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  1. Alex Oats

    Fuckin hate ur stupid laugh

  2. Esmina Atabekova


  3. Jade Naval

    Griffin: Your cute let me love you boo. oh the cringe

  4. ET Crafter

    Griffins laugh is sooooo cuteeeeee

  5. Reilly Robertson


  6. Jazzter Gaming

    Are you guys playing wow classic too?

  7. hanna marin

    u don't think i no-ah 😏

  8. Laiba butt

    You loser didn't even know what she like. lol

  9. mattie C-V

    she said i cheatedddddddd but thats just fuckeddd uppp

  10. Rionna Mookerjee

    My fav part No-ah

  11. Okay Bye


  12. Okay Bye

    Watching them laugh is so nice . 2021.🥺

  13. Andrea Andrea

    who 2021?

  14. Jade Naval


  15. Maryam

    i kinda miss them together

  16. Daphnée Errigton

    Griffy my guy is high as hell 😄

  17. TD

    I'm only the COMPLETELY different side of tiktok than noah, Dixie, charli, addison [So I'm just not of stright tiktok] . So I know NOTHING of what happened. Someone mind sending me a link or.. summary? Please 🙂👍

  18. Bump set Spike

    who is nessa’s ex? i can’t make out the name

  19. kennyy_

    Don’t even bruh-

  20. Yessica Guzman


  21. Janie Landry Roybal

    Why hasn’t this song just been taken down. I personally would because this is embarrassing. She had hard evidence on you. And you made yourself look creepy by sending her a photo that said “send toes”. That’s messed up

  22. Ethan Gonzalez

    2021 anyone?

  23. Shathi Faria

    Finally Griffin Johnson post a video

  24. Karrne Eilish

    Ngl this song is super catchy...

  25. Vivi's Channel

    2:38 just look at Josh 😅

  26. user123

    You should make a who knows Dixie better against Noah that would be so funny

  27. Dani77

    This melody is special for Dixie guys

  28. Jade Naval

    just got hype house merch at kohls

  29. Ilse Ockhuis

    My name is griffin to

  30. Jae Gabby

    Griffin: “Tell me when to stop” Nessa: “Stop” Josh: “Nioce” Griffin and Josh: 🤝 Nessa: 😐

  31. addys fun house

    Don’t say that Jaden

  32. addys fun house

    Love your videos Jaden

  33. Karrne Eilish

    Griffin be starting DRAMA

  34. kareena munde

    the beat is fire griffin!

  35. Jake R

    10:40 got u

  36. Sadia Shabbir

    Nessa is just a very talented person and so is jaden

  37. Shan’s Life

    But I ain’t tryna win u back also him u said ur just friends and adds no-ah in the song that looks like jealousy to me

  38. Alexander Rojas

    we all know whay ness is saying when it bleeps

  39. Raeonna Willis


  40. Ashley Diaz

    Josh was acting crazy no cap

  41. ʀoꜱᴇᴛᴛᴇ

    me watching a year later and hears josh and bryce call tony lopez a good guy-

  42. Leanne Lara

    Nessa is the CUTEST and her music is FIREEEE!!😩😩🔥💞💞

  43. Anoshka Rao

    ngl this slaps

  44. Luiza Vicária

    griff is always joking w josh but also so cute with nessa 🥺

  45. Jvcklive

    Nessa is so dope but so is Josh

  46. jose gomez

    He is crazy

  47. Naz Al-mamorry

    Do y’all notice how quiet she was when they were talking about lil-hudddys diss track

  48. Keisha Anthony


  49. Sarah_ Gaming

    wait tell nessa that her voice changed

  50. Rabbit Robo

    Funny guy

  51. Aliza Loring

    They always film reaction videos in reaction times studio

  52. Anna

    bruh "still softish is probably the most respected song in the music industry." um sorry but you guys are nothing in the industry.

  53. drica Ramos

    Falem o que for mas essa música é boa

  54. drica Ramos

    Eu amo o Griffin

  55. Azjhannique Carty

    I love her voice soo cute

  56. Jane Catherine

    So I love Dixie so I feel like I can’t like this but it is catchy haha

  57. Muskan Subba

    I feel bad Griffin got cancelled cuz he seems like a such a sweetheart ❤️

  58. PaperStar Official

    notice how josh was rubbing nessas knee-

  59. Lynn Thomas

    I love griffins laugh

  60. DaGbomb

    Fucking most boring group of “influencers” I have ever come across

  61. Ariana Jani

    You are a god Singer 😁😋

  62. Alyssa Santora

    i love her voice

  63. its Marco

    This dis track is caca 🤢🤢💩

  64. Lisa Mabombo

    Yeah they just had to be American

  65. Samanvi Yekollu

    Wait wht nessa and josh are dating again

  66. Leisha Dogra

    yeah...this aged well..

  67. laila jennings

    mate this is so fucked up no-one want to hear face it she don't want you and she is happy with Noah. you are just jealous cuz he is better looking than you are and has a better heart and doesn't cheat

  68. GLeff Leffingwell

    guys a wafflepwn some excess or

  69. Ayylex

    I found this by seaching "like im peter griffin lyric in song rap" lmao

  70. italia torres

    The way josh said_nice_ 😂😂✋🏻 5:48

  71. Isaac Bennett

    you id cheat and Dixie and Noah are a better cupple

  72. soinhu foitu

    Griffin: posts Everyone: GOES STRAIGHT TO COMMENTS I make vidz 💗

  73. GLeff Leffingwell

    simp incarnate.. ok ree term- I still dk

  74. Isabella Haight

    i <3 nessa

  75. Angel Trujillo Rios

    Nessa baby voice hits different

  76. Sheena Beeman

    me and my sis over here eating raw cake while watching this

  77. just kylee17

    1:06 is so funny

  78. SF Thepalsgamer

    Petition to do this with braddison

    1. soinhu foitu

      Nobody: Josh: That was all part of my plan

  79. L love El pepe

    Es pegadiza :v 👌