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  1. Antonia Vasquez

    Mr egg :3

  2. AliBaba Ladroni


  3. 1fred129


  4. Brian Cochran

    1:32 how to end fish

  5. omargameing

    Fan you

  6. guuji huli

    Theres no trump in australia

  7. Brian Cochran

    0:34 summon the chicken god

  8. Nicole Noreiga

    This should be named HOW TO DESTROY AND END YOUR COMPUTER’S LIFE And how to make it a perfect plate for your food Forgetting all those eggs you used just to make this masterpiece 🤣😁👌

  9. YURI FF


  10. Miney Gacha

    That is not how u fix it ^^ and phone is very strong

  11. Teddy Neddy

    his voice?

  12. Hey Adora

    Omg so you are suppose to pull down the knob?? That so genius

  13. Nar Blox

    It is true but why dislike

  14. Serenity Wudlin

    The fact that more than half of the carpet is completely drenched in wine is some real fucking gold

  15. Miney Gacha

    These video is about cooking the rice on laptop

  16. 『Łavęndēr Åśhęš』

    are we gonna ignore the fact he has knifes hanging on the wall at 0:29

  17. Quantsa

    Apple wwtching this be like: 👁👄👁

  18. Maximus

    The ultimate smash em' up

  19. JoshuaRblx

    8:19 *Ramen Mountains*

  20. Malcolm HM

    All i need to say is ew

  21. Miney Gacha

    Makes huge mess-boi u did all tag dam

  22. Mark Bro

    What. The. Actual. F*ck?

  23. xXteddybearcookieXx Eve

    When the fish said thank you it kinda made me teary a bit because it was dead

  24. Miney Gacha

    Laptop is like I AINT goin. To die today ! insert beast mode laptop survives water* basic: puts rice on it and eats still on fire?!

  25. Kade


  26. Jaima Chowdhury

    Hello Spy Ninjas Come and come to my house.

  27. Legendary Nightmare Shark

    Poor people in Australia would hate this channel.

  28. TASF05 The Fox

    *Right now at the vegan teacher*

  29. Miney Gacha

    To brake the laptop

  30. Miney Gacha

    Starts ding of smile because what he does 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  31. Dianne Baxter


  32. Ana Julia Santos da Silva

    Ho no

  33. MAX brócolis


  34. savageking 09

    The onions cried instead of him

  35. Pranjal Shelar

    What the fuck are you doing .... Stupid... Pathetic...

  36. 十一歲肥仔LOL

    It should be如何泡珍珠奶茶

  37. Kade

    0:32 - my parents

  38. Tony Da


  39. Graffitti Gecko.

    November is in spring, reply to me if you think I'm wrong, because I actually right.

  40. Esteban gomez rayo

    desperdisie 2:44 de mi vida biendo esto te voy a desir algo estas desperdisiando dinero en tonterias si fuera tu no aria eso y aria un mejor canal de youtude que no se trate de destruir cosas reflexiona

  41. Kane Munoz

    More like how to destroy a car

  42. MythBusted

    Moral of the story: The egg solves everything

  43. Alana Lane

    Ummm ok

  44. Eri chan

    My teacher: Where is your homework Me: it's so long story

  45. Tony Da

    Fun fact: Most LCD TVs have a backboard that contains mercury.

  46. Esteban gomez rayo


  47. Suresh Aaron

    he literally broke the toilet-

  48. •Blueberry • pie •

    Oh... oh my...

  49. Kane Munoz

    New title: how to destroy a toilet

  50. Tesla_Milkyway

    Whoow it was Messy but funny :p

  51. Maryorit Merentes

    Uts good if you dont put the fornite dvd

  52. Christian dark Adam


  53. Quo Tablet

    esto es lo mas rridiculo que e visto

  54. Nicolás Ferrer Molchan

    Egg computer.

  55. Serenity Wudlin

    The fact that this video is sponsored is fucking hilarious

  56. Esteban gomez rayo


  57. Yancy Reynolds

    dang this actually worked tho-

  58. Tracey Park


  59. Yancy Reynolds

    step one to restore a rusty knife step 1: but another knife like that stUpiD

  60. Serenity Wudlin


  61. masu鱒

    Keyboard crusher...

  62. Horse Podcast

    12:00 te dog with a face of "leave me alone, I dont like your tutorials"

  63. Humaira

    why is no one talking about THE MOAN

  64. Horse Podcast

    How much money does this guy wastes for eggs monthly

  65. Super nico mario99 playz Fox



    This is so funny

  67. Jerel

    99% people have failed this Tutorial

  68. Faysal Mrh

    Please stop wasting your stuff just for a video?

  69. Lucas

    10:00 Starts Warning Music Action

  70. Lalisa rose Kim jensoo

    Ppl: poor laptop Me: that poor food

  71. Saitama nugget

    hol’ up. the thumbnail. the phone on that looks like the iphone 12 pro right? this video was 5 years ago. so what does this mean- did they help make the iphone and he showed it as his thumbnail, probably. i just thinks this is weird.

  72. Mr pleb Potato

    The real how to basic were the friends we made along the way.

  73. BlueFlame55

    no laptops were harmed in the making of this video

  74. Ava Chien

    He said ha in the end

  75. Pinoy Fun

    egg Fire

  76. AlanElGatoGamerXD

    lol,it worked :D

  77. Pinoy Fun

    Computer Password Experience Whatsoever iPhone NOTE - Mouse Keyboard Minecraft Time

  78. Omari White

    0:58 me when i play week 2 on hard (friday night funkin)

  79. Peter Anthony

    Also that’s not a way to fix a printer

  80. Peter Anthony

    That was so funny🥲😂