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  1. Estevan Diaz

    You managed to Rick Roll over 7k people with almost no one noticing. You slick sonuvagun.

  2. HeyI'mLettuce

    Now I just really wanna see this relationship blossom I don't care if it's between a man and his clone in a wig this somehow felt super fucking real despite also being super goofy

  3. The Washable Bomb

    That was an actual drunk person, yes? Cuz... great performance if not actually drunk.

  4. America

    Idk this guy seems trustworthy to me.

  5. Nicholas Phan

    I feel like i just had a stroke watching this

  6. The Washable Bomb

    "I use a whole sleeve!! You can't even make ... uh-THREE SANDWICHES WITH 5!" - I lost it right there.

  7. Towarzysz Seba

    I almost spat out my beetroot soup when I heard that line about the nerf gun profile pic xddddd

  8. Jennijaneajia

    *You ah Paint da Mather Marey wit da BIGA TITS????*

  9. tony lu

    You look like one of those 80s private eyes in this. I'm getting young tom selleck vibes or something.

  10. Warda Hussain

    for half the monologue i thought it was rick speaking

  11. Vivian Alexander Lyngdoh Nonglait

    It's been one year and you still read the comments

  12. Yuuup

    Soundtrack on point

  13. AdudenamedKemp

    Finally, someone says what we're all thinking. Down with Terry.

  14. Mr pumpkin 🎃

    This would be really funny if this video was the full length of the movie 😂

  15. woob

    Call that roboscoping

  16. Gabriel

    sending you love man. I'm so sorry. Please lean on us.

  17. myheadhurts

    uhm how about take the dog yes? 🥺👉👈

  18. ezakustam

    Those kids thought they were so cool, but they wouldn't even buy the damn dog.

  19. Handsome Saitama

    I thought this is skit fuck damn that's suck

  20. Sssaga Benches

    Dude looks like a ghoul in F4

  21. Woody


  22. Levi McGlinchey

    That fucking jacket though

  23. arkurts


  24. Sauce_Aux

    People wish they had fractions of Jack’s cool.

  25. iamnorwegian

    Mine is "hi my name is frode im 28 years old do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

  26. Mouge


  27. Redrose Abd

    This is how people date now? Waow.

  28. Rintse

    This has balloonshop/cherdleys energy. Amazing job.

  29. Tara - Brawl Stars

    You forgot the cracked screen

  30. Tina Fogarty

    Your little buddy can eat and sing whatever he wants, so long as he can extend that freedom to others

  31. Tim Whey

    Man, why do you have to personally attack me

  32. Woody

    Fuck that last bit had me dead

  33. Redrose Abd

    How Joel is not a Hollywood actor comedian yet is beyond.

  34. Ye Ye Hastaol

    Brendon thwaitis

  35. Ye Ye Hastaol

    Brendon thwaities

  36. Mike Williams

    You basically need to make this game where all of your choices are wrong and you get scolded all the time.

  37. John Marston

    Did you hear something? Must’ve been the wind. Huh, what’s that? I’m drinking too much coffee. I think I see something, there’s nothing here. Imbedded in my memory from hours of splinter cell

  38. Keyshell

    Aw damn someone beat me to it.

  39. justin hope

    I did meth as a kid

    1. justin hope

      Adhd medicine is literally a type of meth and they give it to children,i didint even have adhd it was a miss diagnosis

  40. NoOne

    What music plays when he goes kill Marshall?

  41. Hari Xo

    Crazy to see how much this channel has grown in the short 3 months I've been subd, big ups cousin x

  42. ACESN1

    I would honestly love and watch a full 45min episode of a this epic short they should make a full show out of this be great 🤣

  43. Eric Hall

    Oh wow. I use one of those PS3 3D TVs as a computer monitor as well.

  44. max flynn

    Is the title an Evangelion reference?

  45. Frosch Bube

    As someone who loves mob films, this sketch is right up my alley.

  46. Vincent Law

    is this nihilistic humor

  47. Luke Anthony

    Yo man, Great vid! I used this tutorial to do a super scuffed music vid for one of my songs. Turned out pretty sweet ngl. Would be sweet if you saw it, you vid is the reason it exists :D Vid: defasts.info/title/video/gdiph7qViXPNuL8.html

  48. The Illustrator Yar

    I've been cry-laughing for three straight videos...

  49. Mitrovix Filip

    Thumbnail be like: Wha- Wha- Wha-

  50. Peter Peterson

    It's fine, they are still waring their socks.

  51. Kiselkoff

    Feels like "sweet bro and hella jeff" on a new level

  52. Whiite


  53. Alexey Saranchev

    When the handsome guy smiles too strong he looks like an Oblivion character.

  54. crazycoleton

    That looks super tedious. Props to you for making the great content

  55. Maybe Live

    Hmm that screen looks like a Playstation 3D TV tbh

  56. Jindo

    Must be a roguelike.

  57. Dalladrion

    Oh, I see. You're actually a madman for having the patience to do this.

  58. Elf

    Joel's make-up really looks great, I almost thought it was his father something

  59. BigKevSexyMan

    Adviser: Sir, we have you scheduled to start meeting with all the various governors, presidents, and leaders of the various worlds in your empire. It'll be a lot of politicking, but it will give you a sound base for what you empire ne...............who's this naked green guy?

  60. Stan Dandyliver

    Jack Gordon is my hero. Check out his channel "Richard Pumpaloaf"

  61. Xtreme1218

    but how did you animated this video? wait...

  62. The Comedy Bros

    Hands down the best channel to ever exist in DEfasts history. This is literal, pure comedic genius!

  63. Harrison

    fun video but all the camera shaking made me feel sick :(

  64. Ripper Roo

    You know what? Im good...

  65. Roiskam

    You should be number one on yt you are so awesome really appreciate your work

  66. Woody

    This movie is so hard to watch. Not because it's bad, but because it brings me deep deep pain and I don't know why.

  67. Christopher Morgan

    Your videos are very cathartic

  68. ThePatMann

    I just kinda fell into this channel and I've loved every vid I've seen! This was super cool because I was curious how you did your rotoscoping. Great work!

  69. Olivia Monsini

    They have to do this because if white people say something about POC that is literally not even racist in any way, shape or form, they are automatically labeled a racist.

  70. Yunda Wiyadi

    Your son looks like a math head

  71. Gavin Rivas

    He was just a little off

  72. Matthew Evans

    Man. I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I’m loving your content and the way you express yourself so freely. You’re an inspiration to me honestly, partly because of how creative you get in portraying the mundane things in life, and partly because you’re so eccentric that you must have struggled with mental illness at one time or another.... and that’s where I’m at now. I see the world differently because of it though, which is kind of neat. Anyway, like I said, I’m a big fan!!

  73. MakeItPlainVlog

    When an artist shares how they do what they do they enter into legend territory.

  74. xTOTSUKAx

    *TAHITI?* *Arthur have some goddamn FAITH*

  75. Scott Norman

    One of my favs

  76. tornado 213

    this video is uncomfortable and i love it

  77. FanmaR

    It's because of your animations I found all your other work, it really is eye-catching and it's super cool to see how it exploded your channel. This video was actually kinda inspirational, thanks a bunch Joel!

  78. Damasceno

    Thats a nice thing in The Last of Us. Using different names to categorise different zombies made it a lot better

  79. l l

    Nice PS3 3D display, how possibly does yours still work?