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  1. Joshua V

    Those are not junk code. They are there so you know where the message starts and ends for each ring of pattern.

  2. omg

    Theory: I think NASA just found Junk and PUTED them together

  3. lee khan

    If you take the parachute cut a hole in each end paint it black use a rope to hold it together take a paintbrush and make an x the code says hi

  4. HarryArm123

    Within the first second I can tell that you’re Irish

  5. IcyUncleChris 76

    It was good until it was bad

  6. Gus Grizzel

    Should say, 'Build back better."

  7. Bautisto Pacheco

    Lets just junk half the code and say whatever bullshit fits the other half lol. Code cracked 100% smh

  8. BL4CK0W

    big brain :o

  9. Andy White

    I wonder how much that cost, your tax dollars hard at work.

  10. HuffmanTeamGaming

    Well you see, we take the 1% That benefits from the housing market, and we kill them. That's how you solve 80% of the world's issues, actually.

  11. classsmate ift3

    that Irish accent reminds me of Jacksepticeye.

  12. The Italian Dandy

    Dare ty migh things

  13. Jack Harrington

    If this front of ww2 interests you listen to hard core histories super nova in the east. It’s a podcast

  14. Anarac

    the plane does not have a sleek look. Instead it looks like it needs to go on a diet.

  15. Aaron Talbot

    Why don't they just alternate overlapping layers of the island method? Or am I missing something

  16. Jwen

    "numbers higher than 26 were pressumed to be junk code" damn, how can you just leave it at "well, it's probably nothing"??? I would've gone absolutely mad trying to decypher that, thinking it actually had some sort of meaning, which it maybe does.

  17. King OfRandom

    Or here me out they though it looked cool

  18. Alex Williams

    The sand from the Sahara blow across the Atlantic and fertilizes the Amazon Rainforest. So if you were to eliminate the Sahara the desert would likely move to where the Amazon is now. We know what really works. Stop deforestation.

  19. Crazy HGamer

    Why do they think aliens have the same letters and Alphabet

  20. Josh Lockie

    What kind of hidden stuff is on there that we don’t get to see

  21. Aaron Talbot

    That helmet is absolutely amazing! How long until soldiers on the ground are also kitted out with these AR helmets, receiving live enemy and friendly troop locations. We're so close to video game HUDs becoming a reality it's quite scary.

  22. Ck digital The Q of 6th

    Elon was concern that this could grant AI's what fictional movies like Terminator did, as SKYNET... I've heard of over population on Earth, now the same for satellites in Earth orbit, well just hope no amature in the future flies reckless out of orbit & crash into these in orbit.

  23. Aaron Talbot

    And it would still probably lose to a drone with a fraction of the costs, no pilot, and faster production times

  24. epsp path

    The envious bookcase thoracically attempt because glass rahilly examine beneath a wanting apparel. three, bloody rice

  25. David

    One has to wonder why you're trying to do that measurement on the bridge in inches, when you already said that it was a 6 foot gap between bolts. 5280/6 = 880. Not very difficult. (This is partly because 5280 is designed to be divisible by tons of different numbers (prime factors: 2*2*2*2*2*3*5*11; if they'd used *7 instead of *11, it would be almost exactly 1 km), so you can break up 1 square mile of property into tons of property units that are ground-measurable in pre-modern times.) And if you did it in metric, you'd need to divide 1.60935 km by 1.8288 m. Not exactly a simple decimal shift. (The length of the bridge is fixed; you can't just move the land masses closer together. The length between bolts is defined by the structural integrity of said bolts, and you'd need different considerations if you changed the gap between them.) Your arguments about conversions between systems are totally valid, but your other arguments are kinda hogwash. The international standards basing the base units of physical constants are great! They are absolutely, in no way, required to define things in metric, and don't contribute at all to your argument. You think 1/299,792,458 of a second for measuring a meter means anything significant? They could just as easily have made a foot 1/983,571,056 of a second. It's just a standardization, and they wanted something as close to what they had already standardized on as a descriptor. Make it a whole number because it's easier to change the length of a meter than worry about another fraction of a fraction of a second. The one thing the metric system has going for it is that it's easy to shift between its own units by moving the decimal place. Of course it breaks as soon as you consider using a dozenal or seximal counting system, and the convenience is entirely lost the instant you need to calculate something more than a toy problem (which you actually illustrate with your example, but don't acknowledge).

  26. Deadly Sunrise

    When you already knew this... I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  27. MR. FLIPPY

    It should have said “Mars landing is faked”

  28. Aaron Talbot

    The fuel doubled as a coolant? wow

  29. greg steez

    Oh so the earth is round so its flat , got it

  30. Aaron Talbot

    950cc/min/side in the DRY bay? Are you kidding me...

  31. María Gusman

    So. Its ........FAKE PLOT TWIST. I already knew0

  32. Daffy Dale

    that one red shirt when you’re sus of him.

  33. Peter Walton

    What a load of bull shit 😂 😂

  34. Anthony Phung

    The coordinated treatment contrarily stretch because pickle syntactically land throughout a erect protest. macabre, large wallaby

  35. Fruity Loops

    Imagine dropping your phone

  36. I want eat

    Someone really over thought this one

  37. Ian Ireland

    metrics make sense, Imperial makes no sense.

  38. Aaron Talbot

    It's beautiful

  39. Chad Carr

    Kids take this as an example of why you shouldn’t overthink/over complicate things

  40. WhiteCollarWarrior Wall St. Fraud Examiner

    I just knew it!! They’re communicating with Martians already about making a new reality show with the kardashions :/

  41. Michinobu Imai

    Cant wait to see earth turnig into a donut

  42. Damocles

    Not possible. Mathematically lots of things are possible but to a certain extent. if you have %90 success chance or %50 chance it is doable but here it is like 0.00001 possible.

  43. Rudy V

    N118° ??? .W34.. How about N34. W118

  44. Léo Villant

    Nasa is POG

  45. Bianca

    We all be saying it wrong it MARUSSS

  46. Reuable_ Bottle

    Trust me, I'm an engineer! With epic skill and epic gear!

  47. Cyril D.

    Thank you for this very documented work !! I have especially appreciate the scintific article of your [11] bullet "Projecting the Future Levelized Cost of Electricity Storage Technologies" : a bit complex but readable and VERY interesting

  48. Sumit Samuel

    Alexander weygner was the Inventor of UFO

  49. forSaturn

    Those ‘junk code’ have a meaning i can feel it

  50. Seth Lee

    This type of stuff is what makes me appreciate life.

  51. Horváth Benedek

    I'm about 99% sure someone told the "eagle eyes twitter user" about it. There's no fucking way you stop the footage just to look at the goddamn parachute, and think "yeah, this must be binary!"

  52. Stephen Burgess

    The F-35 is not worth the $$$ bring paid by taxpayers. Not with the number and significance of the cat-1 deficiencies that it has that are being ignored.

  53. Malcolm Salmond

    The actual weight of a one metre square of 13mm aluminium is more accurately 34 kilograms. You are out by one order of magnitude. I work with aluminum every day. I routinely carry sheets of 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) every day. I absolutely am totally incapable of carrying 340 kilograms

  54. Bartek3523

    yet, IT IS BETTER!

  55. Kyle Forgan

    Wow that’s amazing

  56. Achievegreat

    these brilliant people put unimaginable efforts in every detail mission. And hollywood sci-fi movie makers think Space exploration is wild west.

  57. Giri giri

    While nasa just put this design randomly: OK

  58. Caleb Haines

    Comms though Comms patterns and navigability

  59. Jackson Ganuelas

    Yall on something else

  60. SirPretzels

    So its basicly a no human input switch?

  61. Titten Tei

    We never landed on Mars. This is cartoon. What are wrong with people?

  62. laure laure

    What about titanium as a material,it has a better weight to aluminium and steel,it is a little less strong than steel,and a little more heavy than aluminium,but it has a better strength to weight ratio then both of them

  63. Ian Hay

    The renewable energy is a farce.

  64. Beepy Boop Bop

    Is thought it was just some weird conspiracy theory, but its way cooler

  65. GameBoi

    That’s pretty poggers.

  66. Almighty Sosa

    That's so awesome. Nice something else worth learning about

  67. Adidtya Brahma

    Till today we've been trying to understand this mysterious universe , now you've made it more complicated for aliens to understand it.

  68. m^3

    What's insane is the guy who flew this thing lol

  69. Zaid

    Nasa Watching this video be like: Ohhh

  70. czg2012

    humans are carbon-based, CO2-exhaling organisms. depopulation is the solution. bill gates is your god now. who amongst you are willing martyrs to reduce the population in your country? wait, is that an echo of "not me..?" without humans the CO2-producing cattles will overpopulate the planet when unchecked, unculled. so stop being hypocrites! there ought to be jail time for hypocrites!

  71. tellyboy17

    While we increase our energy bills multifold for a perceived human role in climate change, China that already uses more coal than all other countries combines is investing in new coal plants at breakneck speed.

  72. Memes n Beans

    my question is. who looks at a parachute and thinks: Yes this red and white parachute must have a code in it and I’m going to crack it

  73. Daniil Kvyat


  74. MrIcenice44


  75. Tango Romeo Golf

    NASA is getting really good at CGI now.

  76. Treven Price

    This made my brain hurt lol

  77. mission possible

    My Main question ⁉️ is how it's working where there's no air..

    1. wwave_

      Just not breatheable air for humans

    2. wwave_

      What do you mean? There’s air

  78. Goku 4

    what's the difference between NFC and Wireless charging?

  79. Bastian Villebro

    Matpat would be proud