin😭😭😭 Hope you're staying safe and healthy in USA❗❤️❤️❤️

  78. Hakim Mahri