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  1. Splat Boo

    *but we're not there yet*

  2. Honey pen


  3. • Rikai •

    Why is pearl on the thumbnail Lmao

  4. Orca

    you know that feeling you get when you see puppies irl? That is the feeling I get when I see that you have posted

  5. Moomin

    poor thumin :( i hope she’s doing alright

  6. xoxofanta xoxo

    Hey shannon! awesome video, but im just going to let you know im going to trace you to practice!! I wont post it and even if i did i would give credit. Tysm c^

  7. Robotic Prophet

    “Idk I don’t think I’m in a good place mentally rn“ “Ok but do your farts smell”

  8. Queer_Cactus_Flowers

    Her art is beautiful. Why would you be angry at it? She drew herself and it was amazing.

  9. b!tCh k!TtY

    Yea... Many more important things to pay attention to than a bunch of youtube drama. Especially the complete collapse of America. Take care.

  10. snuggy4589

    even if she drew black kiki? so what? draw a black version of kiki.

  11. snow kisses

    Omg!! Im so sorry jerry an other people was so cruel to you!! You seem like a very caring person!! Don't let them take away your shine 💞

  12. _JACQ_

    This makes me literally so mad- "wHitE waShinG is Ok" "N O Y O U ' R E T H E R A C I S T O N E " My GOD I want to punch everyone who says these things to Thumin, Thumin deserves love not hate.

  13. Moon Pie

    This is disgraceful and disgusting. The fact that Instagram is trying to silence this person is the most horrid thing a company can do. The way the people who are harassing her is disgusting, all because she drew herself as a fucking fictional character. This entire situation is childish and repulsive, all of it. Thumin deserves every ounce of love and support she can get, because as a black creator she shouldn’t get this much harassment; no one should.

  14. TrashyBoi 1317

    💂 I just spent 4 hours with the most awesome friend I have ever know. Those four hours were amazing. We laughed so hard. 😂

  15. Callum Mightytree

    Me who had a special interest in Danny phantom for ages: Haha, jokes on you

  16. - - S4D L0VY - -

    It’s called CARTOON

  17. candy coree

    Hey, I was wondering if you could talk about Funamusea next? They draw r*pe, inc*st and other foul things in a fetishy and joking light. I’ve made a doc about this person with evidence, please let me know!

  18. Nadia

    I agree, Catholic school is its own brand of crazy. I left and I didn't look back. Not even once.

  19. Hibbah Khokhar

    Harassment is wrong no matter what or how it is done. If it's constructive criticism and truly so then fine. I hope Thumin is still going strong despite what is happening.

  20. Angelly

    “Muppet of a mother.”💀💀💀

  21. D White

    Who is she?

  22. TheTripleJJJ 017

    I always disliked his songs they just weren’t for me the only one I liked was survive the night which I just recently found out he made I still find tombstone and da games the best fnaf song makers

  23. A Catfish

    Maps belong! IN THE EARTH'S CORE!

  24. SaltedVR

    Excuse me but is it ok if you use reference from someone’s fanart without credits or do you need to credit the original creator so if you use 3 different reference drawings do you have to find and credit the original creators because a really don’t want to get attacked for not crediting the original creator.

  25. Llama

    You are attractive

  26. Yin Maserati

    I couldn't even watch the whole video because I was horrified and became literally sick. 😷 How can people be so cruel? As a fellow POC, my heart goes out to her.

  27. Lois Tarr

    Every time CreepShow says "But we're not there yet" I always wanna say "Are we there yet?"

  28. Cilliana

    You are so well spoken! I can’t even finish a sentence without messing up.

  29. Sam Lane

    I want to thank you for speaking out and being so strong. Your art is beautiful it hurts my heart that someone would dare disrespect it. Please keep going & don’t ever let these kind of people stop you from making beautiful art. Thank you

  30. sunnygcat13

    I just want to be one message saying I don't hate you, I think you are cool creator with interesting opinions.


    I actually watched one of Thumin videos and honestly she really great( I haven't met her in person but she sound nice) and her drawings are really cute and I am glad that she is doing what she wants to do

  32. ree_ree

    I like your art🤮

  33. W. Es

    Why were you friendly with racist in the first place?? Address that.

  34. The real kentaro Zero0

    I Love your videos and your art and I wish you even more success in your future

  35. Aiden McGrew

    original is unequal to LGBTQ if u make ur character gay or something then dont constantly allude to it like "hes gay btw" just like how u wouldnt with any straight character

  36. Sam Moore

    the fuk

  37. Gray andre

    Star always gave me bad vibes. I had a few friends who were big fans of his, but he has always given me the fuckin creeps

  38. Oliver

    3:36 how it feels to chew 5 gum

  39. SkeleLock

    My God I didn't know being stalked was a privilege. What a concept. Stalkers are a sign of success now? Why are people so vile to say something like that?

  40. BerciK

    nice art, but holy shit you speak such bullshit, none of the stuff you say makes any sense

  41. Daniella Duck


  42. DIOs MegaNut

    Bruh i had thos playing in the background not really laying attention until I heard "Butch Hartman made me gay."

  43. Robert Guerra


  44. Zero898

    Me: sees it's mandopony Me: oh nooooooooo nah it can't be who i think it i- oh no it is

  45. Sounds of Limbo

    This... reminds me a lot of an old "friend" I once had, to the point it's UNCANNY. I had an ex-friend who'd also lie about things that don't matter (he claimed he was rich, had a job as a racecar driver, that he was married, that he was a professional animator despite me literally never seeing evidence for it, etc.), and while being too lazy to use alt accounts to say bad things to me, WOULD lie about people saying bad things about me to attempt to get a rise out of me/attempt to get me to attack them because they were usually people he didn't like (this never worked because I always ask for evidence and never got anything). Holy hell, he even guilted me and used CANCER to make me sympathize with him. I also remember a time where he lied to me about being shot in the stomach (which he did by pretending to message me as his fake imaginary husband who has the exact same typing style as him). He was supposedly out of the hospital and acting normal again in like one or two days after being... shot in the stomach and apparently in a coma??? He lied to me about being things like a professional animator/racecar driver/rich/etc. in an attempt to impress me since he started off as a follower of sorts (I hate the word "fan" for myself, it feels icky to use in reference to anyone who follows my work, I just say "follower"). I sort of... knew the truth, but just played along anyway thinking, hey, maybe he's insecure! One day when the time is right, he'll realize I don't care about any of that and I just value friendships at their core. He never did come clean until I called him out though. He didn't ever ask me for money but actually did the opposite, saying I should "expect a lot of money" in my Patreon later, that he'd order a several-hundred dollar commission, stuff like that- which never happened because he actually was just a dude still living with his mom. He did lie to one of my friends though and told them I asked him for money, even though I'm heavily against asking for money from people and never did so, so that was nice! :) Oh and the people he tried to get me to attack? I ended up making friends with them around the time I realized what a garbage human he was. Turns out he was harassing them, sending them death threats, and once upon a time was even an abusive friend of them. It also turns out that those people were actually sweet as hell and just wanted to be left alone, who would have thought! Jesus tapdancing christ this video sent me back because it's all so familiar. I'm sorry you went through this, I've BEEN THERE with this shit. It's caused me to get unreasonably suspicious of anyone trying to befriend me ever since. I wish I could dig into the minds of people like this and just... decipher their thought process, what makes them think that this is a good way to get close to people, stuff like that.

  46. evil art fox

    Why did they call it map why couldn't they call it like puer or something. Now its gonna be like: Person1: i like maps Person2: what kind the multiple animation projects, pedophiles, guide on where to go ect.

  47. Korotea X

    When you trace, you don't learn. Wouldn't you rather be revered for cultivating your own style than be revered for being a prick? I don't get tracer logic

    1. Seal Birdy

      I mean sometimes tracing can help, as long as you don't just trace the whole picture and also draw on your own (and don't claim the drawing as your own). Like if your practicing drawing new poses or anatomy. But yeah, other than that, I agree

  48. nagito kinnie but better

    its sad that people disliked this ;/

  49. Kevin


  50. Tatum Thiessen

    don't act like all the other Marvel characters won't be laughing at these new ones thor: so what your name "oh it's screen time" rocket: what? "screen time " thor: rocket: tony: *rolling over in his grave*

  51. AB 1111

    Positive: liers gunna get called out, truth will prevail

  52. AB 1111

    Katie is a walking lie her videos set up as she does deep research on different scandals and then she get busted for literally stealing someone else's story and info and just repeats what they said

  53. Dana parsons Liquid Cosmos Art

    Omg how dare you expect to have.. you know normal human rights.. you are on DEfasts you must act like an ai that personally belongs to the masses.. ( I'm joking obviously this is ridiculous) as for Kiki drawing.. no-one has an issue with cosplay.. wtf is wrong with people

  54. LNLawrence

    the fact yin literally defend her

  55. Strife Gaming YT

    The same people who called her out, and was being blatantly racist, probably ship themselves with fictional characters from a certain anime. You know which one

    1. That's pretty epic

      I’m so confused which anime are you talking about

  56. Blackpeacock 1000

    Aren't they called pedophiles? Ew! Why would they be proud to call themselves M.A.P's? They should be ashamed of themselves!


    "she joined a religion for the aestetic" Let me guess, Wicca?

  58. Gergő Kun

    I have hard time beliving this, i mean i am seing it but it feels like the onion or the twilight zone, beacuse in my eperience the art community is the wokest out there (in both positivie and negative sense), shocking that things like this still happen, and that racism is still this much alive, i had no idea.

  59. xEme- sweetiex

    Honestly, as someone who had a stalker in real life i can just say no one deserves that

  60. DarlinqDalia :3

    Use code nBurd @Gfuel for 10% Off!!! 😂😂😂🤣 Anyways, This video was just down right just sad and disturbing. Truly and honestly sorry you were going through all of this.💔 And, I as well hate being lied to.

  61. Flare the Firesunflower

    Ever start binge watching your favourite DEfastsr then start crying because they tell you you're valid? Just me? ight ╰(*Q▽Q*)╯

  62. Polly

    This is hella fucked

  63. Heatherlynn

    Don't threaten me with a good time

  64. Crybaby.Adriii

    Honestly he won’t last 4 seconds in the Royale High trading hub chat lol

  65. blakedout

    Use code ember at GFUEL

  66. Michael Trinta

    oh god you whine SO MUCH

  67. Magpie's Oddities

    When are you going to address everything wrong with your peaches video?

  68. -.Aurora Drawz.-

    Thank you so much for approaching this! I’m not all that known on any platform, but one of my biggest fears I’ve had as ever since I started posting my art publicly, I’ve been so afraid someone out there might go, “oh hey look, a not well known artist, let’s take their art and steal all the credit for it” This video brings up a topic that I’m sure a lot of small artists are terribly afraid of happening to them! Things like this are not okay! And to some people who it happens to it’s really self-decimating to them This kind of thing is just terrible These kinds of things just make me sick

  69. Willow

    “You should be grateful to be stalked.” I’m sorry. Who hurt you?

  70. Kioku 記憶 Ch.

    its like going to a colored cosplayer cosplaying their favorite character and telling them to stop blackwashing dat char hahaha very funny.... racists shouldnt even be allowed on social media platforms because if they hate blacks they shouldnt be in a place where everyone of every color is in XD make a platform for whites only then

  71. sushi sutton

    I too like drawing attractive females. I also like dating women.

  72. Arabella McClendon

    still not the minor's fault. that's not normal behavior, that means you've been groomed by the internet. or on the internet. or in general. that behavior does not even occur to a normal healthy child

  73. ChasingStars

    So there are people out there who agree with stalking? like they actually see it as a privilege?.... Weird. ..... kinda concerning. and as for the sad little racists, there is no way they aren't attention seekers hoping for the shock factor? - I really do picture them being teen boys, sitting in their dark 'edgy' bedroom, laughing at themselves cuz they are such trolls,. (no offense to those who are sitting in their dark 'edgy' bedrooms and aren't racist trolls)

  74. Gabe Claufredd

    The number beside your name says 441, be better if it was 420 but it'll be funnier when it hits 666

  75. ErgonomicChair

    I mean... the post outright mentioned blackwashing, yeah? SO... she was actually attempting to blackwash. These trolls are just trying to get a reaction by the way, you're giving them the exact thing they want and I highly doubt they are being serious about it. At any rate, if she drew it without the blackwashing commentary I doubt anyone would have done anything. And that comment that makes you want to bash your head in... I am a creator. I get threatened all the time, death threats ALL the time etc especially since I am a nsfw creator. This is the internet, grow some thicker sin.

  76. sushi sutton

    Can you please cover the hopeful lucille drama?

  77. sushi sutton

    Can you please cover the hopeful lucille drama?

  78. 50% corrupt pump

    Beep boopboop skedapooop beep