I'm 20, I'm married, I love the earth and I love cheese but I'm allergic to it :/ Watch me film my boring a** life but have a good ol time no matter what!!!

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  1. Hunter Lockwood

    You guys are so cute!! 💕

  2. Lauren Adent

    I agree with you to an extent, COVID is not a hoax, yes people are dying from it and it’s awful. However, I also think living our lives in fear is not necessary, and it’s not right that we have lost our freedom. It is everyone’s decision to do what they want to do. If someone has a health condition and they know they are at risk, shouldn’t they be looking out for themselves and not relying on other people to care about them? As shitty as it is to say, we have been taught to care for ourselves, trust no one, the only person you have is yourself. Why does this not apply now? We look out for ourselves, we decide what is worth it. If you are perfectly healthy and aren’t at risk, then why can’t we go outside and enjoy our lives and just do what we want to do. This past year was awful because of the deaths, but more than that, there were so many jobs lost, the amount of homeless people has increased IMMENSELY, and same with depression and anxiety and suicide rates. The states that still have a mask mandate, still have increasing numbers. There is no logic to this virus, whatsoever. It is important to care about people, but we also have to be paying attention to the government in this situation. Why do people trust the government without blinking an eye? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  3. CharliGirlMusic

    I will forever "doo doo" now, every time I shave. Nearly shot my drink out my nose!

  4. Clara

    Great video Dani! I'm having to accept the fact that no matter how careful I am, my skin's just too damn sensitive there, so I gotta accept that the bald life isn't for me lmao. In case someone's in the same boat as me, I hope you feel less alone, cause I feel like we're always more pressured to be hairless there.

  5. Nena Marín

    Imagine how much personal growth she’s done, that she actually acknowledges the privileges she had growing up and KNOWS that’s a weird version of this world. I’m blown by her maturity and her thoughts. ¡You are amazing Dani! And yeah, we grew up together ❤️

  6. Jennifer And Dutch

    Girl if life was that black and white I think everything would be at least 1 million times easier. Unfortunately there’s too many differing views out there. There are strong facts on both sides and it’s hard to know what is right and what is wrong. Having everybody stay at home unfortunately is not feasible for a good amount of people, but neither is opening up everything, at least right now. It’s a whole mess

  7. Asia Martin

    my whole family has the smae birthday of famous ppl

  8. Asia Martin

    and my middle name is maggie

  9. Asia Martin

    dani i didnt know i have the smae birthday as maggie lindemann

  10. LilMunchkinzRule93

    Sugar Waxing is great with an experienced esthetician! :) It's a bit pricy ($90), but worth it for me.

  11. Elly

    I’m doing whatever the hell I want guys

    1. Dani Calleiro


  12. K Randall

    I love how the last video says several times that this channel is all about doing whatever you want but then the very next video is telling people exactly how to live their lives.

  13. Tara Bartley

    This. All of this. I don’t even have anything to add because you said it all

  14. Elisabeth

    Imagine how peaceful life as a female would be if there wasn’t a bizarre pornography-driven societal expectation of us to shave ourselves bare 😭

  15. Ninja Matt21

    This just totally rejuvenated my awareness of this horrible disease 😯and erased all of the “Superman invincible mindset” that I perceived bc of gaslighting, so thank you for making this informative video! I will try to be more careful now!

  16. Hanna Gustafson

    Thank you for putting my exact thoughts into words!!! How do i send this to my friends without sending this to my friends

  17. Infinity Lopez

    I live in New York City and I feel the gaslighting so hard. No one here seems to take it seriously enough.

  18. LienVegasVlogs

    People should not have to put their lives on hold because people are dying. Call me selfish or whatever, but death is inevitable. Whether through natural death, disease, crime....death is obviously not the happiest topic for anyone, because it hurts to see loved ones go or imagine yourself dying. But we need to stop pretending like death is something new. Covid indeed has an extremely high survival rate, so why people like you are super willing to put their own health at risk by refusing yourself proper oxygen intake by breathing is beyond me. That mask is no good for you, your body needs oxygen. Severl ‘health experts’ have stated that masks do not work. Believe what you will, but your mask will not protect you. I fully stand by everyone who is breaking these ridiculous government rules and living life. As they should. For the entire time they have been given life on this earth. I usually love watching your videos Dani, but this rant just makes you look uneducated and like every other sheep in the herd that believes everything cnn tells them. Your health is not my responsibility. If you are terrified of this disease, get vaccinated asap, stay inside quarantined until you do, and wear a mask when you go outside. As for calling this a pandemic.... the numbers are fake, so many people are getting false positives, and AGAIN the survival rate is 99.7%. This is not a pandemic.

  19. Brittany Kliewer


  20. evfaNN96

    the best video hahaah <3

  21. Elisabeth Herzog

    Y’all are so dramatic. It’s crazy to me that you would rather stay inside alone and get more depressed all in the name of “safety” than live your life. God has numbered your days and if it’s you time to go than it’s your time to go. I know people feel like heroes for isolating or wearing a billion masks but the harsh truth for you is that you really aren’t doing much for anyone. You’re conforming so you feel like you’ve done something or you’re a good person. Please go outside and please go visit some loved ones it will do you and the people you love much good. I’m not offended by the video I just feel that this needs to be said. I’m not saying a virus doesn’t exist and nobody has died I’m just saying that it’s truly not as scary or deadly as you all think. The flu is worse, it really is and people die from it every year. Unless your elderly or have serious underlining conditions you are not at risk. I had COVID and I didn’t die nor was I scared. Quarantine is for the sick not the healthy. Get out there, help your immune system and have a blessed day!

  22. tinatux

    But gaslighting goes both ways and isn't that what you're doing?

  23. KAMI 60

    A few years ago I was looking for this information all over the internet and nobody explained it well, who would say that my teacher would be younger than me. Haha!

  24. Mary Flanagan

    You're amazing for making these videos. I NEEDED this when I was younger. Also the part with Norman made me lol 😆

  25. diana monge

    Dani the correct word is vulva :)

  26. Janela girl

    When you said: "if you don't want to remove it, don't do it, if you want to, do it" I almost cried of happiness.

  27. InspectorBuster

    Love this so so much. I appreciate Dani and Emmyn’s vulnerability here. My husband was diagnosed with sociopathic tendencies and it was very hard to navigate. After 4 years of marriage we are in a very good spot. Lots of communication and being honest even if honestly isn’t what you want to hear, patience and a desire to understand. You two are great!

  28. Jenna Fitts

    Omg !! I am the same about butts. I feel like they’re never clean 😂 love you guys !!!

  29. Valentina Rodriguez Ayola

    I love this video. So relatable. Here in Colombia (Cartagena) is the same. Thank You for vent, I feel I'm here venting with you hahah. I'm screaming too. (From my coach).

  30. vcormier

    I used to use an electric razor to get smooth...no bumps or burn 🔥

  31. Beautiful Fails

    I have shaved for like 8ish years. I shave against the grain,and for me that basically means shave away from the middle cause all my hair grows toward the middle.since I’m single and I’m not trying to impress anyone I only shave when the hair gets long enough that it starts to bother me.MAJOR TIP:be comfortable with your body otherwise it’s hard cause you gotta move things around so you can actually shave everything

  32. YDGmovements


  33. SimGlitter

    Dani....thank you for existing! You really are a great older sister to me! Your advice is the best👍

  34. Mariah Wisdom-Peters

    Soooooo what I'm hearing is........ save up the bag, get electrolysis cuz for me shaving isn't really an option, the rest of my body doesn't like it. I don't think I could bear waxing all the time

  35. itsmee 222

    your hair with the pink hairband in it looks like the prada candy perfume bottle :D

  36. neera

    as a very confused 17 year old, i’m so glad you made this. it was genuinely so informative and i can hopefully shave better the next time i have to haha

  37. jnnbng

    i love u for this

  38. Aneta Petrejová

    the same is in EU..this pandemic taught me that people sucks and they are nothing else than selfish. I stopped meeting my friends in september last year and am closed home because I feel Im responsible for all my actions and do not want to cause troubles to anyone else. But as I see my friends having different opinion I am not sure we will be friends after pandemic is over. This pandemic is showing real personalities...

  39. Blanca Fernandez


  40. Beatrice A.

    I died when Keaton’s photo showed up omg LOOOL same girl, same kk

  41. Alyssa Weickel

    Literally I hadnt seen my fiancé in a YEAR! I live in New York and he is in England. I finally got the chance to safely come to England to be with him. But I honestly cannot believe that people are still this crazy 😒

  42. Elisa H

    What is even the function of p hair??

  43. Dynamo X

    Okay but then it starts to grow back prickly and itches, how to deal with that?

  44. Sara J

    why is no one talking about her shirt 🤧

  45. Victoria Jerke

    Ok, THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one. I’ve lost people, and, dude, it’s no joke.

  46. Tarrah

    Emmyn, thank you for being open about this. I have OCD too. I find the busier I am the better my ocd is. When I have lots of time to think ...is when it can consume me or my time.

  47. Victoria Jerke

    Sometimes I hate being a girl

  48. K

    For your blueberry bowl do you blend just blueberries? Looks so good🤤

  49. Selia Martinez

    i think one of the many reasons she made this video is because of her family or it's just me? and also the weddings emphasis lmao thank u sm dani, you ARE conscious calleiro

  50. Madeline Townsend

    im a ballerina, and so i have to shave um, down there *every single day* so that's fun, but yeah i hate it bc i have super sensitive skin, and i get razor burn and ingrown hairs even if i do the best method in the world. i hatttteeeeee it. :(

    1. Madeline Townsend

      @Elisabeth stay safe *<3*

    2. Elisabeth

      @Madeline Townsend Totally understandable!

    3. Madeline Townsend

      @Elisabeth im too young to do so, i mean i can but the closest place to me that does that is 2 hrs away, and im only 13 so my parents dont want me doing that yet…yk?

    4. Elisabeth

      That sounds so painful, I’m sorry. 😣 Have you considered getting waxed instead?

  51. Divreen Z

    I think I should just get the electrolysis

  52. Divreen Z

    I can’t shave for more than a week or I get irritated

  53. A Te

    Hey im not just only chillin' but also learning. This is worth my time.

  54. Shyanne Alexis

    Can tell me where to find some good affordable masks options bc I been wearing just the regular blue ones and they literally are always moving off my nose just don't fit

  55. Marissa

    I’m a teacher and I decided to teach remotely to help keep my family safe. It’s been really tough. I don’t go much of anywhere. I haven’t walked into a Target in a year. The only store I walk into is Walgreens and that’s usually just once a month. It’s been really hard staying home. I miss teaching face to face and seeing my friends. I know I have to stay at home though... People are just moving along at normal (even people who have had COVID). I have been out to eat once back in June (it was my birthday and I just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours because like you said this is hard). There weren’t many people at the restaurant. I knew I was taking a risk... Also, our government doesn’t value human life as much as it claims, so everybody is just doing whatever 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Dani Calleiro


  56. Angel Blue

    thank u next, it's painful, sometimes expensive I'll let my hairs live lol

  57. Becki Smith

    Great video, Dani! I personally go with a triangle down there that I keep trimmed 😎 lol

  58. Tiffany Howell

    honestly i only shave if i’m taking a bath- it gives your skin a chance to REALLY soak and soften and it makes such a big difference!! same with my legs

  59. Ariana Peravi

    Dani's channel is a safe place <3

  60. Carly P

    I’m like two sessions away from my last laser appointment for my underarms and Brazilian and have no hair left down there but yet here I am. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. Jillian Cortese

    thank you for trying to explain all of this to the ignorant people out there who don't believe in consequences. it has to be said and you're brave and inspiring for using your platform to do so. thank you, dani, i truly appreciate you. <3

  62. Ariana Peravi

    Dani, you’re so funny 🤣

  63. t2

    Giiiirl you’re like 5 years younger than me but I watch your shit like you’re my older sister AHAHA love it 🤌

  64. ariana.526

    Yes, Covid kills people and yes everyone who has died from Covid, their lives do matter and it’s horrible that they passed away. However, the numbers have been exaggerated and the virus is not as bad as they are making it out to seem. People die from the flu, too, and their lives mattered too. It is up to the individual people to do their own research and weigh the pros and cons for themselves. The facts are out there, from the CDC themselves, there is over a 98% survival rate for Covid. If you want to stay home, stay home. If you want to go out, go out. Everyone is responsible enough to make that decision for themselves. Masks can protect you from getting sick, but they can also cause harm to your health when wearing for long periods of time, too. In the end, everyone is free to make decisions for themselves.

  65. Eeh123

    My grandpa had Covid back in December. I was helping my grandma take care of him. We were all wearing masks, being as cautious as we could given how close we had to be. Literally as soon as we found out that he had Covid, I quarantined in my basement for ~10 days, only coming out after I got a negative test result back. In January, I had to go cross country for my grandpas funeral (same grandpa but not Covid related, and he was being buried in his home state, not the state we live in. I could have not gone, but I didn’t want my Gma to do the trip alone). We distanced and many family members couldn’t be there, including my mom for her own dad bc her AND my dad have compromised immune systems. When I got home I couldn’t leave my basement again for another 10 days bc even with us being careful we couldn’t be 100%, so we had to be really cautious. I don’t want to hear any excuse for not staying home when that is a possibility. I don’t want to hear any excuse about not wearing a mask. Like I KNOW it’s uncomfortable, but if I can wear it on my BIKE bc people physically couldn’t be 6ft away from me, you can wear it in a store getting some groceries. And do people realize how fortunate we are to have the internet in all of this? We can call our friends, play online games with them. We can keep those connections. I know it’s not the same, but it’s SOMETHING. There’s no excuse for being lazy and harmful. You have no idea who you’re walking by everyday. If you looked at my dad and didn’t know him, you wouldn’t know he had a heart transplant. If you looked at my mom and didn’t know her, you wouldn’t know she has MS. Not wearing a mask bc youre “not around anyone at risk” is an excuse that is ignorant at best and selfish and arrogant at worst. Wear your mask. Stay home if and when you are able. This whole thing is NOT about you.

  66. Madelyn Hazelton

    i don't 100% agree with you, but i totally appreciate your boldness and the fact that you don't care what other people think.

  67. Mother May I

    Lol I thought this was the way everyone shaved.

  68. Emilia Curie

    maybe cimorelli band can cover it?

  69. Kennedy Thomas

    “not the hole.........the rest of it.” - Dani

  70. Blah Blah blah

    I read that it’s literally bio-warfare really. A doctor said in an interview who was exposing what was going on saying the survival rate is 99.5%. The reason some are dying or strapped up to machines keeping them alive is because they have a lack of vitamin D in their system. Not many are looking into the situation with why some are surviving it like a common cold or with no side effects at all compared to those who are near death or dying from the “deadly virus” but in Indonesia they found out it’s because of the lack of Vitamin D in their systems to help their immune systems. No, the sun doesn’t help it he says but you have to take supplements. Don’t believe everything the media and celebrities are saying. Find out things for yourself whether that’s going against the crowd but still don’t be dumb and pretend everything is normal. Everyone still needs to be smart.

  71. Jessica Lehr

    I just..love this bahahaha I seriously love how blunt you are.

  72. Tina F.

    People have to live their lives though. I have had the virus and I'm ok. I am not going to stay home for a year bc of something that doesn't even kill me.

  73. Patricia Cordischi

    Tend Skin is really good for afterwards :) Great for helping with razor bumps! Also using an exfoliant on your bikini line before you shave is helpful

  74. Fateema



    Since English isn’t my first language, I really thought that “Vagina” was a name. I thought it was a beautiful name 😅

  76. EvaMariaZone

    I like how honest and raw the two of you are.

  77. becky

    my childhood best friend recently took her own life at the age of 21, and i just know that the stress of life and being a student during the pandemic made everything so much harder for her. i'm studying childcare and have a voluntary placement in a nursery, so i've been working constantly and have become a key worker even though i'm unpaid and untrained.

  78. Erren Hayes

    Internet people don't know the ins-and-outs of your relationship. Even friends and people that you aren't close with.

  79. Malena Sparks

    Can u do a storytime on your wisdom teeth removal