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  1. tengsak gabil momin

    Sometimes,smile bro😀! Just watched N.D.Tyson in podcast where he mixed comedy with real doctorates...enjoyed it! Just saying @scimandan

  2. Motorway2Roswell

    8:29 I can't believe I actually agree with Jeran there. Science vs religion isn't even a close match

    1. Motorway2Roswell

      11:58 damn Jeran. We were in agreement about religion but now you go and say that Math isn't reality. Thought we were on the same page for a minute there.

  3. El Turf - ManStickCar

    Beef Jerky? Brain Jerky more like...

  4. n


  5. CloudsGirl7

    "...after that is the 'twilight zone'..." **aggressively hums the 2 Unlimited song**

  6. Peter Nancarrow

    After calling you gay I wonder if you have a picture of MultiT0mT0m, just to see if the gay community thinks he is hot!! ;-)

  7. Pona12

    The most cursed earth related (potential) conspiracy theory: The flat hollow Earth. I don't know if there is anyone who actually believes in that, but given how many fall for both dumb theories, it seems inevitable that there is probably at least one person who believes in a flat, hollow Earth. Also, it's really irritating that so many people don't respect desert (or cold/tundra) ecosystems. They are vibrant and thriving, just not in the way we usually think of it. I mean, do they think the only life worth preserving is temperate life in moist climates?

  8. Motorway2Roswell

    there are leaves right next to his glass. the water is probably running through the leaves and down the bark of this tree which would discolor the water brown. He also didn't say how long it had been since the last rain. Collected dust on the trees and his roof would create murky water.

  9. LbOx81

    I thought I lost my I.Q. again lower.... I think he brained my damage

  10. munky342

    Are these the same type of people that screamed about 4G years ago. And now they happily use 4G everyday to search for their dumb theories.

  11. Jeremy T

    Listen, all these flat earthers need to do is find the people responsible for changing all the bulbs in the Atmosplane, surely there's a company making a buck on bulbs.

  12. The Darkside of the Planet

    So why do we need to send rockets into outerspace, to be in space. What morons we are.... we just need to walk to the end of the flat earth, then fall down into outerspace! Now gimme my money

  13. The Darkside of the Planet

    Every planet is round. The sun is round, everything interstellar is round.,.,.. however, we r the only planet that's flat! That's very believable... comeon guys, theybr "studied" flat earth on DEfasts! And u know, DEfasts is only filled with videos of absolute truths!

  14. ralph ryder

    He said the sun ☀ goes from East to west, so that means it goes round the earth 🌍 or is it that the earth turns and the sun goes from east to west as the earth 🌍 turns in front of the sun ☀.

  15. Craig Poole

    How does he explain the temperatures on Mercury and Venus if the “Sun” is within the Earth

  16. kevin willis

    i haven't seen one of these flat eathers attempt to fly in a plane or helicopter at a semi high altitude. how about attach a go pro with GPS to a weather balloon and let it go...... i think these yahoo's are just trying to get a free ride into space.

  17. Mike Sharp

    Does he have the inception theme playing in the fucking background, like what he is regurgitating some profound ah-ha moment?! All he needs to do now is nail his hands and feet to the cross.....😆

  18. brett ride

    Maybe he should check out Dr Becky an astrophysicist. There is evidence of a prior universe (theoretical explanation ) due to black hole radio wave present at the time of the Big Bang

  19. David Krupinski

    I like how he has a globe and a picture of the earth from space......with a clear curve 🤦‍♂️

  20. Jill Sweeney

    All flat earthers have are opinions not backed up by any science. Does he happen to give a rational logical explanation of how a tiny local 32 miles wide sun circles a flat earth disc 3,000 miles up, magical fairy dust? As Clint Eastwood remarked in one of his 'Dirty Harry' movies "opinions are like assholes...everyone has one"

  21. M22ate

    Thats it. I cant take it anymore. These flat earthers are so stupid that i cringe every time they open their mouth. I cant continue to watch your videos its killing me.

  22. Zakurn

    1:50 poor dude never heard of geology.

  23. The Real Nemesis

    Hollow headed Nincompoop plain and simple. Some people are breathtaking

  24. Oddata 147

    Is it just me or is the rabbit hole of flat earth getting deeper?

  25. Brian Morris

    I really think the sun is hot. Call me crazy but...

  26. Sven Buscher

    The pronunciation reminds me of Tucker Carlson (idiot) of Fox News USA

  27. Daniel Edge

    If its 25000 light years aways, doesn't it take 25000 years for light to get here? Not 25?

  28. Paul imWald

    you could make a elaborate fake flatearth video "debunking" that water is wet

  29. Thomas Leifseth

    these flat earthers just talk and talk not even knowing what they saying is the truth or not.Saying people who fied is alive thats just disctusting. What an idiot i hope on his grave is says he was not real and is a scammer !!

  30. David H

    Seems like there people just want to be a part of something... Cute

  31. germanvisitor2 - Sen'Dschini

    She says Take off your jacket I say No Sun's not hot

  32. Strategic gaming

    These bullshit statements of "I sent a video/question/paper to an (unnamed) scientist are all bullshit designed to give credibility to nonsense.

  33. Angela Dansie

    I wonder if he speaks that slow because HE is that slow, or for his slow listeners?

  34. Frank McGovern

    Dis-in-genuine. Hans is SOOOOOOOO smart.

  35. Allan Shires

    I know I am late but does Google support Flat Earth?

  36. kablamo9999

    The fact that they never present evidence for their fantasy world is very telling. Why don't they want to convince us?

  37. Joachim Fichtner

    I can't stand this guys nonsense for more than 2 minutes continuous - thanks for doing that task for us, Dan.

  38. Jan Erkenbrack

    Simple solution. Much of the Sahara was once green and lush. It changed because of Earth's precession. When the planet tilted it put more dun on that part of the world and warmed and dried it. So, all we have to do is tilt the world back to where it was thousands of years ago and it will be lush there again. Problem solved. Of course it will also put part of the world back into an ice age, but oh well. The great news is that all we have to do is wait for some more thousands of years for this tilt change to happen on it's own. I am personally planning on buying property in the Sahara and I'll be the one laughing a few thousand years from now.

  39. zarzanator

    Wow! He did the math and gave credit to Dan!

  40. John Christopher

    This may also explain covid assholes who don't care if other people die

  41. Tim Tulley

    Silly SciMan you bend space-time with a quantum crowbar ;)

  42. Roger Frood

    Yes indeed, crossing Antarctica solo in 54 days is a great achievement. I especially like the photo of Colin O'Brady at the "GEOGRAPHIC SOUTH POLE", a single point on the globe. On the flat earth model, the South Pole is a circle twice the diameter of the Equator. The distance from the North Pole to the Equator is 10,000 Km, extend this line across the pole in the opposite direction till it meets the Equator again and you have a Flattie Equator of 20,000 Km diameter. The Flattie South Pole must therefore have a diameter of 40,000 Km. Colin O'Brady got from one side to the centre, and then out again (at an angle of about 105° from the way he arrived) ON FOOT, IN 54 DAYS ! Even walking non-stop, that requires an average speed of 30.86 Km per hour! What a guy! Another BIG QUESTION occurred to me a couple of days ago. The Flat Earth Model says that all the Southern oceans are held in by an ice wall called Antarctica. How can ice hold back an ocean when EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ICE FLOATS ???

  43. Tentin Quarantino

    I’m really confused. Do they both think the map on the right is the Earth?


    Oh your channel is such a blessing, I'm having so much fun watching these videos! Thank you Dan and keep up the good work!

  45. worlock1422

    the way he is talking.. it is almost as if.. he doesn't even want to believe what he is saying lol.

  46. Martin Connelly

    The images of flat earthers I see on my computer monitor are just an image generated from data and software in my computer. Doesn't that make them all CGI and since they all claim CGI is not reality it logically means they are also not reality. Maybe we should always comment (when they dare to allow it) on their videos that we believe that they are CGI and not reality, that will really trigger them.

  47. Jennifer Ouellette

    That's stupid=science😬😬😬

  48. Solstice Grey

    Ask the flat earth idiots this... Why don't all the satellites ever show a picture of "the edge" of earth ? End of debate !!!

  49. John Wickerson

    Imagine... having been in that guys geology class. Sitting with him at lunch and hearing his revelations from an hour before. Then now watching Dan is when you see him again for the first time, and NOTHING has changed, he's just as goddamn stupid as he was then....

  50. Mike Sharp

    Cocaine snorting, space cowboy astronauts is something I can get behind lol🤣

  51. DBadLeprechaun1

    @SciManDan I can get no audio at all, after 12:52. Plz Help. 😥😣

  52. Szmuc

    They should jump off the edge of earth

  53. Ise River

    Really? You're, and raycon, are trying to promote earphones by saying a rapist likes them?! Well, guess it worked for Islam.

  54. Peter Newsome

    Sci Man Dan needs to stop wasting his breath talking to idiots who believe the earth is flat. Flat earthers are living in a dream world and need to wake up. How the hell people believe the earth is flat is beyond me. They are off their heads

  55. Tentin Quarantino

    So the ISS can’t be 250 miles up because that would be in space, which is impossible. I have to ask, what took the photo for google Earth then? Surely it would have to be at least 250 miles high in order to take such a photo.

  56. David Velar

    That fool was so annoying with his slow droning voice. He said "lets quickly go through it" and he goes talking in slow motion. Had to pump the video speed to .5. I gotta say Dan, you went after the low hanging fruit this time around.

  57. Ashley Owen

    12:25 he's right, the sun isn't hot, it's on fire but nah, it's not hot at all, by his logic, you can walk on the sun with no problems at all!! how stupid can you be? haha

  58. honilock

    What's up with the happy music in the background? Also good job only denying everything written

  59. Ian Woodfield

    that guy needs to go back to school.. he clearly is uneducated...

  60. Conquistador

    I haven’t seen Brett post anything online in the last couple months. He must be losing his mind not being able to post anything.

  61. David Bodor

    Technically (5:04) there is some evidence that there used to be a lot more green around the Sahara/North Africa, and there have been plans to create a big wall of trees below it, which afaik is actually happening in some countries already. It just takes a ton of effort to do and a lot of water. That said, this guy is complete fucking bonkers. He probably read/heard/watched some stuff and comically misunderstood everything. Like, clearly he heard about water expanding when it freezes, he just doesn't understand any of this stuff, maybe he heard about North Africa having more vegetation in the past, heck at 9:40 he says bringing ice from the caps to the Sahara, there was actually a scheme where some guy wanted to solve the fresh water shortages in the UAE by towing icebergs with ships over the course of days. He probably heard that and thought oh wow that's a great idea, why don't we do that? To which the answer is - because it's stupid.

  62. Steven Atkinson

    Tell him to come to australia and then tell me the sun doesn't put out heat

  63. jhon one

    This guy is a nut job he needs to see a psychiatrist, please don't let him out of lockdown

  64. Azuremythd

    From lvl 1 comet to lvl 100 Red Giant, play galaxy mobile now!

  65. Brad Holderman

    "Ok, one more time. These are small, those out there are far away" -Fatherr Ted

  66. 2nd Chookie

    Dunning and Kruger are pissing themselves laughing.

  67. Scruit

    5:30 Reminds me of this: defasts.info/title/video/fa6ig97Lm2bLopY.html

  68. sam swan

    ah the video at that guy is gone

  69. JR Nihiser - Watch Me Draw

    They never present any evidence for their ...'theory'...of flat earth they just deny and say everyone else is wrong.