1. Italia Nicole

    She back

  2. DreamALicious

    He’s voice doesn’t matter he’s appearance-

  3. C Starz

    😂😂 I came here because of Fetty Wap

  4. Patrick Rian


  5. sadwhorefantasy


  6. ayevc

    I’m streaming 🦄🦄🦄🦄 in school rn but idgaf!!

  7. ayevc

    they want me to do my dance in these thousand dollar pants ✌🏽🎉

  8. Quinforthewin Yt

    This might sound wack but vanilla Ice would sound fire on this

  9. ayevc


  10. ayevc

    Nicki Minaj 🥺🥺

  11. ayevc

    Onika 😍😍😍😍

  12. nickis wig

    here cause of nicki

  13. Joseph Rodriguez Rivera

    It's a good song

  14. saxmayaa

    whenever nickis in a song you know it’s good😜

  15. Chrisdavery Neil Lademora

    ' I be in a truck that cost your whole house' 💀😭💅🏾

  16. Jermany Carter

    This way she da 👑

  17. Life With CeCe

    POV:y’all came from the dark skin saviors😂

  18. Lee Goodman

    If we can get chief keef and sada wit yachty my life will be complete

  19. Shayla Taylor

    This is her song now

  20. Reynaldo Alonzo

    defasts.info/title/video/o8CYf5zfg2malpo.html not sada baby

  21. Anaconda to 1 Billion

    Life Is Too Short To Pretend That You Don't Like Nicki Minaj✨

  22. Ashton Tangeman

    yasss queen said BLM 😤😤

  23. Anaconda to 1 Billion

    Wake up Barbz

  24. Daniel Wylie

    Why they got beef ☹️

  25. Odell Dixon

    this type of music sucks

  26. Mary Nzisa

    OMG,,,why is this song saying ft 'minaj' isnt it her song already 🤷🏻‍♀

  27. ruff wavy

    sada baby has a smile you only see in the horror movies 0:04

  28. marquis boyce

    Sada, is way too raw!! These Detroit boys dont play!!

  29. Silvana Durão

    1, 761, 040

  30. Tobyy


  31. Never mind


  32. YoavaragegurlChey roberts

    She did the whole thing it was frikin fireeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Marvellousbeats

    Nicki went harder. #ThatIsAll

  34. Silvana Durão

    1, 759, 341

  35. Spongey

    POV: All u see is “who here after seeing Nicki on here?” and u actually aren’t

  36. vee jay

    Sorry but im dancing

  37. michael caron

    Most of the comments: who's here after Nicki announced this remix Me: Here after Nicki announced this remix 😋

  38. Silvana Durão

    *DEfasts* *is* *freezing* but you know what?? WHERE MY BAARBSS AT???

    1. Anaconda to 1 Billion


    2. bera


  39. La’tee M.

    Toast To The QUEEN 💯💃🥂😘😘😘🥂👑 !!!

    1. Silvana Durão

      La’tee M. NICKI MINAJ!!!

  40. Silvana Durão

    1, 758, 147

  41. No No

    That 80s new wave hook and beat is creative

  42. Konvet05

    Facts : when you she feat nicki minaj , thats means the whole song made by nicki minaj

    1. Silvana Durão

      Konvet05 So True!!

  43. Laura Juliette

    You would be lying if you say you don't hear Meagan The Stallion's rap style in this song!

    1. dailyrapupdates

      ikr soundcloud.com/user-495247558/baby-lee-what-it-do

  44. Virtual Quavo Huncho

    Stream Anaconda rn 1 billion on the way 🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄

    1. Silvana Durão

      We on it!

    2. dailyrapupdates

      ya baby soundcloud.com/user-495247558/baby-lee-what-it-do


    0:45 TokTik

  46. Hectik Unruly

    The queen 👑

  47. Young Benjamin


    1. dailyrapupdates

      ya soundcloud.com/user-495247558/baby-lee-what-it-do

  48. W-youtube

    damn.... now I gotta call forensics to clean up this murder scene

  49. ram alnajar

    this feels like ezale flow

  50. Shay Bae

    I love the song 😍 Nicki ate her verse, but am I the only one hearing the little pauses in sada' verse.

  51. Myamee West

    It's bad that she is better on a feature than her own songs smh .

  52. oussama dahoe

    Nicki WOW

  53. Kathy Renolds

    She never disappoints

  54. Gabe Briscoe

    Just wait for the music video lmaoo

  55. R J II

    Nicki is more creative than Megan and cardi. This was refreshing 🔥

  56. Just_shine Sosa

    Who’s been here before nicki.?? Lol tf. Sada Been on.

  57. Earl Jovhan Cameros

    So, who's the new alter?

  58. Insane Savages

    I can’t be the only one who didn’t come from Nicki

  59. Cristian Doncel

    10M let's go

  60. Cristian Andrés Díaz doncel


  61. Cristian Andrés Díaz doncel

    10M let's go

  62. Cristian Andrés Díaz doncel

    Queen del rap

  63. Cristian Doncel

    Queen del rap

  64. Nino Brown

    DopeAzzFukk 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘

  65. it'sJust na'ima

    It’s just so funny to me when people be saying random shit in they rap but i liked when she said 9 monthsss pregnanttttt🗣

  66. lmaoim boreddd


  67. donmymicpleaseaplaud

    Hate cardi so much I became a nicki fan😂

  68. Swagger Guru

    I be bumpin' this on my spaceship

  69. Max Velveteen

    Anyone not here because of nicki?

  70. Amihan A.M.

    Grandpa is that you? 1:53


    We just liked & L I S T E 🎧 E D !

  72. Patrick Ramsey

    0:04 someone is off a perc lol

  73. Monal Phantom

    I came here after that Jfk meme video

  74. Mattoo Smith

    This 2020 talking to us 😂🔥

  75. Mattoo Smith

    If this ain't 2020 were in a matrix 😂💯♾

  76. keona3157

    Yes Barbs she never disappoints...queen give us a video!

    1. serdy ximi


  77. Anjealous Anaconda

    This is so fire 🔥 Luv miss Petty blessing us with this remix👑 also it might just be me but this sounds like it would be in the Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie from the 90’s

    1. serdy ximi

      Keep Streaming BARBZ

  78. D Burt

    The geek freak Nicki Minaj

  79. Eric TV


  80. Anaconda to 1 Billion

    BARBZ Stand Up