It's like emptying a garbage can onto your computer screen

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  1. Star Wars Tragedy

    Next up.... Truxton!

  2. ButterMan

    That shit looks like battle pass


    The last minute of this video encapsulates every story bithead told us

  4. xman legend


  5. Jaime Luna

    Jesus Christ.

  6. TheNip Tuck

    You need to take commissions...take my money 🤑

  7. 40ozFab

    I'm gonna say it... NEXZR. Best PC Engine shooter in the history of human civilization.

  8. mightybuffoon

    I finally figured out why you married your wife. She's like a Final Boss in a video game, which she happens to be the ultimate challenge for you that you've been training for since childhood. You need the adept skill to maneuver at the perfect time & press the buttons at specific moments, otherwise you fail to complete the mission.

  9. PabstOban

    Because this is how twisted I am... when I see closeups of this jacket... I see the texture of the denim almost like scanlines on a CRT. Another breathtaking piece of artwork that won’t help you get laid by anyone without a dick.

  10. jamiewalton666

    Another amazing jacket painting Jesse. We need a Thunderforce jacket preferably Thunderforce 3🙏

  11. Paul.

    Love it, and you nailed it. 🎨

  12. Mike Donaghue

    Come on Yessie!!!!

  13. JA productions

    Cuando la consola se caliente el plástico se va a sudar y va mojar la consola por dentro ._.

  14. George D 76

    I would of loved to be his neighbour throwing little pebbles on his roof as they are pinging and rolling off the roof... aahahahahah 🤣🤣😭🤣 it would of been a whole different show aahahahahah 🤣

  15. upclose&personal 123

    The details are crazy . Well done my friend. This is my favourite one. Amazing artwork.

  16. upclose&personal 123

    Love these painting videos. Always smoke a joint and be in awe. Seeing it all come together. Its an enjoyment. You know what id like you to paint next. Its my favourite game cover. Secret of Mana

  17. Peter Cipriano

    So it goes without saying this jacket is incredible and that you’ve taken it to the next level with this choice of shooter. Music use was on point as well. That being said, the blooper reel at the end had me in tears with laughter. Starting with the “lost in translation” moment, followed by creative differences, followed by frustration, then topped off with her calling you an ass (“burro”?) in Spanish. You can tell you both have a lot of love in the relationship, but are at each other’s throats. You are on a. roll!

  18. Edvaldo batista

    Assim que a Sony deveria fazer os novos consoles bonito e bem feito Um produto caro deveria ter mais capricho não feito de qualquer jeito esse rapaz deveria trabalhar na Sony 👍

  19. Stelios Goutziamanis

    Great work. All these negative comments.. I don’t get you ppl. Is not that he did that to make the ps4 more functional and dust free. He did it cause no one else could.

  20. Kevin Strade

    Wow!!! Another Bithead Masterpiece!!! What a treat!!!

  21. Flowers

    This reminds me of a good ol quality comedy on the ol tv

  22. Chris Ghysel


  23. Beard And Muscles

    Yessi the Burro 🤣

  24. Mishka Town

    Well BittyBoi you did it again! I think I'd of put the logo in the darker area. If you have them, how about playing " Undercover Cops " or " Last Resort " for the next show. Merch about doing some of the best cover art on canvas? Yeah I know as if you don't have enough to do already (You're Welcome).

  25. paul rowland

    I find it so hard to get a 3D hand reaching out at you to be so hard to look right. Excellent job again bithead. And your wife should be your regular camera lady on the show. Would be so funny. 👍🏼

  26. George D 76

    Do you understand the word STOP aaahahahaha the artwork by the way..The wife is Gold 🤣👍🏾


    The ending was the best. 😂 good work on the jacket.

  28. RetroBeastGames

    That was epic art work mate, and you keep saying you are not a artiest, big thumbs up :o)

  29. Jakabok

    Honest opinion: I think your painting looks better than the original. Especially the mech. Absolutely gorgeous

  30. John

    Meanwhile Archie and Edith go for a stroll...

    1. BitHead1000


  31. JinzoCrash

    Haahaha, i used to know a chick or two that sound like your wife. You did good marrying her if she's anything like they were. X D



  33. Max Powers

    I've been sober for 3 years. The end of this video caused the end of my run.

  34. Megajack Wackstyles

    Freakin EPIC the end was hilarious must have been frustrating 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. BitHead1000

      Yes it was... I was hungry too.

  35. BryanReaper

    Flow and disapline in this one is next level brother. Truly amazing!!! You will always improve. Always remember though the Master is always a student. Keep these going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. JinzoCrash

    What kind of camera are you using?

    1. BitHead1000

      iPhone 10

  37. RDP

    I didn't need to see your butt-less butt at the end though lol...... Great work on the artwork from another artist! Love your work buddy!

  38. Laserdreams

    This is real deal.

  39. Chris Moore

    The bloopers part is So funny, this the first I’ve heard her voice, you mimic her voice perfectly

  40. exmosquito

    Lol at the ending “ the robot! The red guy!” To be fair it’s not obvious the origins of the laser. Good stuff :)

  41. noodles 477

    you get does jackets in bulk ? lol

  42. david tallman

    Please tell me the wife was pounding Jack Daniels or something just before she started filming!

  43. VideoGame Polak

    From the back with the jacket on it almost looks like he has some muscle on his shoulders.

    1. BitHead1000

      No shoulder muscles to speak of... just 2 ball and socket joints.

  44. Chris Calvert

    Just got this game in the mail today. What a badass shooter. Very smooth.

  45. SEGA Steve YanosCIB

    GREAT work on the jacket but anything after @9:08 is unwatchable...makes me want to stick a knife in my ear. I feel yer pain Yessi!

  46. Cem T

    Once again you knocked it out the park with this work of art! Jesse man I'm telling you your missing a trick with the merch game! We should have t shirts with all your art pieces you've done and yet to do! 🤣 the whole last 3 mins I was in stitches laughing, Bless you and your wife man tahaha,

  47. Eduart Misiraj

    Outstanding Great job

  48. Jacob Baranowski

    Great 👍

  49. Tunafish_Messiah

    ThAtS nOt GlAsS

  50. Nick Q

    Fuckin stunning work man. I think people would even buy prints of this. my favourite of all your jacket work

  51. The Video Game Vault

    Don't you understand stop?! Lol great piece man

  52. mcmadman51canada

    Love it!

  53. Alfredo Canas

    I can see the spaceship being the hardest element to paint on this jacket, it has to be very symmetrical on overhead view, anyway awesome work as usual.

  54. Joe Kochen

    I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, but this would make a good podcast also. Not that you’d need to cater to the podcast crowd. Might be additional income? Shrug. Love ya!

  55. Mat Ten

    "SYYYYLVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  56. Raul Ellis

    Bit Your the Bob Ross of this generation!

  57. Cobra Strike Down

    This whole time I thought his impersonation of his wife was for comedic effect. Nope.

    1. John


  58. Moto Thumper


  59. OneHundredYen

    55k. I'm in!

  60. J. Steelflex

    Pretty soon you'll have a walk-in closet full of these. You should do them until you have one for every day of the month. They just keep getting better!

  61. Stephen Schneider

    NEXZR is probably the hardest shooter I've played in a long time. Picked up an SSDS3 and have been trying to beat it in my spare time. Anyways looks awesome Bithead. You're actually pretty damn good at painting, its not easy.

  62. Shmup Junkie

    You keep making pc engine jackets like this and I’m going to run out of knee pads 🤣 Really outdid yourself with this masterpiece. Once I hear that music and the art coming together I can’t look away. Mesmerizing

    1. BitHead1000

      I knew that one would be right up your alley.

    2. Mat Ten

      Im just in Awe ❤️. And the finale with Mrs. Bond was just Amazing !! We need more guapa chica action here 🔥😀

  63. Slender Mannn


  64. Cobra Strike Down

    So many jean jackets. How do you find the time?!

    1. BitHead1000

      If Elon Musk can sleep in his factory... I can paint a jacket.

    2. John

      To be finished by 11am!

  65. Alan Oliver

    Great stuff... How you find time for all this awesome content is beyond me... Another masterpiece

    1. BitHead1000

      Wait till next weekend.

  66. FunkyFresh48

    11AM is a late start for me.

  67. Valdez

    11AM beer? YES PLEASE. Also...Do you understand the word, stop? LOL

  68. Fearsome Warrior

    The intro to Nexzr makes me so hyped to shoot those alien bad guys up. Real inspiration. Wish other games would have figured this stuff out.

  69. Wolfanoz

    Never a bad time to drink man. Don't know who made up that cockamamie rule. Probably the same moron who said wear a mask into a restaurant and then take it off when you sit down. You need a way to mass produce these. I'll take that Castlevania one since its my jam. Doing requests? Gradius please! I'M INNNNNNNNNNNNNN! HELLOOOOOOO VIC VIPERRRRRRRR! The ending killed me. Ahhhh marriage.... I'm one and done there. LOL! "Can you move like-a slow?" 🤣

  70. MrTurbografix 16

    Bravo brother👍 Hahaha lov the team work!

  71. Johnny Davidson

    Bithead 1000 artwork is awesome !

  72. Richie Mckie

    I like craft beer, but you have a point 😅

  73. sakher Aweishah


  74. Angel Claudio

    Can you make a glass ps5? Or a glass Xbox series x

  75. MORBID Thrasher

    I dont know how you only have 55k subs. You are the last real american left,keep on rambling. \m/

  76. tea bag

    Impressive ngl

  77. Manfred Vestman

    It aint glass its plastic, sorry to ruin your video

  78. Kwadwo Kwapong-Kumi

    WoW Smthn like this might actually come tru

  79. Aløngjr555

    RGB lighting would be good

  80. kelyn atkins

    Me waiting for him to drop it outside