Hi, I'm Brittany - I make fun lifestyle videos on home organization, life hacks, cleaning, budgeting, beauty and more! My goal is to inspire and motivate you to live your best life!

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  1. Bibi Majeed

    I'm always so inspired by all the great items you always finds on Amazon and now on IKEA. Thank you. Only $5. Wow. I love going to IKEA. But I'm sad to say there's not as any of their store close by. I'll be going on line to look for each item.

  2. Bibi Majeed

    I'm purchasing g all these hooks. I live in an Apt I DC o not have much storage places or many drawers. These hooks will be very useful to me. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

  3. Texas Lovely Lady

    Hoaders also leave the room to hide stuff.

  4. Bibi Majeed

    I just start following you on Facebook. I enjoy following you on each and all of your channels mostly because you ring to us the bestest and very helpful hacks. Ideas. Your Amazon hauls are so inspiring. I think very honestly I've purchase all or most of your purchases from Amazon.

  5. Pat Fiegener

    Brittany, I use a garden pad for my knees if I have to get down to clean something. I keep one in the house so it doesn’t get dirty.

  6. Tam Phan

    thank you!!!

  7. Ivette Montes

    Very informative video👍

  8. Kathleen Monaghan

    Very good presenttation Brittany! Especially the vaginal area. I am glad to learn about thecranberry scented spray. I do drink cranberry juice but not everyday. The probiotics is a healthy hint also. Thank you for sharing a very uncomfortable subject. You did an

  9. Heather Kassler

    Omg you’re soooo funny!!

  10. Stacey Pleasants

    Watching this in March 2021.....the intro about how amazingly awesome 202 is going to be......😂😂😂🙈🙊🙉😖😫🍸🍸🍸

  11. Rhonda Hawks

    I can’t find your FB page I have sent a friend request and the group section doesn’t have you Listed🤷‍♀️

  12. thecatatemyhomework

    Go red.

  13. Ashveena Hiralall

    Love all your videos. Thank u

  14. Pamela Groves

    Yes, weekly AND monthly.

  15. Lenora Oxendine

    omg your mom is great and you are so sweet...great daughter.

  16. Mona Mahmoud

    I am not even having a plan to get pregnant ,so why am watching this . Love all of your videos Brittany. Two youtuber I follow you and Emily Norris . These two are the best most honest truly ❤

  17. Dayna Crump

    I agree with the previous post! Natural shampoo and conditioner please!

  18. Francine Burtenshaw

    omg us brits are watching you hang up them clothes and are dying at the technique. good effort on improvising though.

  19. Tina Z

    My favourite hooks are the wall caddies! Brilliant for getting more counter space in the bathroom!

  20. P Z

    What I wanna know is what she used in between tests to clean everything up lol

  21. Carol

    I don’t have a baby and are not planning on having any lol but I still watched because I can’t skip any of your videos 😂

  22. Lorenia Johnson


  23. Chenoa Morrison

    My kids are teens and I have no plans for another baby but yet I love your channel so much so I still watch your video!

  24. Julie Uthe

    Biggest waste of money for me were the bottle and wipe warmers.

  25. Karen H

    Just found you & I very much enjoyed yr video. Informative & relaxing thank you k💖🇬🇧

  26. Manpreet Kaur

    Can you show us where you keep all this stuff? Want to see inside every cupboard of your house

  27. Isabel Munoz

    Hi Brittany. I have been watching your organise videos for a long time and I love them. The most weird thing I carry always with me is my small picture wallet with my family photos I don’t have any family where I leave and with them in my purse feels like they are always with me. More when one of them is now in heaven xxx

  28. Threasa Kerwin

    I forgot to say that I like the long rug not two because one or the other rugs will move when you walk on them. One rug is less likely to move. Tab

  29. Threasa Kerwin

    Wow what a great opportunity and gift. I imagine it costs a couple 1,000 dollars. You are blessed. Love the new look in the laundry room. Tab

  30. sakia d

    Awesome tips also I have an easier way to get really soft feet I have also suffered with bad feet and I've tried a lot of things I found after a kinda long shower, preferably a day you're going to wash your hair, after I dry my feet a little and right away while they are soft go in with that grater I have the same one then lotion up and wear socks it's been awesome and I try to do it every week or 2xs a week also apply some lotion before bed!

  31. Neyda Teijeiro

    Love your video! I think I bought every single hook that you introduced us to on this video. 😂 I do have a quick question, do you think you could possibly show us your broom closet exterior and interior on your next video? I don’t have one in my kitchen but I think I might be able to do a DIY project and I thought I could use yours as a guide. Thanks!

  32. Ashley Ashley

    I absolutely love all your organization videos but one thing that I can not live without is liners in my kitchen. I need to line all of my kitchen cabinets and drawers and definitely my refrigerator.

  33. Flora Gupta

    Nice tricks.

  34. Luvour _

    Arrange your forks, knifes and spoons when you put them in the dishwasher. Saves so much time when I pick them up!

  35. Ashley Ashley

    Your baby is precious... ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Ashley Ashley

    I love when Ryan is on the videos. He is hilarious!!


    i am somewhere in between messy and clean - ish

  38. carla labra

    I would prefer if you could show the things through a pic or you showing the things you are using and not. Im watching from Sweden so its hard to recognize the things you are talking about. Although you have the links in the description box below.

  39. Jacqueline Judge

    Red Door

  40. brinkerc1

    So how does one find this out regarding the prenatales? That just made me 😱 I like the raw ones ...

  41. Kathleen Beauchemin

    Great,informative video! Thank you so much!

  42. Wilmandie Gelderbloem

    My boyfriend messes up his closet every time he looks for something to wear! I have given up on neatly folding and packing away his clothes. But it drives me mad cause my side of the closet is neat and his side is just piles.

  43. Kathleen Beauchemin

    My son is 37 no and has made a career in the Army! I still loved this video! We had a crank swing...nothing automatic then, no baby monitors either. Gee I’m 70 now...wish I was born later😂😂❤️

  44. LSBU1000

    Ewwwwww but funny 😂

  45. Bicky Birdie

    Babies need to spread their limbs to reduce their body temperature when they overheat. When they're swaddled they can't do that and as over-heating is a risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), I wouldn't recommend anyone swaddle their baby.

  46. Chei' G O D D E S S S

    Beautiful Home!! Thanks for the tips 🥰

  47. G

    You're obviously not aware of agenda 2030 🤭🤔

  48. Sydney Alexander

    I don't have a baby but I do have a little brother who is 5 years old now. When he was still really little he would use the baby swing/rocker we got him all the time and he really loved it. I think it was by Graco.

  49. maggie fowler

    i absolutly LOVE that someone else lives like me...you do know she will revert back to living like this ...xxx

  50. Crystal

    This was so perfect 💖😍✨

  51. Francesca Nguyen

    Hi, I’m from the UK and I just have to say that everything you are saying is spot on. I’m a retired nurse (due to a serious illness) and I can verify everything you have said. Well done 👏🏻 ; you have another subscriber and I will be telling my friends and colleagues all about you and recommending you to them. Take good care of yourself and I look forward to your other videos. Sent with best wishes and loving positivity 💐💐🌹

  52. Kim Edwards

    Also the popsicle makers was a favorite as well especially with smoothies i just know they would taste like ice cream so Ikea here i come !!!

  53. Kim Edwards

    My favorite was the avocado gadget and the funniest was the free set of tongs at the end 🤣 😂 😆!!! a

  54. Debra Jarnagin

    Wood sage and sea salt by Joe Malone.

  55. Debra Jarnagin

    Scentbird is cheap perfumes. I subscribed for 2 years so I know what I’m saying and getting them to close my account was a nightmare and took me months to accomplish.

  56. elexis brown

    I loved the stackable bowls and the collapsible strainer! I love IKEA! The reusable ice pop is super cool for my little ones Btw😂 your husband is hilarious

  57. Victoria

    You are so beautiful, girl! I may just have to buy that callous remover. My feet need some help!

  58. Kitty Rioka Angel

    I am glad to know that youve been here in the Philippines. I am also doing a cleaning vlog and you are one of my inspirations.

  59. Barbara Buhrow

    I love Joy but never can afford it. When I wear any scent it is natural, essencial oils. Allspice,cinnamon, Citrus.

  60. Ruth Anne Luyun

    My baby hates pacifier! So, I bought this Mimi the mushroom pacifier and she loves it!!! No more hand sucking for my baby!💕

  61. Miriam Thomson

    My favourite scent is michael korrs sporty citrus

  62. michelle espinoza

    Love all the info. My husband and I are TTC.

  63. Gina Law

    Tory Burch has amazing scents!

  64. just-married

    Do you have a link for the glass piece that sits over your oil diffuser? That's so pretty?

  65. Trance Effects

    Would love to know the name of the black Amazon shoes your mother raved about.

  66. Victoria Wejko

    Don't have a baby yet but learning now.

  67. Felicia fagelson

    I think your video was very informative especially for young girls. Thank you

  68. Sarah Dee

    Ryan, no french tips?

  69. Jocelyn H

    Having my third baby in August 😊 Im looking forward to using my copper pearl multiuse cover again. Im also looking forward to trying the hakka for the first time.

  70. melbell1009

    Love mini tongs!! They are great for entertaining guests too! Less germs for people picking at a charcuterie board!!!

  71. Kacky Barns

    I know it sounds strange, just put it down to me being a women. To me, a clean car drives better!

  72. Martina Novak

    I love windi and the vava lamp!! I have ergobaby embrace as well but my baby doesn’t like to be in it..😕

  73. ALittleBitOfEverything* ElviraP7

    Glad we purchased the mamaroo! My daughter that was born on Feb 17! Loves it.

    1. maybememories

      Congrats 🥰

  74. Sue Zervos

    YSL Libre perfume is my favorite !! Most is common sense but glad you made a video ! People don’t understand the importance of hydration !

  75. Italian Girl

    Thank you SO much for the info about reflux. I'm helping with my twin grandsons, one of whom suffers badly with this condition. The gadget for helping him pass that air has been a life saver and saved us so much frustration. Thx for taking time to share it!

  76. Wasia Kulsum

    Stackable mixing bowls 😍😍

  77. OutOfTheKlosset

    My crutches let me have mobility, it's NOT a bad thing. Please don't use crutch as a pejorative.🥰

    1. Brittany Vasseur

      im so so sorry about that ! I won't ever use that term again

  78. liz tanis

    Would you post the study you referenced?

  79. Ashley McCormick

    I am everyone's best friend lol js

  80. Donna Ford

    I’m catching up on all your videos I’m so searching for the bathroom new look for shampoos ! Your just beautiful and I admire you so much Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom ❤️