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  1. Jarrod'sTech

    5:32 "oooh baby look how much work I could get done" haha glad I wasn't alone in that thought, it's not all about the games 😎

  2. Michael Sotomayor

    Your content is awesome. I should've sent my jank setup just for the lols haha

  3. Fred Derf

    This is a very cool looking case, which it had better be because that's really the only reason to buy it. Dual system cases sound like a great idea but once you look into it, they don't offer any substantial benefits over simply have two systems but always seem to have some drawbacks -- so why do it? Take this case for example, you'd be better served by two mid-tower (or even full-tower) cases and you wouldn't be restricted to an ITX MB and SFF PS in one of them and you'd have full cooling options in both (it would be nice if there were more cases with reverse arrangement main chamber on the right-hand side so you could mirror them). And it would probably take up less space and probably cost less.

  4. Omar M Khalil

    can you change which side the side buttons are on?

  5. FTW Tech

    That was a normal Stream Deck, not a Mini.

  6. Harry

    I believe the guy at 11.00 with the modded meshify has been featured in a bittech mod episode? Might be wrong but thought I've seen something like it before

  7. Raspiy

    Is that a macbook?

  8. J4ysBloo RedRumMTL

    how you going name your tittle "the future of gaming" when samsung g series has been out for some time now with 1440p 240hz....... breeehhhh c'mon


    What lighting is he using for behind his own monitor? I think he mentioned it sometime in the past but I don’t remember. Help?

  10. Namredel

    You got the mic wrong at 6:05 it's a Shure MV7.

  11. Albert John

    I was really lucky. I was able to get an RTX 3080 FE from Best Buy when Nvidia stopped selling them from their online store. Once I did, I sold my old RTX 2080 to a friend for 350. Wasn't looking to make a profit, just help him upgrade from a 1070.

  12. nicolas keenan


  13. William Swainson-Gardiner

    You use apple??

  14. bilsbobaggins1

    Welcome to hearing from the most swole tech geek on DEfasts

  15. Gamby

    Where did you get that delid tool???

  16. windows xperia

    Can you do a review of sharkoon light2 200 mouse

  17. Generic MIKE

    I need a Meshlicious build with nice cable management

  18. Seismic PvP

    How can you -be a very high production quality tech reviewer -be handsome -also be good at fps God wasn't fair when creating you

  19. The Voyagers

    What’s your settings for gaming?

  20. KD's Burner Accounts

    I tried to plug in my usb connector for my case into the motherboard, and i snapped the acrylic in my geeek a30 v2😢😢😢

  21. Gumi Gumi

    18:24 the owner must be have some culture taste

  22. Ben Baxter

    Stop pretending you give a shit when your average Jo can’t buy a card at rrp p

  23. Soltis TV

    Great vid and I like how you give some feedback on everything overall. Looking forward to the next one!

  24. Barkın Bryce

    iron your tee lol

  25. Erron Kebabb

    Cool setups! Recently finished my PC build and will be transferring it to main desk soon! Good point about the backlighting, i've none but will look into it now!


    Will you do an update with S1 ? They have new card compatibility

  27. Disco Jellyfish

    Fun fact: Preordering/not avaliable (unkown when) cards cost at least double the MSRP. Avaliable, used ones are triple the MSRP. New, avaliable ones are quadruple the MSRP. And you know whats the funniest part about this fact? Its not even slightly exaggerated. :)

  28. Ryan Clouse

    48 fake plants here I come!

  29. Luke Chamberlain

    I like this content, do more of this 👍

  30. skyhawk311

    Love it! This guy is so modern and classy, he can’t say anything bad about other people’s pc builds! Guess that’s a good thing... My pc build, bought same Corsair 140mm ml pro white led fans and the dam leds in the two new ones are different shades of pretend white color and don’t match my old fans let Alone, each other!!! I’m so ticked off and OCD about it and mad at Corsair for different parts and manufacturing locations. I mean they work to cool my pc better but look so distasteful!!! And don’t match old fans. They were a rip off too!!!! Now I need to buy a 4 fan kit of even more expensive rgb good Corsair fans that will hopefully match!!! Or two kits of two or four separate.... ugh.. I’m about to rip Corsair a new one...

  31. Draxis32

    Reacting to your gaming Setups! First few minutes: "I don't like the color of that wall...." Yeah mate!

  32. Monil Valia

    Waiting for RX6800 and the next black friday

  33. Nitro Raptor 53

    That’s a Gateway monitor from ‘96. Very nice CRT, I use one on my vintage Pentium computer.

  34. VeveX

    rtx 3080 is 1500€ in Europe (if you by miracle find one in 2 months preorder=

  35. vikingraider58

    how the fuck do all these people have 30 series :(

  36. Arek R.

    Nice video as always from OT, but I randomly wonder, what's the point of any PC building related videos if you can't buy any graphics card? :/

  37. Andrew Adlof

    I'll be your friend on discord Ali! Discord: @RamaWorks512#8359

  38. Zackery Jones

    “Let’s critique your gaming PCs!” (first review) “...You should think about painting your walls.”

    1. Charged1x

      It was setups not just pcs

  39. Kimo Kalihi

    But you can actually expect to pay 2-3x the msrp from scalpers because that's all that is available.

  40. Jeremy Eden

    What car game was that in the beginning?

  41. loligesgame

    all these setups are super nice. still ill probaly walk away from these kind of videos as long as its still not possible for me to get my hands on a new gpu at a fair price. looking at avalabilaty is just depressing at the moment.

  42. yeah nar

    the msrp price for a 3080 in australia is 1200 usd. think yourself lucky usa

  43. Beni Borukhov

    Almost downvoted for the paint your robin's egg blue walls a neutral color comment but enjoyable and useful video overall.

  44. Mr H

    3:10 - haha why use a CRT monitor? it will strain your eyes :D

  45. Neko

    Dude so many people with really big mousepads and then they put a massive full-size gamer keyboard on there and leave themselves like zero mouse space

  46. Varahan Yogalingam

    Does he have a gaming channel?

  47. Official ACAPOWER

    I saw my tweet! Aight I’m happy

  48. bdbn

    That last budget PC actually looks dope honestly. Got real Matrix or cyberpunk vibes.

  49. Georgesk8

    i like how your actually reviewing the setup and not just use a outrageous setup just because you are making a video out of this like some other youtubers (randomfrankp)

  50. Teoman Erönü

    1:15 I like how his own wall is almost the exact same color is the wall of the guy lmao

  51. Matt Berry

    2:51 What is going on here...BEKFAST

  52. ブブタン

    AIO's are not quieter, in fact, they have 1 additional noise maker, the pump. That means that must be as loud or louder than air coolers, given the same number and speed of heat extracting fans. AIO's typically take up more space, not less, but the space they take up can be moved out of the way. AIO's are less reliable due to having 2 additional points of failure, the pump and the hoses leaking(small enough that only evaporated water can escape). From my experience of having multiple AIOs and multiple air coolers, AIOs like to fail. This is why a lot of people stick with air coolers, even if they can afford to go AIO if they wanted. They would rather the cooler not fail in a few years out of nowhere. Custom water cooling setups are better in that you can replace just the pump and can monitor the fluid levels, but it's a damn pain in the ass, and everyone knows it.

  53. Tim Rehnström

    Anyone know what mouse it is at 4:30?

  54. Glenn Kamers

    Go look at MegekkoDOTnl -> Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 AORUS X 24G Videokaart 2900 Euro's!!!!! That's the sort of crap we have to put up with in Europe

  55. amnottabs

    that cultured man with a Mona sticker on his hydro block

  56. Jason Carson

    I’ve trust issues until I was referred to herickcard about apple method he’s the best dude Ever liveth.

  57. David H

    Well, this is miles off what I'm fining here in EU. As of today 06-Mar-2021 in EU RTX 3060Ti - €810 - €1000 RTX3070 - €950 - €1205 RTX3080 - €1420 - €1820 RTX3090 - €2330 - €3100 RX6800 - €1050 - €1150 RX6800XT - €1150 - €1475 RX6900XT - €1550 - €1950

  58. Luis Zapata

    love this videos

  59. Faux Grey

    The only cards in local stores are the GT 710, GT 1030, GTX 1650, The RTX 3060 is in stock, but selling for 3x MSRP at 1010 USD.

  60. Benoit Art

    should i OC my 10900k if i game in 4k with 3090 or i will not see the diff?

  61. Eric M

    would love to see the 2021 version of this in a few months!

  62. Zeta Darus

    Yes our discords are like this when we are actual daily users of it, you should make one for us btw!

  63. Sukhoi 35

    What an original idea! Thanks for crediting the people who came up with it first.

  64. Slim Jim

    I'm looking at getting a 3080 at some point when stock comes back in and they aren't scalped to oblivion anymore, but that's months away. In the meantime my 980ti still slaps, having no issues with it. Now that Nvidia finally did away with the blower coolers I'll probably even get their card instead of going 3rd party.

  65. Himanish Nallanagulagari

    does anyone know what the mousepad is in stumpys setup if you do can i get a link

  66. GrumpyGamerBoy

    Does anyone know the thickness of the thermal pads used for this card?

  67. emndec

    Me see, sweaty wraith, me like.

  68. Jak

    6:01 That’s an MV-7, not an SM-7B They are similar at first glance tho I guess

  69. Hamza Hani

    i see a cat i click

  70. UnknownUser

    8:36 19:12 NZXT H1 🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒

  71. zaxmaxlax

    When is the next one? I always miss the chance to send my setup.

  72. emersonleon85

    With real pricing? 3060 at $600 - not worth it 3060ti at $800 - not worth it 3070 at $1200 - not worth it 3080 at $1800 not worth it 3090 at $2500+ not worth it

  73. Gwendly

    3060 = $975 Cad ($770USD) 3060ti , 3070,3080,3090= unavailable . So stupid

  74. Tonicwine999

    This channel is gonna be big! (I know it already is..)

  75. EugeneBuvard

    10:59 What a build!!!!

  76. JarlBalgruuf1211

    Could you make a video on how to make nice backlighting for your setup

  77. What's Kraken?

    6:05 that's not the shure sm7b, that's the shure mv7.

  78. Pedro Sobral

    How would you build a custom loop for CPU and GPU? Lets say a 5900x and rtx 3080.

  79. hace

    We need a part 2!

  80. Vedant Agrawal

    Why do your videos feel smoother than 24 or 30 fps? Even at 480p(yes I'm a pleb)