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  1. Walker Red

    I'd love to hear you cover the Afrikaans song, "Ek is meer Werd" by John James

  2. Horse Love

    Omg you such a great singer😍❤️ And I love the fact that my name is Davina Anna Michelle😂😂❤️

  3. Teddy pedia

    2:17 I don’t even kno wed that she can rap

  4. Crypto moon Star

    🤩 wow crazy voice and that’s how T drove me to be in love 😻 with heR

  5. Alicja Wysocka

    Love this 💖

  6. Amira sosa


  7. Rio Naldi

    wes iso jowo mba e..rene rene mba..

  8. Adonis Racional

    Canta melhor que a Luísa sonsa.

  9. XxLilaclavenderxX

    Your voice is is beautiful

  10. Miss Jnet

    This girl sounds like Christina Aguilera mixed with Fergie with a look of Michelle Phiffer 😀

  11. Wellington Castro

    My god perfect 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Jens Kurt Rowling

    I enjoy your version way more than the original!

  13. Ana Telma Correia

    Muito top 👏😍🇧🇷

  14. Dani Coutinho

    Incrível que você consegue cantar qualquer música e a música se adequa a sua voz.

  15. Ika Pede

    I really love ur voices

  16. Natalie Grim

    What with the dislikes this cover is fire

  17. cat hits

    Had dit gezien van een video dit is lit

  18. Lady Bancroft

    Beautifully sung, passionately sung making all the covers her own, hugely talented young woman.

  19. Frankie Miller

    Is this cover?

  20. Laura Carlesso

    Amazing ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Laura Carlesso


  22. Duminica Ioana Bianca

    anyone else still watching this in 2021?:)

  23. Diga Adam

    Luisa Sonza?

  24. Frankie Miller


  25. Ainara Romero Pereiro

    0:30 tysm 😌

  26. Guerdy Exala

    oh my godness,so amazing

  27. Lukas Fast

    Unpopular opinion: The song doesn´t fit you and you oversing it.

  28. Ivan Alviarez

    Simplemente espectacular, Davina tiene mucho talento.

  29. Amy Kay

    You and Sia would sound amazing singing a duet.


    😍🎶💕Amazing Cover ♡

  31. Arif Bulut

    I wish you had sung the last piece of the chorus when the original notes goes to higher pitches, it would have been a masterpiece. Your voice is amazing.

  32. Tyler Duysen

    love the emotions in this great cover

  33. Arieli Claudino

    Jesus loves you so much, Jesus is comming back

  34. Bouadi Samson

    I love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Jonathan Trauner

    You all inspire me every day my heroes Mrs Ava Duvernay Mr Steven Spielberg Mrs Gal Gadot Mrs Emma Watson Mrs Emma Stone Mrs Greta Gerwig Ms Saoirse Ronan Mrs Margot Robbie Mrs Oprah Winfrey Mr Spike Lee Mr Calvin Shaw of American Idol all the 2021 American Idol contestants Mrs Drew Barrymore Mrs Katy Perry Mr Luke Bryan and Mr Lionel Richie to become the first ever Israeli US immigrant citizen with Autism from Jerusalem Israel to win a Oscar Academy Award this April. I will be 27 years old this May in Jerusalem Israel and I work at Mobileye Intel in Jerusalem Israel. I use artificial intelligence and computer machine learning technology to daily save lives from car collisions and accidents in Jerusalem for Mobileye Intel. I hope to one day wake up in a world where more professional news anchors journalists and reporters with Autism and disabilities and openly autistic songwriters singers artists healthcare professionals and global peace activists can realize all of their dreams. During the Super Bowl this year at Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay Florida, Mr Joshua Felder became the first ever person with Autism to take part in the Super Bowl halftime show as a professional dancer. Mr Joshua Felder is a partner of Mr Tom Bradys autism human rights equality organization called Best Buddies. I also welcome every Autism human rights equality activist to encourage open dialogue and inclusive dialogue about Autism and love so everyone will be loved and accepted for who we are. You all saved my life from committing suicide as a result of my lifelong depression and my daily battles with Autism. Mr Xavier Degroat of the Xavier Degroat Lansing Michigan Autism Foundation interviewed with the late congressman Mr John Lewis for a DEfasts discussion panel and Mr John Lewis told Xavier that Autism human rights is civil rights and that all autistic and disabled people are loving and empathetic human beings that have eternal love empathy dignity and respect and courage in them.

  36. Amanda Albernaz

    Luísa sonza é vc?

  37. Natalija Savic

    Absolutely amazing Singer❤️

  38. Random Trivia

  39. mnzzks

    Luisa Sonza?????

  40. R Rdz

    Please sing <<Recovery>> by LP.

  41. nubia martins

    Respira música!lindoo

  42. Natalie Harris

    Dang this gave me chillls!

  43. Anna

    She looks and sings stunning 👏👏

  44. cutiepie 076

    Sing Funhouse from pink please!❤

  45. RENO

    No way she’s real!! Omg i canttt!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜🤧🤧🤧

  46. Manuel Lacher

    Maybe the next FERGIE?! Great sound. :)

  47. Willow Park

    **cries even more**

  48. Jefferson Phillips

    Bro i need this on spotify



  50. Celia Atkinson

    Does she have a record deal, only know her from glamour.

  51. Natalya Chorna

    Oh my goodness! You are fabulous!! I'm in looooove with your voice!

  52. KS Productions

    loving the cover!! but could you please cover Faouzia & John Legend - Minefields!!!

  53. H B

    You need to flex your incredible instrument with some of Sara Bareilles beautiful work. Maybe Manhattan, Gravity or She used to be mine?

  54. depo198811

    Чумовой тембр

  55. Blær Olivia Nelson

    Please cover Goodbye & PlasticHearts - Miley Cyrus

  56. Abi Mashups Dotcom

    omg.....this is more perfect than the original song.....

  57. Maria Sepulveda

    Is this the whole song? It seems shorter 🥺 I wish she would've sung the whole song, I would've loved to use it for my future wedding 😍💖🥰 Please do a full one if this one isn't it, your voice is so beautiful, almost brought tears 😥💖

  58. Tena Fistonić

    Too strong for this song

  59. Arwen

    Okayy but u rlly need to drop a make up tutorial

  60. Larissa Bakker

    I feel this could be a james bond soundtrack

  61. Christina Fast

    Stunning rendition ❤️

  62. lianne bosman

    fyn avond

  63. lianne bosman

    hoi davina micheelle je heb goeie power everyytinng beunful jou shoud do de train ed ike so she can see it ik vind mooi stem mooi vtou om de zien graag tot zies

  64. Agus Slamet Rohadi

    Naice foice

  65. Agus Slamet Rohadi


  66. Motte Ettom

    The Best Cover, to sing with it and the best Cover of this Song.!! I love it.!!♥️

  67. Gustavo Cardenas

    Ahh this was shot in punda/otrabanda in Curacao

  68. Patty Lee

    beautiful voice!

  69. Defective Love

    It's better then original🖤

  70. Fairy Light

    gorgeous as always

  71. Sbahle Mthembu

    Pls do a you cover🔥👌

  72. Melvin De Bruijn


  73. Broňa Hrošová

    Your voice is absolutely breath-taking :O Love each and every one of your songs and covers!!!!!


    wow this is perfect I love your voice WOW really

  75. Queen Audrey

    You bring back my memories 🥺🥺🥺🥺


    why aren’t these covers available on spotify 🥺


    Ommmmmmmmmffgggggggg you areeeeee amaaaziiiinggggg

  78. Ladies First Channel

    This cover is good od

  79. Samira Yamoune

    Wow your voice

  80. Kiro Ro

    Her voice is crystal clear 🙄