Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based DEfasts channels!
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  1. Trae Cummings

    Never thought of a Light Scientist. Pretty cool.

  2. roofnkeith

    Pretty cool guys

  3. Kay Knouse

    4:18. My 4 year old makes me play Woo, Wee over and over. Still thinks it's hilarious to this very day.

  4. youget2

    Was that chemical brothers?

  5. fabien louvel

    "i'm a vegan, i don't eat eggs, this is really interesting for me" i thought veganism was an act to fight against animals exploitation?

  6. Caine Watkin


  7. mrroomfoam

    so basically a flame thrower is just a hose with flammable water and a lighter?

  8. NRG Sell

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  9. wissal zaher

    Everything is just an illustion. Amazing video !

  10. NRG Sell

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  11. T3ar S0up

    2:35 you’re welcome

  12. NRG Sell

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  13. 2222do

    Oh. Jesus..........christ.

  14. Neth Winkles

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  15. Ziii su

    Vertical Duck Spike Wave

  16. MarsFKA

    My father was a tank commander in the New Zealand Division Armoured Regiment in Italy. They had the standard Shermans, with the 75-mm gun, which he said was a useful enough weapon, but the game changed when they started receiving Shermans with the Firefly conversion - the British 17-pounder ant-tank gun. They were very impressed with a gun that could destroy anything it was aimed at. When they fired the 75 mm gun, they could stand outside the tank and observe the fall of shot, but the 17-pounder gun's muzzle blast was so colossal that they had to shelter inside the turret when it fired, or be standing further away from the tank than these slo-mo guys were. If they were firing at anything less than one thousand yards away it was impossible to spot the fall of shot because they were still flinching from the muzzle blast when the shot arrived at the other end.

  17. Ibrahim Khan


  18. Brody Lambeth

    What’s all the blood behind the blue container

  19. FC Zinx

    How cracked would Justin be with 10 trillion FPS?

  20. AlakhNiranjan17

    Balls of steel

  21. Christians Super Channel

    1:22 *when you wanna go to the nether but you haven’t unlocked it yet*

  22. Xavier Martinez

    I remember this was only 3 yrs ago

  23. ThE KiDD

    didnt fuawking shut fr a second

  24. ThE KiDD

    stoppp talking alrdy

  25. João Vítor

    this quality!!!!!!!!!

  26. Brian Gutierrez

    Anyone from Alan Becker?

  27. Oliver Fenton

    It looks like a sideways mushroom cloud

  28. Robert Helms

    The light seems to move in pulses rather than at a constant rate. It looks neither like a wave nor a group of particles. No one calculated the rate of induction or "speed" of the light in this experiment sadly. It also seems light has a transverse as well as a longitudinal pulsation much like a coaxial circuit.

  29. Lucas Valente Guerra

    No brasil nois faz isso cm a mão mesmo e nois ja faz a mto tempo KKKKKKKK

  30. jefferson silva

    Vim aqui por causa do dacunha só pra ver se a bala sai capotando msm! Kkkk

  31. Sliim

    This is america

  32. Rocío Castro

    So cool

  33. camwoodstock

    Randall Monroe would be proud.

  34. TesserId

    Don't you guys ever take turns. 11 years later and you guys still have this imbalance. And, geesh you look like such boys here.

  35. Haydn Gill


  36. GregYT

    an automatic rifle firin

  37. Darrel White

    I came here for the “what a waste of a good vehicle, I could have used that car” comments. People are so stupid and predictable.

  38. Madkroniik

    that mega 64 comment. I felt that :(

  39. Hayato Yuuki

    That engineering really is fascinating.

  40. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

    *Hey guys, don't unnecessarily drag the video - I had to stop watching after **2:04**. Sorry.* *Bcz even after 2 mins you guys were constantly talking non sense.*

  41. oguzcan nallidere

    I missed Dan :(

  42. Tyrell Nelson

    The scary part is the many dump trucks and other vehicles weigh more and go faster than this wrecking ball.

  43. Krishna Mani Kalita

    Dan was not that fat at that time 🤣

  44. BoxedInGaming

    So I can actually make my own gatorade? This is amazing!

  45. Robin Campfens

    As a kid I visited a classmate her dad had an old pinball machine, and you could look inside thru the money door thing. So cool to see all those devices. I really was so amazed how much stuff was inside.

  46. Shamanious

    Does anyone have a link to the double slit experiment being recorded by a camera such as this?

  47. BoxedInGaming

    No one: Supersonic obliterator: *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

  48. BoxedInGaming

    Can’t believe you spelled subscribe on a film reel

  49. Logikure

    They should totally invite Gav and Dan to Gmm

  50. Ananya Goyal

    I love how they weren't worried about water going all over the Phantom but were bummed about a tiny piece of table being chipped off.

  51. Its Tubbo_

    This so amazing.

  52. Broken Antler

    If you look real close, you can see that the compressed gas inflates the watermelon after the malts pave the path.

  53. SHAAN ShAaN

    Modern TVs maybe good, but CRT TVs hold the best memories😌

  54. Ben Shapiro

    uncensored version please???

  55. Burning Up Dust

    Beam me up Scotty

  56. NRG Sell

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  57. Don Mackie

    Well that was cool!

  58. scott

    Flesh Prince sounds metal af

  59. Old school Pete

    Such a mean little bugger! ... reminds me of the ex.

  60. jesus coronado alvarado

    and if i slow down the speed of this video to .25

    1. Haris Ali


  61. How2Build Central

    2:25 I am rolling on the floor 😂🤣

  62. Chris Messias

    I love the fake confetti that comes out with the barbs when the gun is discharged, like "Surprise! You're getting tased!" lol

  63. Comet Jockey Dave

    Looks like a bigger site is needed.

  64. Nicolas Hoxter

    Wait what happened to Dan

  65. travis j

    What the name of the gun and to get one and how much and how deep of penetration

  66. Robin Holden

    Surely this video should be behind some kind of paywall.

  67. Players Central

    Can the broken glass hurt you

  68. Moose The Goose

    Slow mo candle crushing! Looks so satisfying! I'd love to see it in slow motion! 😁

  69. T J

    You set 928 mouse traps

  70. Jason Alen

    Not knowing what that usage of "bog" meant made it much funnier when you revealed the toilet.

  71. Kevin Durant

    Windows windows are

  72. Joko Banogon

    2:45 "MONK" saying "oh my god!" ahahaha

  73. Aleksandr N

    most viewed video with imovie intro

  74. hyeryeong598 gim

    UFO소멸 되야 합니다 사탄 입니다 못벗어나는것이 이해가 안됩니다 영성진화가 되야 합니다

  75. Florian_25

    Did my comment Just get removed? I hope I didn't say something bad and it was only a rouge word that was on the black list, if it wasn't I'm sorry.

    1. Haris Ali

      My reply will ever remain here even if I died 😭😭😭😭😭

  76. James Donnelly

    Always always glad I watched

  77. Scott Wallace

    R.I.P the patty mayo vicsims

  78. baby bear

    "MREOW!" "Dont you dare claw this." I wanted to laugh but i could not

  79. Morgan C

    The little *foonk* sound when Dan smashes the cork at the end lololol

  80. Talha yusuf Özdoğan

    Water money