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  1. All Day Rock 2047


  2. Bowey schuurmans schuurmans

    those trickshots are insane

  3. Razeinkov

    bro im need subtitle :3

  4. All Day Rock 2047


  5. SympleMars BMGO

    That was the most painful Thing to do in a Lego set

  6. Mohammed quadri


  7. Sharp FuZe

    The lego star wars ship kinda hurt when it got destroyed

  8. All Day Rock 2047

    Best 1 yet

  9. Razeinkov

    *LIKE RAGE MONSTER* _WKkwkKwKwKwkawkakAwK_

  10. All Day Rock 2047


  11. Joanna Escolar

    2:55 where the heck did they get that kangaroo?

  12. LOLipops


  13. SympleMars BMGO

    Alternate Title: Play for fun more like Play for Fight

  14. All Day Rock 2047

    RIP kobe

  15. CaptainSuprice

    No way that These guys destroyed an 3 hour Work lego Falcon ;(

  16. Davide Caioni

    I'm definitely the always has to be red guy because I'm obsessed with the color red

  17. 365alby

    ty raging: girnwudjdofjej ad: lemme show you something cool

  18. Thunder Storm765

    Jumanji in real life is the worst. Its so boring

  19. delcins

    That was GOLD!!!

  20. Mitchell Rossman

    So who’s kitchen are you remodeling? 😂

  21. Swayam Upadhyaya

    2:31 the dart has string which doesn't let it fall

  22. Foiso

    I screamed no when he picked up that millennium falcon lego set

  23. Obvious Forest

    we had the first group rage monster

  24. Czedrik Josh Curammeng

    6:03, so I guess this is WWE 2.0?

  25. Brennon Trueblood

    Y’all should do a dp fishing

  26. Aiden Horn

    Beasty reacts would love this one

  27. Ashton DeVos

    According to the store below (If you scroll a little) you can buy Garret himself for $24.99.

  28. Cool Kaaron

    Why’s Tyler always the rage monster

  29. Eden Davidson

    family game night in my house is a professional sport 😳😅

  30. Aasams P B

    I didn't came here because it is recommended to me. I searched this video to see their first video. This is my first time watching this video.

  31. Mr. Octagator

    This is funny

  32. Hell0B015

    I'm surprised anyone would dislike like what?

  33. Jonah Thomas

    "Garry, are you dead?"-Ty

  34. Jesse Power

    Anyone else see the mastercraft boat xstar

  35. SympleMars BMGO

    The Rage Monster has returned once again

  36. Hyperdrivin' 001

    8:47 I died there

  37. Pakhtoon-Gamer

    Yellow you may eat some food then play

  38. Zontason

    I guess the Rage Monster is more expensive than anything else...

  39. Nicholas Wong

    This is top 10 DP videos. Ty, you've got it all wrong!

  40. Abil aqil

    Please, I am Indonesian. Please have Indonesian subtitles

  41. Karlie Peterson

    This is the best channel EVER!! Love you guys!

  42. MarshmellopickleJam

    It's a group of rage monsters

  43. William lean

    You should make a super bouwl stereotypes video

    1. Hyperdrivin' 001

      they did already

  44. Hunt eat sleep Fish

    Everybody SUBSCRIBE for more stereotypes

  45. Abil aqil

    Please, I am Indonesian. Please have Indonesian subtitles

  46. Ojas Talgaonkar

    When you see a lego millennium falcon you know the rage monster was coming

  47. Christina Demps

    sound of music is a great war movie

  48. Lordpepe 6166

    I mean opposite

  49. Aizen Le

    wait why is risk the longest game i played it and it ended in 50 min not forever lul

  50. Vijaya Lakshmi

    My biggest doubt. Whose house did Tyler destroy 🤣🤣🤣and best part of video was thinking Tyler a ghost 👻👻😜

  51. Arianna's Studio

    5:55 I think the Rage Monster finally found his friends...

  52. Aliyarkan Karim

    Ok, so there are two rage monsters

  53. Itz Paicy

    anyone watching this in 2021 lol

  54. Lordpepe 6166

    Intro should be backwards

  55. Rhythm Patwari

    Hey DP, please share the name of the board games..

  56. Eli !

    Do they have a house specifically for destroying things in

  57. shija raju

    Always waiting for the RAGE MONSTER

  58. Lew

    Wtf is this

  59. Charlie Carroll

    How many subs can I get from this comment? Current -13

  60. Milton Vasquez

    the missing puzzle part.....that situation isnt just in puzzle pieces

  61. Big Smoke

    This Was Hilarious😂

  62. FLIXjohnyfanG417

    yall should try bowling stereotypes

  63. Jack Sibley

    You missed 'drinking game guy', who turns everything into a drinking game.

  64. Joeyhohl19

    This one was great😂😂

  65. Team pig Gäjming

    Punch the dragon!!LOL!

  66. Brick Builder

    2:56 w h a t

  67. Nirvan Welagedara

    "I think he plays golf" "LeBron James" "Yessss"

  68. Jake Harllow

    The effort y’all put in this video is crazy🔥🔥

  69. Pakhtoon-Gamer

    7:44 hahahah.....

  70. Henry Pomfret

    I play d and and we don’t do that. We almost did this one time but we decided not to.

  71. Sunny Bove

    The plausible watch ethnopharmacologically post because raven ultrasonographically breathe towards a evanescent bike. innate, draconian correspondent

  72. One big flappy Boi

    Wow thats a different type of rage monster

  73. Hayden Sigala

    Cody was playing apex legends bunker is one of the poi’s

  74. A A

    2:00 they were playing for so long Garrett grew hair

  75. Jacob Dillon

    It SHOULD have shattered. Diamonds are not foot when you make like diamond hammers or axes. But it can withstand alot of friction and that is why there are dimond tip drills

  76. Edward Sounders

    4:20 this hole clip is priceless lol