A dedicated Right to repair advocate, I am Hugh Jeffreys. I have had a passion for technology and filmmaking since I was 9 years old. I create DEfasts videos on restoring broken phones, tablets, computers and other electronics as well as customising or modifying various devices to produce stunning one of a kind products. In doing this I aim to reduce the amount waste going to landfill and to educate people on the topic of DIY repair.

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Check out my website for tips and links to all equipment I use. And my social media for an insight into upcoming videos, behind the scenes and content that doesn't always make it to a DEfasts video.

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  1. Eduardo Ribeiro

    Boa noite vocรช vende esses celulares

  2. Bhauk Yadav

    bro 18watt charger is good for iPhone 11

  3. Petar Tikvic

    Nice Video Jeffrey I have M-Triangel Laser Machine and love it. It's so easy to replace back glass on any iPhone. You need tool kit for easy access on iPhone 11 pro max around cameras it's tight space.. :)

  4. JesseTech 2021


  5. Chasawpro

    I have no clue how anything about phones or computers work, yet your videos are so cool to watch.

  6. Adjei Augustine

    I have a problem with my iphone 7plus the network stop working please help me fix

  7. Snacks Two go

    Excellent video. Read Romans 10:5/10, right....

  8. Crillic

    Even on eBay I can't find good deals for cracked devices..where would I even try to attempt to fix something like this?

  9. KingThomasFan 121

    Woah! You turned the 30 pin charger into two lightning chargers!

  10. Zion Celestine

    I want it it look so cool

  11. Scott Robinson

    Apple demands nobody needs with their phones! Oh and every few years it seems your device stops being "compatible" with the network......

  12. AlmaXAlma

    Me watching on an iPhone 7

  13. Dale Akins

    Thank God for Android. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ฏ

  14. Out Standing

    I have to disagree with All the chinese products being a scam, moreover if the price is too good to be true. I recently bought a LG V40, brand new, $200 cheaper. aliexpress.c o m/item/4000342643893.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1b1

  15. SIGNS

    i have a lg stylo 5 with a broken screen i was wondering where you purchase the screens from your videos

  16. Bart

    Next - FaceID repair - as it can be done now

  17. Conner Anderson

    Why did you install such a small screen protector

  18. Irving Bruder

    Apple sold a purple iPhone 11

  19. Alex Popa

    It's a glitch I think.Today I changed a screen on Samsung A51 with last updates,and the fingerprint works perfectly fine.The screen I used it's an Samsung Service Pack Screen.

  20. ComedyWolf

    Can u give one laptop to me?

  21. Isabel Bommarito

    Hi i found a samsung galaxy J3 emerge phone you could fix from the website Offer up it only 20.00 i found it on Google

  22. pro gaming BLACK


  23. Markus Weger

    Samsung's exclusive smartphone ๐Ÿ˜

  24. Conner Anderson

    It just needs a case and a screen protector now

  25. Out Standing

    This is the fifth and straight in a row video I'm delighted to watch from you and let me tell you something : If I hated Apple before, now I'm hating Even More. Didn't want to see this video because I hate Apple products, but I'm Definitely glad that I had the chance. Also, compared to that guy who only knows to damage things, your videos are very informative and I never up voted anything from him, writing that in essence he should put everything back in mint condition, Not disassembling a phone like a butcher.

  26. Jeffrey Bayot

    Canโ€™t afford that kind of phone. So I feel so bad seeing that phone in that condition. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  27. LoopAround

    Are you selling? I want my iPhone 8 with some front glass cracked to be replaced with someone with good experience.

  28. BigMoneyLopeeezy

    If apple really wanted to remove waste, they would've stopped selling iPhones a long time ago

  29. Info Cube

    Wow having a screw under the battery is a BIG safety risk it can puncture the battery and may cause smoke or worse a fire. That was a terrible job that the seller did and he tries to scam you. At least Hugh Jeffereys is safe.

  30. Vinny

    Huge Jeffrey I need help with my galaxy S for it restarts automatically once I turn it on and please write back to me as soon as possible bye

  31. ScottyVlogs

    I think this is my favorite video on the channel now. I could watch the laser engraving time lapse all day. This is some cool stuff you get to use Hugh!

  32. Eduardo Sosa

    13:53 Apple is saying, you think you can outsmart us.

  33. LeBeautiful

    Just needed a bluetooth transmitter..and its perfect

  34. Jayden Ford

    Set of sexually transmitted infections in this morning or in this morning but no longer in my house ๐Ÿก I will go home ๐Ÿก I wanna morning was my birthday ๐ŸŽ‚

  35. ImDanaBear's#1Babymaker

    I was going to ask can you help me fix my google pixel 3a xl because in my country it too expensive if so please let me know asap thank you

  36. BYTฮ›H

    i think you should call 000

  37. ron elitzur

    it's as if apple is actively making it impossible o repair it's products o extort more money from hapless customers. why stay loyal to them?

  38. Radu Cristian Dumitrescu

    Tis is not a full restoring, due to the fact that capabilities are missing.What's the point of that if nobody can use properly the smartphone as it was intended by manufacturer.Even if someone is taking as a gift is not ok, i think.

  39. Vicente Diaz

    Use another USB mouse

  40. Bradley Gordon

    Screw apple quit buying the phones till they actually let you repair your own hardware

  41. singing4hope

    The phone looked liked a psyhopath owned it.

  42. NotSimpleFlipsYT

    9:06 just do a "Gordon Freeman" and pry out the keyboard with a crowbar.

  43. Camerxn

    Well. There goes my stimulus check

  44. NotSimpleFlipsYT

    1:50 The PC: no dont touch my k-fgnkjdglkjdgmnjlkjdhkjdsrgl;,;dlgkm;lftgkmldk'j

  45. Vijayaraghavan Pillai

    Need your advice on restoring an old Macbook Air, went to your website and saw that the contact form is for business inquiries and press hence asking the question here. Any way we can take this conversation private?


    waste of resources

  47. Michael Frank

    I'd recommend you to remove the screen and battery at least. Seems like you've been lucky on this one, but if you laser an device with an LCD, you usually get some of this fine dustfog between the screen and the backlicht, so it almost looks like there are dead pixels or shadows underneath. Also its better safe then sorry, just imagine what could happen if one of those small shards gets between the coil and the battery. ;) Just some tips from someone workin excessivly with one of those lasers. ;)

  48. Rudi Sirandan

    Please... Repair Samsung galaxy A80 rotating camera ๐Ÿ˜Š

  49. gabby my

    What do you do once they are fixed up???

  50. Jan De Kock

    I still remember the first time I laid hands on this device. Some of my friends' family just returned from the us with a simlocked iphone. The only way to unlock that and flash it so it can use any sim was basically to connect two traces together so the phone could be rooted. That was the jankiest stuff I've ever pulled on one of these but it did work in the end, and the person was super happy except for the slightly bent frame. Of which I can see you also are having some trouble with :D

  51. Sterling Stauffer

    Hugh buy some old iPod touches and restore them

  52. Paul Thompson

    Scary Laser

  53. BlackBost

    This black and red looks terrible No front nice video

  54. Lamak Haim

    Did I just watch a 10 minutes advert???

  55. Yeah im ethan

    Phone companies: it's for stopping climate change! Reality: more money

  56. Billel Berkani


  57. Chris K

    Great to see you getting given some nice kit. I'm a big fan of anyone and any company that facilitates the repair of equipment the manufacturer goes out of their way to make unserviceable. With the e-waste problems were facing, governments also have a much bigger role to play to ensure manufacturers increase the serviceability of their gear. Thanks for leading the good fight.

  58. Tom sivers

    I would like to see someone change the part seriel numbers like you do to restore true tone and see if it works

  59. HYUN295

    Super cool! beautiful purple๐Ÿฅฐ

  60. Leonid

    Where do you buy all your replacement parts

  61. Lorenzo! Oh

    The iPad that you fixed I got the iPad 5

  62. N26P7

    Apple boutta add mirrors under the glass soon

  63. Kakka

    Optimistic thinking: โ€œNow this phone become less favored for thiefโ€

  64. gay ming

    Which idiot came up with the idea of using glass on a phone's backside AND glue it like this?

  65. Waldi Kenway

    Iphone has just become a comunists party

  66. BananenRepublikDeutschland

    that's exactly what ๐Ÿ doesn't like.

  67. Unboxing the World

    Is Face ID still working after replacing the screen?

  68. Shlok Beta ใ‚ธ


  69. Emiliano Arredondo

    iPhones in the future will be laser proof in order to stop third party repairs XD

  70. takai-kun

    This is gonna be my last samsung phone I ever get

  71. the amogus guy

    Fix phone normally: โŒ Fix phone WITH A FUCKING LASER: โœ…

  72. Mike Bobrowski

    I no longer understand Appleโ€™s idea... thatโ€™s totally dick move.

  73. Astik Bhardwaj

    They say earphones and adapters are waste, and there is a box for a pin just to open a sim tray. They could have kept anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‚ logo sticker also a waste only ..

  74. Orion

    So, you basically made an MKBHD edition iPhone Xr.

  75. Muhammad Yaqin

    My phone, ๐Ÿคฃ

  76. waffen84

    looks like your flash got hit

  77. Anthony Keswani

    How did you install the Os of the late 2011 model?

  78. Red Phoenix

    @4:25 If there was a Google profile installed before wiping the phone, Android Factory Reset Protection is active, which means you would need the credentials of the previous owner.

  79. Edgar Sanchez

    ok so i fix back glass with heat and i know a lot of people who use a laser. after watching this I feel like you were unprepared. and yes, you're probably using the cold press gun wrong lol

  80. ?