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  1. Kamon

    He didn’t speak like Russian, the charisma and positivity

  2. tio vaquero

    Nick Kyrgios...🤦🏻‍♂️ It's amazing how he has won the all four GS, and all the master 1000, and all of that whit that attitude... Ohhhhh...!!! I'm sorry, he hasn't...!!!

  3. Arnieus

    Well spoken. Interesting story about Novak. IMO Daniil's game seems very similar to Djokovic's. He has compact strokes and doesn't over hit.

  4. Gustav Mahler

    Celebrates with Anime, Pizza, and Sleep. Gamer Girl...

  5. VikingFitness

    She was the MVSPEC of the Australian Open change my mind!

  6. Thomas Salahub

    Great guy

  7. Christina Tan

    Millman asking good questions right there

  8. srikanth s

    To all Nole haters - This speech is the proof as how great NOLE as a human apart from greatest tennis player..can anyone tell me how to download this video so that I can put it in WhatsApp share

  9. Aldo MTOP

    Danil es gran jugador y como persona es inteligente y respetuoso, se lo ve diferente pero es lo que es.

  10. Trajce Mitevski

    This is probably the next number 1

  11. tosgem

    Very classy speech from this guy. I'm not a big tennis fan. I didnt watch this match. But I notice there are always articles trying to say Novak is an idiot or bad guy, but I never see evidence. Why does the media hate him, can someone tell me?

  12. Jin Jin

    No, she doesn't have nice ass

  13. Alex Tabet

    Medvedev May have delivered the classiest speech ever. Class act. Once Novak retires, I will be rooting for him.

  14. tennis passion

    lol the guy never ask smart questions keep asking useless songs

  15. Arvind VS

    Just wow!!

  16. diaryrecorded


  17. Danny California

    Nick thinks he's cool talkin trash about Novak. In reality, he's just embarressig himself. Feel sorry for poor little Nick. :/

  18. Alen cyriac cyriac


  19. Dharmaraj Khanal

    Congratulations 🎉🎊👏 osaka

  20. bberakable

    Daniil Medvedev seems like a great bloke.

  21. ChangingViewsPC

    Outstanding. Just one Grateful guy. 👍👍

  22. Josh Forde

    Kvitova is smoking, and this is based on how she conducts herself.

  23. sweet jesus

    oh man there are so many covidiots there

  24. Jekapanika

    Definicija kompleksa i nize vrednosti. Momci, nikad ali nikad ne pravite navijacke klovnove od sebe da bi se nekome dopali. Ovo nisu muskarci ovo su jeftine, pateticne pi*kice.

  25. elwingy

    The first question is obviously offensive! /s

  26. Ramamurthy S

    What a way to lose and win hearts! Memorable end to the GrandSlam .

  27. Marin Kasalo

    This was pure class from Medvedev. Big respect

  28. Just S

    been scrolling a lot and how come i still havent seen anyone saying that he looks like Justin Timberlake in the thumbnail?

  29. Dave Moore

    Woman in red should lose point for wearing long black socks.

  30. Raiden Gao

    My fav 3 athletes are Cristiano, Harden, and Dominic :D

  31. Max Venables

    Bernard tomic is rubbish

  32. amaterass

    she is raze from valorant

  33. Sonam Yeshi

    This is called union of human kind. It is not competation its about making joyment for the humanbings

  34. Sammy Wejinya

    Why would anyone not love Roger

  35. Gloria Robinson

    Congratulations on winning your fourth slam Naomi.

  36. Marko Karanović

    THE BEST!!!forever

  37. Egan Fo

    That was refreshing

  38. beatniece

    medvedev classy? hahaha. people seem to have really short memory (e.g. wimbledon coin throwing incident etc. etc.)

  39. Faisal Memon

    I never thought that there could be ever be a better player than Serena Williams. And this African/Japanese/American probably has the best game I’ve ever seen. I seriously don’t think she’ll ever lose a Grand Slam title. She speaks with such candor but I hope she never blurts out a wrong opinion like Gina Carrano just did. Gina Carrano really didn’t think she was saying something bad, but it was. While I hope she keeps her candor, I think it would be better if she develops that shield that all celebrities do and just give generic answers.....I hope that doesn’t happen. As a side note,this is what happens when African/Black Americans enter into a sport. They dominate it. The NBA is all black. The NFL is all black except for the quarterbacks. Baseball is....well boring. I want a male black American to enter tennis. I’m sure such a guy would be better than Federer. But alas, tennis is a rich mans game.



  41. Bb 8

    He’s so disgusting.

  42. Scream Man

    She is awesome, and so humble!!!!!!! Wishing her much more success!!!!

  43. Krystian Motkowicz

    Great speech indeed

  44. Renai Ahlatis

    Wasn’t he just being honest? Maybe people are too used to politically correct answers in this day and age.

  45. Nikolai Sokolov

    Ffs mum. I said one or two. I didnt mean bottles

  46. Christo

    still dont like the 'joker'

  47. SJ336

    01:10 why did andy apply his question to her to his own board...?

  48. Mazi Thoughts

    If only he could impersonate Novak’s game and at least make it to the final of the AO.

  49. Scholar

    Im so embarrassed for this guy.....

  50. misfit mafiosa

    love you naomi

  51. andy chen

    no one really did like Hewitt in his early career. Brash and cocky with his arrogant "Come On". lame. However he appears to have matured well.

  52. Arun Kumar

    Classy speech from danii. Hope to see his winning grand slam speech soon...

  53. Bee Chips

    Daniil loves the Djoker so much ♥️😀

  54. jiggy fernandez


  55. Marltiod

    TDS has spread to Australia Andy ?

  56. Rishi J Lad

    This is why Kyrios never will make it. He could be one of the best players in the world if he took it seriously. He has issues with Nadal and Djorkovic. Hmmmmm...

  57. Veronica Little

    Novak is one of the world's biggest assholes. Kyrgios is just calling it as he sees it, good for him

  58. The Mitri

    It really was. I dont remember such an honest and sportsmans like speech. Thats a champion!

  59. Carmelo Hernandez

    She is awesome

  60. Swifty_All Star

    Class act

  61. Truth Reigns Forever

    ☝️😎 I honestly gotta remind Naomi not to be all too smug defeating Serena “The Legend” Williams........ Naomi is only beating on her now as “Serena on the downswing”.........Congrats to Naomi on her finals victories..........but may she be kindly reminded that a younger Serena would defeat her.

  62. Doreen Jacob

    Love Djokovic ❤️

  63. Doreen Jacob

    Super nice words from lovely Daniil to Super nice Novak

  64. King Of the dots

    Rising at the falling ......epic ....not many people can deal with this historic apex with grace !

  65. BaneVuk

    I don't like Novak and it's fun ???? What does that even mean. Fun Fun Fun Fun I want to have fun, I mean apparently C-

  66. Cesar Dias

    I know that... After Novak I'll support Medvedev!!!