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  1. BlasterSW MW

    where was the "I didnt know" phrase, its a classic


    Fake he didn't look around for long enough

  3. SmallWithBigDreams

    This is hilarious. Like from me.

  4. jayde -.-

    All the English speakers in the comments 👁👄👁


    This pioneered sum lmao

  6. Jordan

    You forgot the part where you end off the video with ur hand covering the camera to shut it off unedited

  7. Evgenveg

    спидран по ютубу, поехали. хм. .м. ооо, повезло повезло. так. . ,.. м . оо повезло повезло. * задыхается* оо повезло. портал

  8. kekme

    how the fuck???!

  9. this is pog

    This is incorrect twitter users would never do any form of exercise

  10. Kagehina Tobyo

    Hai ! I am interested in buying one of your organs , the one I have chosen is your lungs I need it for the thanksgiving thats coming in 8 months ! I'm willing to pay extra if that's okay :))

  11. keke

    idk bout yall be jojas is attractive af!

  12. IcyGamerpro 99

    0:10 aughhhh daddy🥵🥵🥵

  13. Ethacho


  14. Haids Spade

    pls take this shit down

  15. Some Weeb In the Comment Section

    I love this comment section

  16. MrMatt

    theres a reason this is a world record

  17. João Leote • 21 years ago

    What? You dont care about my race? OH MY GOD THAT'S SO OFFENSIVE AND RACIST

  18. jplosts

    Man, you are good! These videos are so cringe and full of racism and discremination... keep doing your thing man!

  19. Baby Waka Waka

    Damn, I am your 666th comment. FUCK YEAH!

  20. João Leote • 21 years ago

    Isnt literally everyone biracial at this point?

  21. Quirky Potato

    As an ARMY, I HATE these people so much, they suck ass. We already get disrespected enough just for liking kpop and these people make it worse. From an outsiders perspective, I understand why people don't like the kpop community (I said community, not kpop itself). This is just the tip of the iceberg; a lot of stans do not let their (typically male) idol hang around people of the opposite sex because they get super angry and jealous as if they're dating that idol. And the shipwars ofc (why can't we all live in peace?). One of the things I'm most annoyed about is how rude and narcissistic some 'armys' are. Like, I understand bts have been through A LOT and we should be proud of their achievements but some people are downgrading other artists and fandoms just because. The prey has become the predators, so to speak. Overall, people like this are just so hurtful to the fandom and istg we are not all like this. I know so many sweet and genuine kpop fans who would never do anything like this. Im sorry for the long paragraph lmao😅😅

  22. Cat

    "We did it my ni-"

  23. F4DE

    bruh the gloves he used to replicate lele pons had my dying

  24. Duoz

    Other than pewdiepies

  25. El Flokyo

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  26. will

    GG EZ

  27. YellowBerrio

    This is literally how I regularly behave when no one is around me.

  28. güg elle

    so mean! jerk. i like your sweater send it to me

  29. Florian P

    Fake, no sad piano music.

  30. 3p1c s1ay3r

    this reminds me of my childhood

  31. Rick Fox

    If the condom broke and you lived through an abortion then you must have a reason to me here lmao Ik its a joke video but dude those odds point to something much greater still to come, if they ever happen lmfao

  32. Burique

    1:32 he lowkey kinda look like Linus tech tips

  33. RichChanLikesTacos

    Im *H u m a n* 💀

  34. Ceo of bakugou katsuki


  35. Endžojer

    i thought this would be another funny video

  36. F rchic c f f fctc


  37. F rchic c f f fctc


  38. Queen is my favorite band

    i was genuinely expecting some sort of punchline where he said a slur at the end but nope it was just straight up no racism challenge ez money

  39. Wikey Milin

    Thanks man, I slept like a fucking baby

  40. Bigboylumps

    We forgive you

  41. oWrqng

    his face...

  42. Ale Random

    that was fast

  43. very cool man

    CSGO players could never

  44. justin 85

    Who else played this in 0,5x speed?

  45. Humberto Pereira

    I dare you to do it for a whole minute

  46. Benditø

    Me omw to put this at 3x speed and make it a reaction gif

  47. Ev An

    Its ironic the guy saying black people cant be racist IS a black racist.

  48. Ardy

    Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.

  49. Deacon Frost

    This can relate to apology videos lol

  50. Yousuf Ashraf

    This is me and this is me

  51. Mxritz Flr

    Just watched every video on your channel let's go

  52. Oscar

    NFKRZ twin brother

  53. Jacob

    THis video is funny

  54. laki

    Truly disgusting, that some "people" would do this horrible thing.

  55. Jacob

    at the end there is clifthanger lol

  56. Clovis Pesce

    attend tu es francais ? moi aussi et non je n'est pas utiliser google translate

  57. Jacob

    a real challenge is to tell kids in africa "Just eat, it's very easy"

  58. 3p1c s1ay3r


  59. Jacob

    someone called me white but im really american 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  60. who do you think iam?

    when someone says anime suck they just never watch it since they dont wanna be a hentai addict trust me.

  61. Greatgamerboy18

    All , the, prophets will go to, ME

  62. assgore

    Why did I expect him to say nibba at 29 seconds and lose

  63. Amin Barakat

    the 6.9k ppl who disliked the vid have to go to r/woosh

  64. Geese Rece

    If I saw them together I would expect them to be daughter father

  65. Gurosama Bltch

    I love the hand smacks

  66. Big_Stupid_Wolf

    Expected u to say Ni- then end the video at the end

  67. Hilomi

    Sidemen creating a disstrack for ksi and deji be like.

  68. Eric Lawinger

    If age is just a number, then cousin is just a word

  69. Fiqhi Huwaidi

    You can get a faster time by saying "mom i lost your tupperware"

  70. oh yeah baby swag

    this video is of me

  71. Granny4thewiiin • 69 years ago

    he passed the try not be racist challenge *verified hood classic*

  72. Rу Rу YT

    Bruh, the record is quicker due to being white + the white background XD

  73. Xie Lexi Xander

    Jokes on you, I'm not racist:D

  74. 3p1c s1ay3r

    you get cancelled for telling the truth

  75. Normally _Unique


  76. Gabriela Rodrigues

    Who just saw the video, i wanna say you lost almost 1 minute of your time

  77. vicious mozzarella stick

    POV: you pointed out how Trump and Biden are decimal points away from each other in the auth right quadrant

  78. Alan B

    I also shutdown when in group😂😭

  79. Justin C


  80. Coin

    So proud 🙏