1. Arpan D'Rozario

    Don't naturally aspirated engines, not have a turbo?

  2. Mr. Wabbit

    you mean bimmer?

  3. Max Hatch

    Damn this guy is so dumb, doesn’t know a thing about cars/trucks, he called fender flares wide body ffs, and he said “I wish they went to 300” he just has no idea... acting like you can just press a button and get more hp

  4. Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

    The line of jokes and stupidity is getting thinner

  5. Koen Ouwehand

    Tesla personality but it's a mustang

  6. Cody Brown

    Best thing he loves is that daddy bought it lol. How's that upbadged 6 cylinder doing 😂 Bro is trying so hard to be a "car guy" and has daddy buy him a 6 cylinder MUSTANG of all things. Sad even revs it proving its not a V8. Jesus dude give it up.

  7. Royal Bros

    The turbo is really nice hahahs

  8. Daniel Graham

    Personally I think they did it because the struts go bad and that little piece of metal will always keep that hood open for u the fucking struts at one point are gonna give out and can cause the hood to fall on you

  9. Wise Lord

    So your daddy bought you this car good live on your daddy’s money that’s what Desi people like you do be proud when you buy with your own money you won’t be able to afford a Corolla with your money

  10. Nifty Ram

    please don’t compare that “truck” to a ford😭😭

  11. Jesse-_-James_ 13

    Yes, “It looks Supra, Supra cool.”

  12. Just stuff With Wolfe

    Rich people problems

  13. Marco Yoo

    So... you just review cars just by its badge and stickers?? How would someone will ever know if it is real truck unless at least you tell us what's under the hood and how much you can load or tow.

  14. street sauce

    That's not a turbo. That's clearly the blinker fluid reservoir.

  15. Pestilizer

    God that discusting

  16. Marco Yoo

    Kia doesn't make cars for fun. They do research and decide which cars they should develop or enhance. The reason why Kia Soul is still on the market is because they thought it will bring profit and it is doing so.

  17. Paul

    "Naturally aspirated" LOL

  18. spodoinklehorse




  20. Tim Peter

    It's a really useful car if you don't need a useful car

  21. T. Lee

    Tell me he is joking

    1. T. Lee

      thank god it is

  22. Big Shane Gillis

    Only idiots buy new cars. Don’t buy a car that’s 3-4 years new from factory unless you make over 200k a year

  23. Mikhail Headley

    I saw that in my car as well so that means my car has a turbo too‼️

  24. Lando Produced it

    Still not a Ford tho

  25. Steven Reyes

    No not an f150 it looks like a Honda Odyssey with a truck bed

  26. Jared Baker

    I have the same truck. Check the tray in the center console. The coin holder is in there.

  27. Level End Baddie

    The front is a rip off of the Range Rover Evoque

  28. Sanchit Aggarwal

    He is the most annoying DEfastsr Period.

  29. gabe itches

    I can clearly see everything when u show ur side mirror, wdym doesn't do much

  30. Memo Gutierrez jr

    And then he shot himself

  31. rko kumar

    Worst look wise

  32. tom Beatz

    Man that‘s like the third video I‘ve seen from him saying that he has a v8 and not a v6 Sounds like he‘s a little insecure about his v6🤣

  33. 5OO846

    Because all new cars will be electric within ten years... they need people to not notice the exhaust pipes anymore.

  34. Mud Puddle

    WTF was ford thinking?

  35. Tim Perez

    First step: get off your goddamn phone

  36. Chris Perry

    A ridge line will never be a real truck so long as it never will receive a v8. And a half ton truck chassis. A real truck doesn’t have a unibody frame. It has an actual chassis.

  37. tom Beatz

    Who is also watching one video and than heading directly to the comments🤣

  38. A P

    The guy from Office Space whining about his stapler, but instead with a 4-pot and a lisp

  39. Derek McAlister

    Wait how do you have open headers but have a straight pipe?🤨

  40. Ergun Cangal

    Awd > 4x4 , 4x4 is only better off road

  41. Roary 007

    The car looks like its really stoned

  42. N 777

    "I don't use the lights indicator because this is a BMW"

  43. Ezzy Money

    This dude knows crap about cars Or trucks

  44. Augustus Constantine

    It’s even worse. Lmao

  45. 50thSt8OfMind

    People here in Hawaii will think oh shit cops got trucks now

  46. coolguy123

    Why don’t u become a car designer


    The car: wash me please

  48. Drakon

    To exercise your wimpy arms

  49. Thomas Williamson

    Hand break, a break you use with your hand wtf is an e break, what’s the e for?

  50. TruVlogTv

    4x4 sucks compared to AWD

  51. Lord_N 1

    I love how the only issue people have is the fact ford slapped the mustang name on it lmao petty.

  52. Dreamers imi negev

    æææ æææ æ æ æææ æ æ æææ

  53. Umesh Kodippili


  54. Thomas Williamson

    “You can see all 8 cylinders there” procedures to point at intake runners😔

  55. none ya Biz

    this dudes complaining about the hood having a rod every car has, first world mf problemmm

  56. Lostallmy Money

    Real trucks drive the rear wheels first, then the front. Not AWD backwards.

  57. Elondra Emberheart

    I like my kia soul, it's cute. But fr the back end on those new ones ain't it. I kinda like the front tho

  58. James Morey

    I got my Demon, it’s a fun car

  59. Dreamers imi negev

    æææ æææ æ æ æææ æ æ æææ

  60. Dreamers imi negev

    æææ æææ æ æ æææ æ æ æææ

  61. shwan jones

    Still shitty

  62. Dreamers imi negev

    æææ æææ æ æ æææ æ æ æææ

  63. Husnain Hussain

    AWD but he'd like to see 4x4? This guy knows nothing

  64. Royum's Shorts

    They don't make em smart in Wisconsin I guess

  65. GoldFrames Bandit

    That’s a KiaMW

  66. Ryan Lawton

    you can still delete

  67. Wild Malibu

    Sounds like your pride and joy.

  68. Danley Nuks

    Probably a dodge demon badge

  69. Jake burch

    Why do you have a channel about car/trucks when you don't even know how to use a jack???

  70. Turboandy McToaster

    people who don't get this have no rights to oxygen

  71. Danley Nuks

    Paul: Hey James, that weird kid is in our lot again

  72. Jake burch

    literally will take you maybe 30 minutes to install the exhaust. Super simple once you got the back end jacketed up.

  73. II D3ADB1RD II

    God you must me a lonely child

  74. Jonathan Keith

    That's where the fun of car modification and tuning comes in. I didn't like my Suzuki's exhaust, so I bought a Magnaflow catback exhaust system. So now it looks and sounds a lot better, while being a bit faster.

  75. Jake burch

    You get what you pay for.

  76. mijuo roui

    “Honda performance development” I’m so glad he can read

  77. Private Information

    Ugliest wheels ever made!

  78. Derek McAlister

    Show what the engine bay looks like please

  79. Jake burch

    I hope its not the worst supercharger roush has ever made....

  80. BOLOD9I

    Ok do the sututututu