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  1. The_Herobriner

    I actually own one of these. yeah i overpaid for it but i do enjoy having it. the solar chargong isnt that strong but the high powerstorage does its job well.

  2. NewtonDKC

    @0:23 Absolutely beautiful! First time Ive heard the Anniv Mac startup sound…and it’s my favorite as of right now! :-)

  3. Ben Roberts

    Anyone notice black screen or bars flashing occasionally?

  4. thefallingpi

    RangeXTD, Range X Ten Der

  5. Henry Kuren

    I love how I am typing out comments that I want to post, and you say the comment as I am typing it.

  6. lesly demshaw

    No apples products ever. I left the cult I will never return.

  7. skid animations

    my friend bought the official lit mobile but after he started charging his phone he got a virus! i don't know how or why but yeah that happen'd

  8. Spongebob - Chan

    why quibi failed: - $4.99 a month with ads

  9. Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet

    Can we just nuke the house of the CEO of Lit?

  10. OwnGamesGamer

    When i look for cheap elecronic stuff i dont look at the reviews but i look fir a video from a trusted youtuber and if ots good enough for me i buy it but i dont buy scam things thise are easy to find

  11. Chun Yin Chan

    12:55 how did he not realise that he had another home screen to the left? Hahaha

  12. Burbex

    2pm divorce court?

  13. SerJamesManderly

    This might be a dumb question, but could it just be overheating the processor?

  14. Samir 7u7

    this is a lot better than those modern tiktok software

  15. Deepak K

    You are a genius 👍

  16. shemi dreamer

    i use a wifi extender and it works extremely well,it gives me as good wifi as my router,and it came with a 2 year warranty,so they're not all bad

  17. Broken Lava

    Imagine what could be put in that formfactor nowadays...

  18. Adam Fisher


  19. ShampotheSpider

    Throw it out of the window then

  20. Hari Patel

    Hey Ken, no hate or anything, but I just noticed a flicker around the 8:16-8:20 mark with the video. I went into two different devices and they both had this flicker. Might wanna check the equipment. Again, no hate, I love these videos.

  21. Ivan

    But how do you play the learning software flash based?

  22. Rai Mou

    Actually, liquid hand sanitizer needs to wet your hands for at least 30 seconds to reliably work. 10 seconds is way too short even for the best hand sanitizer.

  23. Fara Fellow

    This was what brought me to the channel when I was like, seven years old!

  24. الزعيم

    be smart to find how this thing works good or bad, easy when seeing a note from the seller that says "No Return".

  25. Gaming York

    Duncan Sheik!! OMG I LISTEN TO HIM TOO!

  26. unreliableemployee

    I moved away from Nova Launcher after I was trying to find something that plays nice with my companies microsoft account integration so they can sandbox their stuff. Nova at the time didn't have that integration. Ultimately I ended up with smart launcher 5 and I couldn't be happier. Its just such a nice launcher, category based app drawer for finding something specific. Like my media category has youtube, spotify, hulu, netflix, etc etc. I can make my own custom ones too. IMO, Nova Launcher is a great launcher but they need to integrate some of the more modern Android features into it.

  27. Zachary Dalton

    bruh nothings aligned either even in the release version nothings aligned

  28. Omega

    Try deepin os 20.1 I use deepin os everyday its awesome I wonder what you will say about it

  29. Nolan Plays

    the youtube closed caption said its a fake corde

  30. Miroslav

    same speed as on raspberry pi 4b 8gb :D :D

  31. Bartłomiej Kulenko

    Aside from the fact that a bottle of hand sanitizer or IPA is far more practical and effective than carrying a UV lamp attached to your phone, they could make an actually useful product, like a USB-C dongle with UV LEDs, but instead they decided to charge $15 for a blue color filter.

  32. Hyperion AKA Blaze the Fox

    I got an ad from soloforce selling the same thing lol

  33. C&C Studios

    Just like minecraft did too much at once with the combat update. It was good, but too much, too early. 8:30

  34. MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020

    Hi Ken! I've just found an ad for another Apple Watch clone and that scam brand is called "FitPowr", so can you investigate this garbage (BS) nonsense?

  35. Maria M

    tears in my eyes

  36. Arya Pranadhi

    But... But... But... It seems so legit 😂

  37. Christian Habermann

    The 4.6 is probably just the best-converting number when comparing sales against a wide range of different review results against the exact same product / price. Simple data science ;)

  38. Osaeloka Ilodibia

    Maniac Mike is actually right about the product key it is tied to your motherboard

  39. Marti van Lin

    I'm downloading Windows Whistler RC2 to install in Oracle VM VirtualBox. Just to play around with it a bit. I hope Longhorn (Vista) releases will be available soon. It looked so good.

  40. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Back in the day Apple made the TAM more as a side proj - it was never supposed to be a mass consumer product. And it was ridiculously expensive back then. But when it first came out it was a show-stopper.

  41. Richard Samuelson

    My history with Macbooks...my family used to have a "family" Macbook a decade or so ago, that I used to hog. However, the trackpad got cracked and filled with crumbs, which resulted in mould, and...yeah, stopped working. Then my high school gave its students Macbook Airs when I was in Year 10 (2013) or so, which we could keep after graduation. Used that until 2017, when the sound died in the middle of a university semester and I had to get a new laptop. That was, and still is, this Macbook Pro with Touch Bar. Still running alright, so far, though I wouldn't mind a replacement. Oh, and Mum's using a quite old Macbook Pro that's definitely showing its age (has to be constantly plugged in, slowdown), and is still running an old OS version. So...yeah, if I could convince her to replace it, I definitely would.

  42. Currawong

    These products are done the same way: 1. Find Chinese OEM for product that will rebrand and package it for you. 2. Sell it on Amazon with generic hype ads that make it sound like the next best thing. 3. Profit.

  43. Shmo Bro

    I got an add for lit mobile on this video

  44. Dennis Shelgren

    All macs can get jacked up without the "bless" process. I.e. there's a board level command that was supposed to be automatic. But it aint in many cases. Once that's been done, it'll play fair. That magic code is changed from time to time, and yeah, if you didn't keep up on the updates, it(the bless) get's out of date.

  45. x x

    I clicked on this and recognized him from recent videos and LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  46. Rendered

    Me who uses nuclear reactors to charge me phone: pathetic

  47. chepe263

    keep the touchbar but also the function keys

  48. Think with shemos Ashraf

    1:19 no I saw the ''love" sign on the mac lol😂😂

  49. anaveragedoggo

    I don’t know why, but the _Sad Mac_ death chime is a bit catchy to me. Just the “dodo! Dadodoo...” with the few music notes combined with it is just... *amazing.*

  50. Nathan The Collector

    Someone tripped over my Mac charging over USB C and the cord just came right out, no damage

  51. Arav Ambaram

    The thunderbolt version of this is easier to open

  52. Anonīms Anonīms

    Stupid SSD killer with very ugly OS.

  53. lolmanboss

    Repeaters are useful if you dont expect more than 30 mbps. Powerlines are nice if you cant put down access points. But seriously, if you can then use access points.

  54. Zachary Brunkhorst

    I saw this ad on Facebook and bought it..... yah it never came, goodbye all the moneys

  55. Space's Tech Tutorials

    "Windoze" It just throws me off 😆

  56. Mystninja

    RAID: shoe do poos.

  57. Tyler Sharples

    is there flickering for anyone else, or am i screwed

  58. Osaeloka Ilodibia

    I want to pronounce Mojave “ M O J A V E”

  59. Sour_Lux

    I saw a bsod on a video game, best game ever It was enchantment table language bsod

  60. Alan Walker


  61. Alan Walker


  62. HOUND project

    You can just buy UV LEDs...like, it's really not that hard, no tech innovation is required to satisfy your UV needs...

  63. Max van der Panne

    Batteries percentages are estimated. A device can't see how much energy is in it. So the software seems bad.

  64. Daniel Chong


  65. D.R Paradox

    For the record even if this did work as advertised, UV light strong enough to disinfect your hands in 10 seconds would in the process cause damage to your hands because even though the dosage is in a relatively small amount compared to the amount of daily UV exposure the average person receives from the sun, it would be in a more concentrated exposure so best case scenario the exposed skin is burned or you just kill the living surface skin cells and now you'll have to deal with a minor case of necrosis but worst case scenario is skin cancer

  66. Mitz539

    where is the new file explorer and paint

  67. BR Harris

    Concerning product reviews, I most often start with the 1-stars. Are these complaints legitimate? "This item was NOTHING like the product description," versus, "I bought six of these and only needed five but Home Depot wouldn't let me return it without the receipt...1-Star!"

  68. Watrmeln

    Anyone else notice how the video flickers at some points?

  69. That One Mate Head

    Everything on this show is gold, even years later. Keep it up!

  70. Skittles stjean

    The face not important

  71. Jeremiah Adams

    Too bad they didn't really stick with expansion design, but if you want to have your customers constantly upgrading can't be giving them options