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  1. Kyle Argo

    My dad bought this for fortnite

  2. Bob Shultz

    Honestly like the Blue Yeti. Thought the AT was the best in voice. Great guitar playing and nice reading sir!

  3. FPChris

    Corsair awful

  4. AutoGamesNation

    Got my razer viper day one of launch as well as my viper ultimate. Zero issues 🤷‍♂️

  5. Lucy And William

    logitech g peo x wireless is trash lol

  6. Prod Hazard

    Can you lock the dpi on the mm710?

  7. axstro7x

    I have a problem, In my Windows settings, my microphone is always turning down the voice, which means that my friends hardly understand me at all. How can i do it, so that it is fixed at 100% all the time. Pls help me !

  8. chas1nonly

    So I have these but I can't figure out how to get them to work in surround. The speakers work... In a sound test all the speakers are working. But the rear speakers don't work outside of that test. I really can't figure this one out. How can it be working but then not work for anything else.

  9. муму му

    Интересно, сколько таких могут одновременно работать, не мешая ( заметно) друг другу

  10. Astrocism

    The mic on my headset produces background static/fuzz, so I had to lower the decibels, but now my voice comes in too low. Anyone else have this issue? How can I get rid of the fuzz? The mic quality sounds great in this video, not getting the same results for mine.

  11. Kevin Cruz


  12. Ziv Zulander

    Rewatching this after recent AnandTech Rocket Lake review

  13. A A

    Accessibility and inclusivity by Logitech - lefties prohibited! Also, type C loading, but unifying - still USB A. Unlogitech!

  14. Someoneelse

    I put tape over my webcam 10 years ago, I'm buying a new laptop soon, I guess lack of webcam isn't the dealbreaker for me

  15. Augustus McMillan

    we've been trained to buy i7s if we can afford them.

  16. Hijynx87

    I just got mine today and had audio popping issues on it's speakers. However i fiddled around and enabled dolby atmos and they are gone.

  17. scott carman

    This seems like a really good kind of switch for those were so used to using console controllers who want to get into PC gaming and using a mouse

  18. Twwiicce

    I loved how the hel sounded I thinking imma go for that one

  19. Jowell GamingShow

    Looks nice but wish the screen was bigger so I'm thinking to upgrade to the 4a 5G from my Pixel 3 XL. :)

  20. Pango

    This is the mouse used by that 11 year old kid who made a video on how to get Minecraft for free in 2012

  21. Σοφοκλής Γαβριηλίδης

    creative soundblasterX H6 or sxfi air C at this price ...

  22. StuardnX18

    Hey guys what keyboard do you recommend me of hyperx I want it for gaming I want speed I'm fps gamer cs:go

  23. Rory V. Bonaventura

    where can i get the designed custom headstraps? cant find them anywhere

  24. Joe schmoe

    This or logitech g pro tkl with clicky blues? Strictly gaming, never had a mechanical keyboard tho

  25. Christopher Cunz

    SAD. Really. Confused. That's mad funny. What. Sad. The world is just not the same anymore nothing makes sense.

  26. Astral Comet

    Ok guys. Greenlight for ETH moving to PoS in July. Praying that a lot of miners sell gpu's when that happens

  27. Dank Cuck

    I have used normal cherry reds, outemu brown switches and some knock off blues but i had a chance to type on the ornata in my friends house and i have to say the typing is actuall pretty nice on the keyboard.

  28. foulplay99

    I replaced my Sennheiser/EPOS GSX1000 last year for a Schiit Magni / Modi 3 stack and it was a massive upgrade. 7.1 was cool at first on the GSX, but it killed the midrange completely and for the money it wasn't a great stereo DAC/Amp. I ended up getting separate steaming style USB mic and the Beyer Dynamic DT1990 Pro's, and I don't think I'll be upgrading again for a long time.

  29. Aayush Lamichhane

    where to buy this case ??

  30. Syber-VHS

    just get to the fucking point

  31. MC ML

    The sound and mic quality of this headset is clear and good but it lacks bass. The stock EQ setting makes this headset sounds like cheap made in China earphone but you can fix the problem by adjusting the EQ. The earpads are quite comfortable but your ear will feel hot after 2-3 hours wearing this headset.

  32. hose Billy bo

    Sorry is that a pack of gum in the thumbnail

  33. Pratim Baidya

    Can you compare these 2 cpus with higher power limits? Say 28watts. I think in that case i7 1165G7 will be faster in every situation than i5 1135G7

  34. Anuroop Nandi

    Where can I get the Pikachu wallpaper from?

  35. Johannes

    Anyone who has tried - and compared - onboard options and decent internal/external dedicated soundcards/dacs will agree, the latter are still far better than the former. I use Asus D2X and Essence ST (internal), Winamp with Kernel plugin, to play my music (Flac and Mp3 320).....hard to improve.

  36. Motaz Atef

    Hi .. are amd gpus very good in programs!

  37. Rudder

    *bounces up and down impatiently for the preorders to arrive* O_O... please scalpers do not take up all the bloody stock... leave some hardware for us gamers ok? :V

  38. Bisho FSA

    First time watching this channel its pretty annoying man like we are interested in ur history

  39. Nicolau

    Little typo @ 4:32, Tiger Lake is 15w - 28w TDP ;)

  40. peter paulsen


  41. Diamant Gott

    9 fans are awesome Dust: thanks for reviving me

  42. Alvin Cerna

    Anyone know if I can use these for the ps5?

  43. ThexWITCHxMaster

    I think I'll stick with my 3950x... it works great with my G. Skill 16GB'sx4 64GB 3600mhz memory...

  44. Paul Brown

    don't know if this is relevant but this is what I'm getting> HP OMEN 15-en0008na 15.6 Inch Full HD, 144 Hz Gaming Laptop, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6 GB Dedicated) Graphics, Windows 10 Home - Mica Silver 1199.99 on amazon the UK

  45. Luca Dummheit

    Can I play RDR with it?

  46. Joachim Tunskaug

    Of all the headphones you have tested, which one would you choose for games and music, combined with a mod mic wireless? For absolute best details in game and good quality overall

  47. This NoodleHead

    hello starlord

  48. Luna Lovegood

    Removing headphone jacks for laptops makes no sense, usually I’m on it for several hours at a time (compared to a smartphone) so it’s a nuisance to have to charge wireless headphones

  49. Jerk of Hearts

    still doesn't compete with the 3070 when DLSS and ray tracing is thrown in the mix.

  50. Marko Nikolic

    Monitor in back ????

  51. oxygenthief

    Anybody know what's the name of that uhh light bar on both sides of the monitor?

  52. JustRosy2

    Does it include the graphics card support bracket?

  53. Lord Alkaser

    Because of that video i saved my 60$ to get cooler master MH 630 because i can change the wire or mic if they damaged

  54. TKRex

    Dude is it good if it is 50 dollars

  55. FinnAtkinson

    This would be slick with hardline walercooling all over.

  56. dra6o0n

    Canada is key to providing rare metals, but China will likely plan to monopolize it somehow. China has its hands in investments and control on mining companies globally.

  57. Jesusfollower

    Jesus Christ is our lord and savior

  58. Amir Amran

    No tenting = Not ergonomic. Which is better : This with tenting kit or Moonlander (comes with tenting option out of the box)?

  59. Pratik Pawar

    In India u will see Amd GPU very rare but nvidia is rule indian market

  60. Tanish Kesarwani

    Mkbhd's career is in danger

  61. Mark Hall

    Undervolt them and test again, see if things change.

  62. Kerim Temel

    I got got cured from custom pc addiction and now I want to build exact version of this. FML

  63. ritz

    the cable is SUPER weak. my puppy has really small teeth and still managed to chew through the wire and now the left speaker wont work anymore.

  64. MAD MAX

    Too expensive , not available, out of stock 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  65. Kevin McKinley-Czup

    Yeston card, once again, looks nice AF. If powercolor or EVGA could just buy them already, they might be able to kick MSI and Asus's ass. Oh yeah. Gigabyte exists. But like, you know why you bought that if you bought it. Right?

    1. Kevin McKinley-Czup

      Oh yeah, AsRock exists too... yeah.

  66. OliverCara Abreu

    Beautifully shot video, and very informative! What wristwatch are you wearing here?

  67. Andy Haber

    Glad I watched this as I just added three more intake fans at the bottom and had considered flipping the top ones on my 360 rad and ones on the side but I have noticed that temps are better with side and bottom intake and top exhaust.

  68. Hirnlego999

    Meh, can't buy it anyway

  69. Lucas Hanson

    Pls, don't use the cam accessory on the MacBook if it has to be put directly on the glass. Many have reported their screens cracking when closing their macs with the cam accessory.

  70. A B Man

    Watching and using my Razer Blackshark V2, they're near perfect, get them on day 1!

  71. Brian Horton

    does the 3060 model use the same display?

  72. Brian Horton

    I'm surprised on all the negative reviews honestly. I'm no expert but the rtx3060 model is 1100 bucks and that's the full price i would imagine you will see it for 900 hell maybe even 800 around November. with that said so its not the most powerful 30 series in the world it still has a high refresh rate display with great colors and has excellent really really excellent battery life. I mean geese guys what am I missing. lets see the razorblade 15 is still selling for 1500 bucks and I guarantee this gets higher fps then that does easy. the battery lasts longer and it has a much much better display according to this guy. I had the razorblade 15 and took it back because the display was horrendous. I'm not a huge gamer but I would like to play a game once in a while. right now I have the ASUS q538ei it is an OLED with a 1650ti. it is gorgeous but honestly the 60hz display is bothering me some when gaming. ill tell you what I'm seriously considering this laptop in the 3060. what am I missing?

  73. AutoGamesNation

    I just want a light weight (78g or less) MMO mouse.... 🙏

  74. Shelby Joseph

    Does anyone know where his gengar keycap is from?