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  1. Samuel Chiche

    Pearl is bad ass

  2. Tessa Hicks

    Tucker is sooooooo cute馃樆

  3. Tessa Hicks

    Me to

  4. Finlux Senpai

    so cute

    1. Finlux Senpai


  5. Bxnny

    "Much delish" ~Tucker Budzyn, 2018

  6. Cel Gaming

    What about Maya?

  7. Bao and Pix

    That steak looks so good! Also made my dogs a steak dish ^^ Love you Tucker! Thank you for the vibez~

  8. Nana Simms

    Both of them are so cute 馃グ

  9. Debbie Wuerzberger

    Trick you

  10. Debbie Wuerzberger

    I'm Allergic to dogs

  11. Tiana and Daisy together until death

    A new question: does you like chimken?

  12. It鈥檚Foxi

    This should be an add 100%

  13. Irish Mae Garzon

    I always want a golden retriever i dont have one but tucker makes me happy

  14. Ashley Johns

    Tucker: see this dogo. SHE DED MET

  15. Matthew Perez

    Do you hate her?

  16. Light of the World

    She could give a dog a bone.

  17. Thicci Potato

    Pearl now is all big and grown up

  18. Salvador Salinas

    Small Tucker: Henlo Mommy 9 Years Of Tucker: Da Hekk Linda?

  19. RainbowUnicorn Plays


  20. legends GAMING

    That McDonald part 馃槀馃槀

  21. moonlight bro

    Who do like Tucker or Linda

  22. Jeff Shaver

    i love you tucker you are som cute

  23. Hyperclan 8329

    Me:tucker you have too many girlfriends Tucker:I love all my girl friends I never have enough

  24. walter peterson

    9:49 I died

  25. Amy Harthausen

    I accualy named my golden retriever after tucker now there is two

  26. moonlight bro


  27. Cranz

    Sk this is where all the toilet paper went...

  28. Kushagra Kaul

    Tucker: woof Linda: oof

  29. Avyukt Dave

    purl said its an mistake but a mistake heppens one time

  30. Adon darby

    god: dog noooooo noooooo

  31. Amanda Claxton

    You triggered my Alexa 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  32. Alexia De la rosa

    Haven鈥檛 laugh like this in all 2021. Blessed.

  33. Howard Lake

    I can remember as a child, my Labrador's face from the garden. 'Why am I here?' She ate a whole joint of beef with the string. Wolfed it down in seconds 馃槀

  34. Anakin Skywalker

    Damm they are the cutest dogs ever

  35. Cam cam I鈥檓 ok at fortnite

    Tucker is soooooo!! Cute

  36. Jay Dyer

    I love how accurate the subtitles are 馃樆馃樄


    I love your vids!

  38. Cupcake Star


  39. Cupcake Star

    Tucker's Hackensack cute

  40. Kai /ducky YT

    My pups name is pearl and she eats ecerything

  41. Maria Hern谩ndez

    Journey is eating everything lol馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ

  42. Cali Perry

    How do you know what the dog saying?????

  43. zara denise Ara帽as

    The dog:OH NO鉁堬笌 time鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌鉁堬笌,and peepee time


    I feel like this dog be talking to me

  45. Allison Andresen

    I love tucker he鈥檚 adorable I wish he was mine

  46. Marco Iacobuzio

    Sorry I know this is from 2019 but Tucker and Journee not being fixed is just irresponsible

  47. Tawney Deen

    I love tucker

  48. Skye Gaulteau

    What kinda dog is he is he a golden

  49. fairysglqw 蔀 路

    2:01 am the only one who thinks it's funny when she jumps up

  50. Rain Fares

    So cute

  51. Joe Roberts

    This is what I need after a long day at work 馃槀馃槏

  52. fairysglqw 蔀 路

    ur dog is handsome as hekkk

  53. mila9200 mila9200

    how old is tucker

  54. fairysglqw 蔀 路

    tucker is handsome as hekk

  55. mila9200 mila9200

    how much times do you wash Tucker

  56. Hyrije Kastrati

    I wish I had a dig like him UvU

  57. Emma Comiskey

    Awwww like my nans dog and my dog but yous sooooo cute馃グ馃グ馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃構馃槢

  58. aurexteii

    "strawboobs" yes yes...

  59. Lincoln


  60. #TAZEY銈

    I like this part9:35

  61. Clodagh Is the best!!!!

    Wow he loved that

  62. Isabella Gonzalez

    i am literaly dieing of laughter

  63. Lincoln

    Nouvk is tp to the schedule for the first time in five years since he is tucker

  64. T Baker

    My bogs name is tucker

  65. T Baker

    My bogs name is tucker

  66. Lincoln


  67. Lincoln

    Tucker nooo

  68. Anca Mihalache

    Everyone: talking about the dog Me: the mattress is nice

  69. Arianna Lucero


  70. Lincoln

    Tucker buduyn

  71. Nell SMITH

    Awww so cute I wish me dog like that

  72. leslie bucio


  73. Clodagh Is the best!!!!

    I love how the dog was so calm in the car my dog would NEVER be that calm in a car

  74. Maisy Liddiard

    Fun fact : your not watching this on full screen!

  75. Gracie Read

    Tucker: Wakes up turdle Me: *peeing myself laughing*

  76. Isabella Gonzalez

    this video is so funny but most of all i love the words that you put that tucker says its so funny馃槀

  77. Callum Carter-Edwards

    hi tucker i am callum

  78. Dan Deering

    Omg that鈥檚 馃槀