Aaron's Animals is a series of videos documenting the life of Aaron and his Animals.

On this DEfasts channel you will find the entire collection of Aaron's Animals. Prince Michael is a real cat you can see more of on AaronsAnimals.com

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  1. Unlucky 890

    Omg! I'm cry right now at the end

  2. Артём Цветков

    За что

  3. Jigar Sheth

    This is the only cat I love after tom

  4. orang

    why is this video not only broadcast on television? because it's perfect! His movements are like a cat that has manners and also that cat is like very smart! And so cute adorable!!~ i like it

  5. Vinod Dangwal

    Is. He a. Real. Cat. 😎😎😎😎

  6. Megan Slone

    Yay, finally Prince Michael is happy. <3 GOD Bless You All. :)

  7. angelito de dios morales ruano

    algun español 😞 l'm from guatemala

  8. Kajal Devi


  9. angelito de dios morales ruano

    algun español

  10. bilz sprintrad


  11. marisela tonix ipatzi

    I really love the videos that you upload from verd

  12. Irsa Alvi


  13. bilz sprintrad


  14. Baby Yoda Time

    How do you get the cats to actually do what you want them to do??

  15. r b


  16. Xep Pham

    Nhớ ủng hộ lì xì lấy hên đi em ơi đăng ký giúp anh nghe kinh anh xep pham ok em q

  17. Code King Satyam

    Arron is best wing man

  18. Wassim Daou

    How are your pets so smart

  19. blueblackx

    So cute

  20. Lorna Harris

    That woman is super trash

  21. Jorge Parra serna

    Jajaja que. Carajo😃😃

  22. Guadalupe Corro


  23. Soma Biswas


  24. Soma Biswas

    Aaron please keep on sharing more of phil and michael's video

  25. puji lestari

    Pengen deh punya kucing kaya gitu 😭


    Bruh Celine dion


    I cried

  28. Eddy Matias Ortega Garcia


  29. Antonio Guerrero

    V- + Dax

  30. Shadow Angel

    Love you all

  31. drakke125

    When your parents or other parents are in the way, or other adults are in the way and tries to pull you apart, even as far as moving away, kidnapping someone you love and you have to deal with long distance either way I felt that.

  32. OOF preim dude


  33. drakke125

    Meeeee-WOW-ZA! 8D Love how every time a woman's hand/paw comes up, Michael always never fails to fist bump back. Michael never leaves a lady hanging

  34. Gael Ortiz

    Good vídeo ;)

  35. Super Saiyan Goku

    the kittys are so adorable

  36. maxie tha fox mcdearmond

    I cried at the end

  37. Super Saiyan Goku

    this is so cute

  38. VideoHub

    Mind blown no idea what's happening

  39. Itz CG 2

    home alone in a catshell:

  40. Roxeen Ambat


  41. Milena Dos Santos


  42. Tony Stark

    The Michael is giving yummy😋 style very cutest

  43. Nana Yadi

    I remember I used to watch these as a kid

  44. Caesilia Irene Arelie Widjaja


  45. Syjohn Grey Sustento

    Use Subtitle To see they Say :D

  46. Joao Pedro Garcia

    sorry to spoil more -3: 12 you can see that it's a robot


    voce ama deus agora le de tras pra frente ☺😊

  48. Juan David Bolaños Fernandez

    3:10 popcorns were an accident

  49. Choco Beary Chanz Official

    Bagus video nya 😙

  50. George Garcia


  51. Josué I R M


  52. Marissa

    Thank you for the video, i really missed it.

  53. Norma Mosquera

    Me encantan tus videos!!! Saludos desde Quito Ecuador 🇪🇨🤗💕🐾♥️

  54. taneyah_2

    Jen is really pretty

  55. Marissa

    I miss youu aaron ,,,,ㅠㅠ

  56. Mason Contreras

    The best

  57. Arsenio Hinojosa

    Hay. Beuby🐈

  58. Michael Guren

    Love the videos watch them every morning watch the same videos every day love the how to make your own cat video and make sure to subscribe like and hit the bell I have my own DEfasts Channel to so please go to mrcaman and subscribe and like and I only have to videos please and if you did thank you I want to get 100 subscribes bye the end of the year thank you

  59. Miguel angel Madrid ramos

    hahaha simp

  60. Surprisingly Bad animation

    Lol that last picture was like that superman picture

  61. Surprisingly Bad animation


  62. Maha laxmi Pradhan


  63. Melat Tizazu


  64. Diego Santa


  65. SM69 Animations

    9:43 why would there be an archerfish in a park? Those are mostly in Asia and Australia.

  66. Laechilly Vida


  67. Odd1'sNinja

    I love your videos!

  68. Sleazy Schlock Gaming

    This cats are good actors than me in role play activity in high school😅

  69. Carolina González Ortega

    Osea es el mejor video del mundo🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 saludos 😃

  70. Thiago junior

    Eu sou português Brasil mais eu amo o seu canal

  71. Cintya Lakhram