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  1. IRB- Im Really Bored

    I thought the motion capture was still recording, and that i would see a lion cub do a backflip


    You know they’re real tank nerds when the final scene is a ring shot. Also basically summarizes close quarters in War Thunder.

  3. John Mclaverty

    These guys defo haven't been to Northern Ireland

  4. Crazy Pat 86

    scenes to fix: spawn: the devil scene... mortal kombat anilation basically the whole movie... xD

  5. Dylan C

    have they even used that guillotine once outside of a skit?

  6. Brandon Clarke

    Who Am I - Jackie Chan jumps off a roof with a rope wrapped around his waist to unravel him as he falls.

  7. Cory Hendrix

    Only 28k comments so far? This valiant effort deserves yet even more praise, and this scene in The Mandalorian is one that many of us have been wanting to see since about 1983 !! You guys are amazing and you ROCK! I hope you are considering filming your own fan-made sequel trilogy, with deep-fakes for Luke Han & Leia, ...and *real* scripts & stories, .. we're still waiting. We're patient. Ask Disney for a grant; they OWE you for this effort!

  8. Tharunn D

    The robot movie is not bolly wood its a Tamil movie


    I'm always angry!!!

  10. Shameek Dalal

    Watch the Tollywood movie called "Gupie Gayen Bagha Bayen" it was made before computers existed and is wonderful.

  11. Anxiety

    so just made into borderlands... handsome jack lookin ass

  12. BattlePro3

    Ngl, the For Honor footage caught me off guard lol

  13. Firnekburg

    Remove THE FUCKING MASKS for fracks sake! This is so frustrating!

  14. Raidok

    Fun fact: if you were to scale a plank length up to the size of a grain of sand, a grain of sand would be the size of the universe

  15. nuno2200

    Jarrett is like a budget Adam Savage.

  16. Murk Nelson Villa

    Sam's 30 second intro gave me multiple heart attacks.

  17. Na. Arul

    Bollywood is not a only Cine Industry in india . In south states Of india they have own cine industries Kollywood, mollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood...

  18. Raidok

    UY Scuti is also called Stephenson 218

  19. Bendegúz Dworak

    Does someone know what that wireless eaeerphone looking thing is that Clint is wearing/using? If so what's the brand?

  20. Adrian Koch

    Air is a fluid - LOL

  21. namae myo-ji

    Was waiting for you to drop from the flying house...

  22. Alex Scanlon

    The star killer base is hoth or illum it is a planet

  23. Xavier

    3:39 ok lets throw gravity an Newton out of the window.

  24. Finn zzstu Schaefer

    Blue : )

  25. Travel Addict

    Talk about KAMAL HASSAN, think twice . He is the aandavar

  26. Xavier

    Newton : watches the movie gravity meanwhile .

  27. Питер Паркер

    literally Fallout 4 character creation.

  28. Manoj Munankami


  29. Ciano Baiano

    i feel a little bad for Kevin, even though this video was made as a joke, its sad to see that he became a murder because of how his family treated him, Imagine having to live in a family that hates you, of course he would gain several mental problems, even though he is a murderer, it was more his family's fault

  30. Arthur Grlr

    I love it ! Can wait to see what you guys get to do with this workflow + Unreal Engine 5 + Meta Human in a year or two !

  31. Elias KOUAKOU

    😂The third one look like the king in Shrek

  32. DeathcoreHippie

    Anna and Ivy seem very nice. hope to see more of them ^_^

  33. Precious Bless Tomonghal

    The Thing was definitely a very disturbing movie.

  34. stabarinde

    Hey folks - it's worth looking at beloved British sci-fi series Red Dwarf. As was standard for BBC productions in the early 90s, it was originally done on a shoestring budget, but started to migrate from model miniatures to CG about 1997, and they applied the new workflows to remaster the first 3 series, redoing sound and putting post-production finish on the original VT as they were at it. In some instances they ran before they could walk though, so there's a lot of interesting VFX to pick apart. Maybe even some scope for a Corr-Redo. Here's a good starting point: defasts.info/title/video/gdexkaqtjmnGl68.html

  35. Iziah tutorials

    Lol loved the ending

  36. Ryan Adshead

    his eyes are just dead i find too.

  37. Nigel Walker

    It's insane how ordinary people now have the technology that only multimillion dollar films and TV series used to be capable of.

  38. Elio Lai


  39. Jilreign

    meanwhile, hololive doing live 3D shows on the reg

  40. Real Winston Hartono

    Is this even worth it

  41. Genevieve Taylor-Stalker

    I think Jen was born without a finger do you agree?????¿¿¿¿

  42. Maulik shah

    Jajantaram Mamantaram 2003 it's a bollywood movie

  43. Lennaert Hondelink

    I think she shouldn't have landed on the box but just smack the floor after that

  44. Irony Man

    Reminds me how cool the movie Eega(The Fly) was

  45. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    Not especially an armpit aficionado - but those armpits are definitely jank.

  46. Big Mac

    You should watch the blur version of the halo 2 cutscenes

  47. Carribean

    VFX react to Bollywood Koi Mil kaya

  48. Herr Fuchs

    Where's the infinite falling scene from hot rod? :D

  49. Lynx

    Doesn't look real but good

  50. CemDashnill

    REACT ON: DARTH MAUL: Apprentice, a StarWars Fan Film with nice LightSabr Fights.

  51. Coltan Osgood

    I hate Starbucks because I was eating there I had a grilchees and I thowup

  52. Kiri Rodway

    It’s literally coming this year 😂🤣

  53. Rizip pokharel

    Plz do a video on fixing nepali bad vfx of Captain movie 🇳🇵♥️

  54. Aaron Worthing

    OK, here’s my new suggestion: tour of the beginning of the coming to America SQL they do some absolutely awful fake stick fighting. So have your stunt people evaluate how awful that is

  55. Enosh Mandana

    use an LED driver

  56. Henrik Nilsson

    From Anime, Black clover, great and bad animation, think it's around asta's first black form scene where there is some funky cgi. seven deadly sins just because I enjoyed the show, and Tower of god, it's a bit new as a anime but could be done as a episode in the future when the show has come along more, great manga so have high hopes for the show

  57. Memeityy

    What was the dunk music???? I love it but it was never credited.

  58. Lance Millward

    Russian mafia cut off his finger when he came off a fishing boat and tried to withhold the mafia cut of his pay.

  59. Fred ZZZ

    how was this age restricted

  60. LinkBetweenGames

    Scott pilgrim is my favourite movie ever

  61. Candice Barrow Harvey


  62. DeathcoreHippie

    on to the next 4 million, or 10!

  63. Sabin Andrews

    If on the topic of Dhoom 3.. . Why not breakdown the scene where they, the brothers argue in front of the mirror?

  64. 蓮之介蓮之介

    0:22that's old Milk Man: World's Worst Superhero

  65. TheBlomberFactory

    You guys should look at any of the fights from the first 2 yakuza papers series.

  66. Aqil810

    How about these master kollywood theri also kollywood and kaththi

  67. Aqil810

    How about these master kollywood theri also kollywood and kaththi

  68. Nathan Irizarry


  69. Oliber

    Could you guys react to a video called "cg cow in stratos commercial" on vfx artists react, got impressed when i saw it and would be fun to hear your thaughts about it

  70. TheBlomberFactory

    Glad your bringing the hard working stunt preformers attention. Unsung heroes

  71. James Matthew

    come to india

  72. Boba fett

    3:45 when your custom character appears in a cutscene

  73. Boba fett

    i came to see their reactions to hello there

  74. Josh Haughton

    watching this after the SN10 Landing.

  75. Sai Rapole

    React to Ra one movie , entry of the hero scene.

  76. Jordan Briere

    Niko: there’s no blood George: get it Fred? I’m Holey

  77. Stuart Taylor

    Have you looked at the league of extraordinary gentlemen?

  78. Nagranddan

    Can you look at some Martial Club stuff? They do some cool stunts and trick martial arts (usually with comedy)

  79. Craz

    He just changed hotbar slots to make the coin dissapear

  80. Charles Lee-Ray

    This changed how I’m living...I gotta get outta this body