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  1. vinny142

    Remember that laptop cases are designed around the cooling fan. Do *NOT* simply build a closed case with a few holes around the fan, make sure that you put vent holes where the original case had it's holes. Also: heatpipes *ARE* sensitive to orientation so if you put your board in upside down, you may lose a significant amount of cooling capacity (laptops are designed to be operated on a flat surface or, drumroll, on your lap, tha angle is not supposed to exceed 45 degrees or so.

  2. Always Censored

    YT made a good recommendation for once. I love this brass design. Going to use it for my Raspberry Pi's.

  3. D_Progress

    I have the T.vsT59.031 controller board but the remote does not work the board can be controlled buy the keys at the back but it is not that user-friendly can someone help me with the remote please. don't know if it's a firmware issue or the remote need to program different.

  4. Fayçal

    in conclusion .. I love it too

  5. Minecraft Viatr

    I'm pretty sure nothing here is that diy by definition as DIY means "do it yourself" AND THE GUY HAS A EFFIN' JIGSAW.

  6. Minecraft Viatr

    You can also get LimboPC Emulator and download a win10 image for a windows laptop xD

  7. SevenDeMagnus

    So very creative.

  8. Fazan Hamrock

    I did it myself thanks to Woodglut.

  9. Etherium Sky Films & Media

    Any idea if/where I could find a narrow & long display, something like 1920x540? I'd love to have a second screen like the Asus ROG Zephyrus laptop - though hopefully for a lesser price. Installing a full second screen is just too bulky for being on the go - and having a half-sized one would be perfect for my work (video editing). Longer & narrower screen would be perfect for premiere timeline.

  10. Savash Zaynal

    You just killed the sound absorption panel business 😂

  11. Weston Schott

    Would love a more thin version to make a skylight or an in wall apposed to hall way build. Love the look!

  12. K2o

    A bit late to the party but there is a safety regulation that calls for a limit to temperature rise on materials which end user touches, I think it is around 52-53C? Coupled with the fact that it should be fairly well sealed from dust etc (its not officially IP rated I assume but I guess dust in camera = dead), they wouldn't want to risk having any openings. Great video, and much more professional finish than I expected! thank you.

  13. Iron Freddy

    German Subtitel please.

  14. AF CK

    your tutorial is simply excellent (short, clear, precise).. fantastic! how far did you get with your disk replacing trials?

  15. Vatal

    Completely theft prove. Proceeds to flexing his setup wor the entire world to see.

  16. S T A R R I M S

    Mostly homemade gear, free editing software, limited room space.. I definitely got it!

  17. wonderp

    ooooops my laptop broke i guess i need a new one, and i can use the old one for this ;)

  18. The_Racoon

    Yeah but the monitor is placed way too high

  19. Pratyush balaji

    Everyone who uses USB : "Finally, we can't plug it in the wrong side" iPhone users : "You can't plug it in flipped?" Headphone users : "You can't plug it in diagonal?" Bluetooth users : *"You guys are getting plugged in?!"*

  20. Richard Ellis

    Well done my friend

  21. i put my S upercaSe

    overclocked camera

  22. Pringlets

    I don't think he's blinkin

  23. Nicus Aparicio

    What? Where are the holes after you remove the hanging hidden monitor?

  24. Marcus Tucker

    Or you could use one of these tiny adapters which simply slots into and thereby converts any USB 2.0 Type A connector (i.e. not suitable for devices with USB 3.x connectors where they actually need the speed) a.aliexpress.com/_vr2MKp

  25. M 68

    can you make a video how to add usb c to old laptops that gust have usb 3

  26. Jesus Irizarry

    Always enjoy your videos, God bless you

  27. jack frost


  28. Emmett Pickerel

    Has anyone done this build with a regular (non-server) PSU? The modules he's using draw 6A for optimum performance, and most PSUs 12v amperage is far below that. Definitely doing this build in the coming weeks, and will likely incorporate a thin marble slab into the freezing surface.

  29. CINEWHOOP Hungary

    your eyecandy game is pretty high

  30. Lori

    to transform useless phone into laptop we have to pay more than 200$ for all those things needed..

  31. E87EHUU


  32. Thien Ho

    His kid will have the coolest toys in the neighborhood.

  33. Andy Smythe

    Blinking makes you not look creepy, btw : ) (at the start)

  34. Igon Ovabord

    I'm surprised he didn't whisk it with some kind of DIY whisking contraption.

  35. Bryan C

    Now the only thing you have to do is motorize it.

  36. Lizard of Oz

    I'm sorry... But do all people in Britain call steel wool "wire wool"? i dont know why i find that so funny lmao

  37. Carla Pires

    Just found you Mr DIY Perks and absolutely adore you!!! It is so gratifying do see thechies showing the world that electronics can be reporpused and transformed into new useful items instead of just trashing and buying new.

  38. Rewadheed At

    I made an invisible monitor too but didn't like it cause i cannot see what is on the monitor

  39. Allan Nguyen

    I want one of this. As I'm not a handyman, can I simply buy it from you? Thx 😁

  40. Drew Barthlow

    Great video! Thanks for making it. I’ve got a screen from an iPad mini 2 (200mm x 135mm, 2048x1536 resolution). Would that work for this project, or will it be too big?

  41. Corey Plays

    yoooooooooo you have the playstation 5. can i please have it, i rlly want it, please can you give it to me pleeeeeeeeease i really want the playstation 5 pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase give me it for free please

  42. le93ndary reviews2020

    Omg! 😮😯🙀😲

  43. Janko Martin

    If you like woodworking, just look for Woodglut plans.

  44. Dao Tran

    I was wondering if you could make a video or provide recommendations of boards to make battery powered devices into USB C powered. Such as a led light powered by 3 AAA or a camping fan/led light that runs on 4 D batteries.

  45. haris faraz

    my hard drive is fell to my hand, and completely damage can I repair it to recover data,

  46. george bruce

    15:06 hear that "pop"?

  47. james Johnson

    Just fyi: if you need a 3D printer and or a fully equipped workshop its not exactly DIY its *I'm actually a small scale shop owner who's made [ITEM] in my spare time

  48. Luis Mares

    I would love write subtitles for people who don't understand English, your projects are AWESOME. Greetings from Mexico.


    lol bro discovering brass is so funny .. good video as usual

  50. ImposterCure

    Question, where did you get the aluminum panels to build this desk out of? What grade did you use?

  51. dav ep

    I wish I had the power of montaging. Projects would go so much more quickly. PS: This *would* sell in the current situation. PPS: I don't think I can get Aluminium in the us :-(.

  52. Maxi Muck

    is there a possibility to check if the monitor is still working?

  53. bittu pathak

    This is the only thing video of yours in which i didn't learn anything new.

  54. redhotsun51

    Love your vids Mat, your enthusiasm is really genuine.

  55. Satyajit Biswas

    i need this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  56. Zen Dulak

    Did I say wow? well, yes I did but I am saying it again! = )

  57. Zen Dulak

    Wow, just awesome! thanks!

  58. Matt Swift

    Could you just point a light you already have at the dish?

  59. Yiannis Gavrilides

    What is the white material ?

  60. Rastislav Novak

    I recommend making several units and they'll go wild for sale

  61. Blubus

    Hm....looks like 500 people applied too much heat and melted their solder

  62. moofushu

    Eat your heart out IKEA.

  63. Matthew Kerner

    Has anyone tried to do this with a samsung tv? Mine looks to have a different setup with the panels. There are no little dots on the acrylic but instead there is another layer that is yellowish that was underneath the acrylic. I've tried with and without it and I am not getting the same results. The light is clearly brighter at the edge. I also tried with putting the LEDs around the entire panel, not just on one side. Thanks~

    1. Matthew Kerner

      Ok so now I got a Visio and the “acrylic” layer is actually cheap coated plastic that doesn’t have any of the little dots. Is there a specific brand I should look fir because “most” isn’t working for me. :-(

  64. zhafsan

    Can I spray paint/airbrush the dish with a chrome reflective paint instead of using the reflective film?

  65. Dale Wolver

    Is it waterproof

  66. Guru Karthi

    This video tools name

  67. Jonasz Przybycień

    Wonder if I can fit the breakout board in the Wii U Pro controller (mini usb by default). The simpler version is enough since this controller is wireless only so it only needs power.

  68. Austin Capell

    What’s the final cost on this?

  69. sarjunas mukodir

    Nice 👍🏽

  70. dezastruos

    Suddenly this has become my No.1 favourite video on DEfasts

  71. Nicus Aparicio

    Love it! But can we just hear the sound coming from the PC table? Thanks

  72. zhafsan

    I would love to see the effects of a 100w led. I’m pretty interested in building one.

  73. N00bie

    Mate im lucky enough that it only broke the glass. Phew

  74. Phillipa Kemi

    Our TV just broke and our living room's really dark... I might try this

  75. Rashida Shaikh

    I'm gonn die today , I broke my mom's phone oh shit and my idiot sister told that to mummy Does it really work God save me plsss

  76. Jonagrey

    This guy is building DIY technology to treat seasonal affective disorder / depression. ...GIVE THIS MAN A GOVERNMENT GRANT OR NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  77. Bruce De Loop

    Quality video, and instructions. Perfect EQ on the VO too! Makes such a difference! Thanks for this..

  78. Wilde They

    As an artist I find it really hard to learn new knowledge or processes without understanding them first, so when I was trying to learn to replace the lightbulb in my drawing light box with LEDs I found it hard to follow along with the tutorials. Thankyou for this! You have helped me understand much more :)