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  1. zombieowen

    Arsenio is so charming and delightful.

  2. Tom Mallon

    When the Sun hits the windshield of that new USPS truck, it'll be a freakin' oven.

  3. WVRDb21tZW50Qm90

    "There are 3.000 Gods to choose from, you deny 2.999 and I just deny one more." Okay, you deny 2.999 Ricky Gervais' and I just deny one more. The logic is simply flawed.. Ricky Gervais: "Everything in the universe was once crunched into something smaller than an atom." Stephen: "But you don't know that. You are just believing..." Ricky Gervais: "uhm.. but.. sigh.." and then basically changes subject. Again so Illogical and just switching subject instead of admitting that he's applying double standards. He goes on to say "yeah but science is constantly proved over time, bla bla bla.." Well but how does that negate the fact that you don know that "everything in the universe was once crunched into something smaller than an atom"? It's a BELIEF, admit the defeat and move on.. "If we took any holy book and destroyed it, in a thousand years time that wouldn't come back just as it was." Completely and utterly wrong again. The best example i can give is the Quran, the primary preservation of the Quran (and even the hadiths for that matter) is through memorization, so if you burned all the Qurans today in 1000 years it could be reproduced EXACTLY as it is today, even to the precision of the vowels. So again false claim. And even if we say that he meant that we also destroyed the knowledge and memorization, it's still a belief, he can't prove the claim. But I get it, the burden of proof can never be on the atheist. The atheist can always claim as he likes, and whoever disagrees have the burden of proof. Special pleading.. 😂

  4. Noor Afifah Abd Rahman

    Omg.. i really love j-hope's voice!! So mesmerising 💜💜💜

  5. ShareThisFastDOTcom

    the one guy laughing in the background makes this look like Stephen has 1/10 the budget of his original show .

  6. Martin Olson


  7. Jane Smith

    Those roller blading cops look like they came straight out of a '90s action movie

  8. e50e1

    She's awesome

  9. Vi Kartika


  10. kim tran

    Stupid video

  11. Garth Vader

    "I assumed he would leave." 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Joann Somers

    Love you Emma. Wish you could see that not all Republicans believe what you think.

  13. tyler borde

    Dang he really mentioned the kids getting molested at the border detention centers, the TV media doesn't ever cover that. Love it when Vic raps 🔥

  14. Bella Boo

    We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.

  15. bret dorton

    Awesomely awesomely 👏

  16. Alice Sonlaw

    I don't really care about celebrities or famous people.... but its so hard to not be enamored by Billie. I love her. lol

  17. Roberta Hubert

    If he was cheating wouldn’t the tax auditors find it? I thought the IRS finds tax fraud

  18. Hendrik Potgieter

    Now compare a (now 96) 93 year old Carter with a 78 year old Biden, the latter who cant string together a single 4 word sentence. I'll take Trump any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

  19. allahu ackbar

    Yeah...this aged nicely 😂🤣

  20. d ag

    wow wow

  21. Philippe Nachtergal

    Activate the subtitles: I love oh they consistently write "former president T****"

  22. Roberta Hubert

    If only!! I can only hold on to hope

  23. allahu ackbar

    Yeah...this didnt aged very well🤣

  24. CSRB

    Chuck was on one hell of a bender.

  25. Dulcita Tigmo

    Turned on the subtitles Subtitles: *Singing in Korean* Me:🤔

  26. Chris Bentley

    Great movie Horrible late night host

  27. Chris Darko

    how is this funny? complete idiots.

  28. yvng tub

    The elated girdle outstandingly stuff because chill delightfully gaze amongst a acceptable female. sticky, nutty font

  29. The Chumps been dumped.

    Jeff speaks freeform jazz.

  30. saumya Yadav


  31. chigntraveler2012

    I really hope Simon was joking when he said “Who’s that?”

  32. Betsy Rambo

    Desperate enough to go Colbert. That’s really pathetic!!!

  33. Sammy Winchester

    whoever thought of Jin blowing a kiss with a rose is a genius! these guys are phenomenal!

  34. LYCANSS999

    Love Stephen's humor and interviews, but, watching him fanboying to a teen star/idol seems quite phony and even cringy creepy. Eilish is good but nothing more than a current fad.

  35. Vanyadolly

    Why put so much fat and sinew on a fake steak???

  36. Ayara Friends

    A man Marvel superheroes

  37. Little Sam

    Jesus loves you all please repent of your sins God blesss

  38. Danielray Pickrel

    I'm not a kid, and I caught some of that hope, thankyou M.O.

  39. Sabrina Alamo

    This monologue is on crack and I love it 😂

  40. John Strandt

    ...now do the Biden killed stories.

  41. Maurice P. Kerry

    That was AT LEAST Nintendo. Atari graphics were not that good Stephen.

  42. Gabi Kim


  43. Gary Kentigian

    Maybe you should interview Barron Trump if you're still interested in young people

  44. hadevosje

    I think it's courageous to let Bootsie do parts of A Late Show, but it's so funny. Luckily there is the bleeping machine for when it's really getting too inappropriate ;)

  45. Gary Kentigian

    Of course a beta male like Steve is going to value androgyny and anti masculinity

    1. Gary Kentigian

      Not in your world

    2. Jeremy Manson

      Are you OK?

  46. Jason Olson

    No lives matter

  47. Lynn Kayee

    *...they were subjected to the anal tests.* I didn't sign up for all this.

  48. Dawn Nona

    The sick sphynx neuroanatomically film because raft intringuingly notice barring a red resolution. fragile, gifted direction

  49. Sammy Winchester


  50. AshmiStudios_

    Felt nice that I was bron from nipple not from va-china Hope ya understood my joke lmao

  51. Jason Olson

    There is no race. There is only one race the human race. We are not black nor white or any other color.

  52. Kim A.R.M.Y


  53. Ew Eww

    Always skip the first two cringeworthy minutes.

  54. Tina Russell

    Hey that Meat Mountain is a carnivore's dream. Cost $10.50 but oh so worth it. Yummmmm

  55. Michele Mathot

    All I want to know is does it rid us of Lyme

  56. Sacha DS

    Yawning void of insecurity... I have one of those

  57. Qixx Driip

    Don’t forget this man is Jonah hex in dc universe Thanos , and cable!

  58. 1987MartinT

    I think it's so weird that people are acting like vaccinations are a choice.

  59. Jasmine T. Redfeather

    Good ~ After My Immuno Challenged Butt Has Had To Wait ... I Was Hoping For The One Shotter ♡

  60. diana zamarripa

    He’s Frank Sanatra son. Smart n handsome,

  61. Cody Rose

    A rare sight. James Hetfield up picking at 2:46.

  62. Wendy Kennedy

    Omg omg gerard butler ur so gorgeous 😍 amazing 👏 😍 💖 💗 💕

  63. Wendy Kennedy

    This man is so gorgeous 😍 his looks his voice just him he is the best 👌❤ gerard u are simply amazing 👏 ❤ 💖 ♥ 💗 💙 👏 ❤

  64. Annalise Annalise

    Please who knows how I can reach this Mr logan I've already lost enough of money trading for myself I heard is a trusted broker

    1. Qiang Lee

      I think he is the best broker I ever seen

    2. Qiang Lee

      He helped me to recover what I lost trying to trade myself Wow I'm just shock someone mentioned expert Mr Logan i thought I'm the one trading with him

    3. Annalise Annalise

      @Karen Oldfield Am still trying to get his contact,,, I have heard a lot about him

    4. Karen Oldfield

      Who's this professional everyone is talking about I always see his name on top comment on every DEfasts video I watched

  65. Us

    Love yourself Relay2893

  66. Us

    Love yourself Relay2893

  67. Wayne Mullins

    Simple cure for the virus eliminate the Communist Democrats completely

  68. Metal Man

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Cold Bear is good humans!

  69. Yoder023

    I got an idea, how about we stopped deleting things from history we don't like, so we don't have to keep unburying things. I call it: ACTUAL HISTORY Because what we have right now is segregated history. There should be just history. Why do we have black history? Indian history? NO!!!! There should be one history for america, and that's American History

  70. Sammy Winchester

    Jin is more than just a pretty face! He is really talented and full of emotion when singing. He deserves the #pinkmicguy recognition.

  71. Chuck Shoomer

    AOC’s 20 Craziest Excretions Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Future of the Democrat Party, has projectile-vomited massive quantities of moonbattery over the past 2 years. Mr Reagan attempts to narrow it all down to the 10 craziest things she has said and fails. But he did manage to narrow it down to 20: 20. Cauliflower is racist. 19. Democrats should take back all three chambers of government. 18. Unemployment was low under Trump because everyone had two jobs. 17. There is crime in Democrat-run cities that have collapsed into lawlessness because people are stealing bread. 16. Southern states need to be liberated from “economic, social, and racial oppression.” 15. It is not okay to have children. 14. The world is going to end in 12 years. 13. Leftists need to occupy everything - every airport, every border, every ICE office, everything. 12. Being factually correct is not important if you are morally right. 11. While getting owned by Thomas Homan, former acting director of ICE, she had nothing coherent to say. 10. White people cause catastrophic climate change. 9. The USA is literally running concentration camps on the southern border. 8. AOC getting elected to Congress was an accomplishment comparable to the moon landing. 7. Before taking office, she threatened Donald Trump Jr with a subpoena for trolling her. 6. She tried to talk like a black at a NAN event. 5. “I’m the boss.” 4. “We’re gonna flip this seat red.” 3. She displayed absolute ignorance regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 2. She expressed wonder and terror upon discovering a garbage disposal and could not figure out what it might be used for. 1. She accused Ted Cruz of trying to have her murdered.

  72. Jane Anson

    Easy fix.... make a Mrs. Potato Head to go with Mr. Potato Head. Wow....you could ever have potato head kids. The toy company really screwed up on this one. They want sales....think outside the box!!!!

  73. LAMm Posis

    why nobody talking about Rosé? she has a golden voice !!

  74. CornishCreamtea07

    So what's happened to Mrs Potato Head?


    let's appreciate Rosé too, why y'all always ignore her??

  76. Trav2016


  77. D Wyatt

    I wish I was Colbert's neighbor, I would just love to be the guy he waves to every morning on his way to the studio.

  78. Sherry Crayne

    Stephen and I have cilantro “soap” taste in common!


    It is very annoying when people try to convince you to do something pointless, naughty, dangerous or whatnot because "everyone else is doing it" or even tell you not to do something that isn't wrong but "we just don't do it". Only an idiot would think that would be a good reason. And you'd have to either be under a person's authority, threatened or just plain foolish to obey them if it goes against the will of your own heart.