My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏

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  1. Brandon Tran

    Watching this with my g8 thinq and its really good

  2. Melchizedek Garba

    The picture quality and editing is just one of a kind... Arun you and your team are MAGNIFICENT

  3. sneaks ceh

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  4. CuBi BS

    Do a video about about m51 or f62. They both have 7k Mah battery

  5. Pete Gray

    You just earned my sub. Good demographic too....

  6. Guilherme Zanoni

    11:13 o Coisa de Nerd maior que o MKBHD kkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. Sandwich Studios

    When I got that missile warning I was playing mine craft with my friend.

  8. john hampton

    Is this why the search engine wont give results similar to the words I type?

  9. Hamad ALL

    I only get 9 hrs and 30 min on my s20 ultra.. Exynos :))

  10. Adam 774

    I literally had no issues with cyberpunk on PC

  11. hong hoang

    The cagey cause nouzilly cry because screw specifically taste till a eight course. hysterical, economic gun

  12. 1122kem

    Great work Miami. Ty

  13. yuqing2006

    [email protected]&K. first thought. damn it i have to shell out more cash for a new charger. I barely have enough when i went from micro USB to USB C

  14. sneaks ceh

    The measly carpenter jekely thank because fang beverly land unto a decisive amount. overconfident, upbeat kevin

  15. Peace Ejenobi

    Me: Keeps trusting blindly

  16. S K

    WOW! Just connected with a usb->3.5mm adapter and I gotta say... you sound good! such a clear sound. What mic. are you using ?

  17. Epic Neb

    my sister chop off her toe with a hover board

  18. BAXT3R08

    Nice shirt!

  19. ❶ SantaClaus ❶

    Fun fact: You will click the gift to claim it If this gets pinned everyone gets a gift

  20. ace

    i fear this ability to transmit and recieve data will make hacking and spying easier.

  21. Terry Davis

    None of this shit has anything to do with their marketing wank. They want to cut down the B.O.M. to save money. Money saved they will NOT pass on to the consumer.

  22. Petar Marjanović

    Wii u isn't that bad, honestly I like it

  23. Pyrolight

    It is funny when you realize Theranos only could happen due to massive amounts of greed from both the creator and those investing.

  24. Hari Singh Rajput

    You are pure mate 👌

  25. 0pTicaL

    With an accent like that, you've won half the battle.

  26. forid200

    I'm just glad sponsorblock exists and we can skip some of these in video ads. A+ for honesty though

  27. hong hoang

    The loud croissant utrastructurally bury because aunt ectrodactyly entertain till a pathetic deer. graceful, aback caution

  28. BfZ ZzZz

    Even though i don't know alot about tech but the reason why I watched his videos is because his voice and the way he talks at some point he calms my day man... And he also teach us something new in every new video keep it up Arun 👍 Sorry for the grammar

  29. Jesper Simonsen

    I have watched a lot of your videos,and i bought my One Plus 8T, based on your videos. and so far its been working great.

  30. SadFishySad

    Actually a good amount of people think tik tok is cringe

  31. Fearro Stacking

    Why the head phone jack important to everyone

  32. Bryan Jernstad

    The infamous sandra microbiologically suspect because fowl kelly bubble qua a funny vision. grumpy, unarmed turkish

  33. The Mikuru

    Is it really a fail if you have feature movie made about you? Depends on the sentence Holmes will get

  34. Bacon God

    My xbox one s actually ran cyberpunk good for the first quarter of the game

  35. Khingg Rhemedhy

    No words can describe u bro. u are just the best among the bests. I got inspired of what u said and I am very grateful to u for making such video. God richly bless u. BIGUPS BRO.

  36. Kori Pitter

    I'm watching from Jamaica😅😬

  37. Gurpreet Josan

    Man, you are amazing.

  38. My name's not important

    Gets an ad for the Motorola Razr

  39. Rowgue51

    The vast majority of tech innovations are horrific failures. That's why when one actually works as intended and is at least marginally useful people act like it's the best thing ever invented.

  40. Alex Shield

    ... this is sick, and not in the good way

  41. Daniel Oseni Pelumi

    Thanks to youtubers like you, my love for tech has being increasing over the period I've been watching your videos. See, I live in a country where it's literally impossible for me to get my hands on 0.25% of the entire smartphones that are interesting to know about, and I'm glad I'm getting that from a content creator that creates interesting, entertaining, and informative content without adding dark lies. But a bit of flash back to a phone you reviewed about a year ago, the vivo x50, the one with the rotating camera system. I can't believe how excited I was seeing that feature and I feel like it was a feature that was talked about once and forgotten just as quickly. Do you think the current smartphone market will literally see the potential in such beautiful tech feature and stick with giving customers a lot of satisfaction through it?

  42. john hampton

    I don't want to buy lies. I used to buy more than I do now. I will not buy more apple products.

  43. Jenny Rivers

    I Love LG Phones

  44. Precious Joachim

    That Samsung beam phone is hot trash😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  45. Jared

    Is the camera formation purposely shaped like a d**k

  46. Super Meng

    Come on , drop us your onlyfans account , we want to support mrwhosetheboss everywhere 😁😁😁💕

  47. ljtheone

    in my opinion tik tok sucks and Instagram is a platform for stolen jokes so quibi did a morally good choice not use those tik tokers those idiots don't need more money they already make a lot from making garbage content

  48. confused.

    love the shirt

  49. Shah Ahmed

    I bought Surfshark 3 yr subscription from your recommendation. And I am loving it.

  50. Simon

    His love for Rick Astley is just beautiful.

  51. Soap Opera Slushy

    Had to come here because of the new video where he mentioned the 1$ tablet 😂

  52. The High Pineapple

    Whatever. I want a runcible

  53. Michael The Reader

    15:07 rickroll

  54. Zachary Gregory


  55. LupiN CiobansKy

    lol even I bought the Smooth X because of your video. Of course I checked on it in several more places planning to buy it but because you presented it first. Surprise. I even used it for my last video review on my youtube channel I just posted it... even though more as a tripod than a gimbal lol. Thank you for recommending it!

  56. Sofia Angelo

    Hunt_hackers on Instagram are just the best in recovering of social media accounts 🤗

  57. MR CRiNGE25


  58. spock

    Just don't trust Lew that's it

  59. Big Chief

    Gimme that wood backed phone

  60. Nikolay Cheverdak

    All phones have the same form factor. You can use them the same way. Where are the phones with the physical keyboard? Where are the small phones? Where are the phones with a transparent display? Smartphones are becoming more powerful, but they are the same smartphones. PS. I'm writing this from Motorola Photon Q

  61. T. D. Fitzpatrick

    OF coming soon ?

  62. Tashina Barrett

    dem wireless earphones tryna run from u boy

  63. Shawn Peters

    Until I saw this video, I'd forgotten LG still made smartphones. I honestly thought they'd quit and I used to love my Android LG phone until I bought a Samsung Galaxy.

  64. Skylark Landing

    I wish they just offered different packages- so the customer can buy the phone with charger and headphones, or omit them and save $20.

  65. Elkninja 568

    the thumbnail hahahahaahahahaha

  66. Merlia Meincke


  67. MaxNow

    9:41 So you think it's that easy to do such a function or code? 😂🤣😅

  68. Jack Gillson

    Magen robing his house and finding that

  69. filip_boucek

    4:29 he did in fact nail it

  70. xxDibellaxx

    Why does this exist

  71. Myrtle Hill

    The mean thread exceptionally knot because cymbal orally rejoice despite a irate coach. medical, green grey grieving condor

  72. sweet khan


  73. Lupine_reaper007

    so the image is so good it crashes your phone?

  74. Mac Below

    2:34 the whiter? Okay nice assumption....

  75. Jonnie Omen

    did trump assume the US own Samsung or something when he did that?

  76. Windows 10X

    i love how he describes apple "using beats"

  77. Danielius Dzemereika

    He really just rick rolled us😂



  79. Official Filmilen

    iPhone 12 is a good Apple phone, but the battery is bad. It dosent have good battery life.

  80. GamerPepperPig99

    frick kurt macready